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Greener Grass Design: P*PHONE Anyone?

This find made me laugh so I couldn’t resist posting it. Sheesh, we want to go forward, we long for the “good old days”, we want iPods, we want to hang onto our vinyls, we want cell phones, but we miss old school dial phones. Gosh, we’re a confused generation. This new techno gadget further confirms this. Imagine yourself, parked at a bistro table in a sexy little coffee shop, laptop on the table as you busily type in your blog entry.

Ring! Ring! Oops, gotta take that call, it’s the boss. You pull out your oversized pink P*PHONE.

Huh? Yeah, this thing is for real guys. Not only does it claim to reduce radiation exposure to the head by around 95% (and we all know you already have enough head damage), but it’s different and cute, and well, you can totally imagine all the looks you’ll get (you so love the attention). Who knows, like toting around a yorkie with a little red bow, a phone like this must be a conversation starter in more ways than one. I can totally see cute boys wondering who you think you are with your rad ’76 retro phone.

What do you think about this crazy new/old phone? For $70, it’s all yours at Greener Grass Design. Available in black, pink, red, or white. When used with the SKYPE certified Y*CABLE in combination with your PC, your wired P*PHONE turns into a voice over IP phone. Dude!

I’m dying to know… Would you rock this thing?

(images from greener grass)

Posted in uncategorized on August 04, 2006

Dollar Store Decor

You may recall a cry for help posted on July 10th for dollar store decorating queens to contact west coast decor8 contributor, Anh-Minh Lee. At the time, she was busily taking notes for an article she was pulling together for the San Francisco Chronicle. Interested in seeing the fruits of her labor?

By the way, Leigh Batnick (Jezebel) is quoted in the article, check this out:

Leigh Batnick’s home in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a testament to how dollar-store purchases can look deceptively rich. “I’ve decorated my teeny-tiny Brooklyn bathroom with gold baroque frames and a black-and-white toile shower curtain — all dollar-store finds,” she says via e-mail. The frames are filled with an assortment of cards from her stationery company, Jezebel.

Go, Leigh (so cool)! Read the full story online.

Congrats Anh-Minh, nice job!

(image from Showing On, a grad student, in her kitchen)

Posted in uncategorized on August 04, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {aug 4 ’06}

I’m thinking more about entertaining and beautiful dinnerware today (must be Jenn’s hostess blog!), and when to plan my next dinner party. In the summer, it seems life is one big corona and paper plate, but come Fall and Winter, tables (and people) dress up (at least here in New England) and the magical evenings spent with close friends gathered around a home cooked meal, polishing off a bottle of vino, are the times you want to decorate the table with class and style, yet somehow not crossing over the fine line into stuffy overdone boredom. You don’t want things too formal, because then people can’t relax. You also don’t want it so informal that it downplays your culinary expertise, especially when roasted duck and Cr?me Br?l?e are at stake.

Do you have any dinner party ideas for Fall? Want to gather friends to chat about the summer vacations you took? Planning to gather the family around for a big announcement? (tip: said announcement shouldn’t be about your sexuality, religion, or political leanings – dinner goes south in 2.3 seconds. keep all announcements based on babies, engagements and job promotions. got it?)

However you plan to entertain this Fall, start thinking about how you’d like to pull it all together. Do you have a theme or would you rather use your grandmother’s china in your cabinet and dress the table with white linens and fresh flowers?

How do you like to set your table?

(images from gracious style)

Posted in uncategorized on August 04, 2006

Williams Sonoma for Summer

Williams Sonoma is like one big Real Simple magazine, great layout, modern, simple. So many beautiful things, mostly in solid hues, and many reminders that you’re no longer in your kitchen, but you’ve entered the store of chefs. The moment you step through the doors and browse the wares, you realize what a total amateur cook you really are, especially evident when you can’t figure out what half of the kitchen tools are used for. Selecting one, you ponder “hmmm… Could this be a meat thermometer?” Um, no it’s not m’dear, it’s a wine thermometer. Oh of course (ahem), what ever was I thinking (cough). Don’t worry little one. Half of the customers in Williams Sonoma eat out 75% of the week to and barely know how to operate their toaster oven. Oh, but one can dream of being the Iron Chef, and when browsing the merchandise, you almost feel like you can be. Williams Sonoma always makes me feel like uber wife. I walk out, merrily swinging my bag filled with dish towels, feeling realllly good about myself. Yeah, I’m the girl. I shop WS. I’m swimming with the sharks now, me and my dish towels.

You can be the girl (or boy), too. I’ve picked some of my favorites because well, at first glance, I know what to do with them. The latte mixing bowls in ice blue (I actually own these by another manufacturer in butter yellow and love them since they have a rubber grip on the bottom), pink rubber gloves because well, hello… they’re pink and not rubber ducky yellow for a change, super soaker kitchen towels in dreamy pastel colors, fun for your buns with these summer block print chair pads (major sale on these, also available in orange/pink), yummy caleca hand-painted dinnerware from Sicily (good to dine on, pretty to display on a white shelf), and finally the cornflower blue spatulas (on sale).

psst: I really like chef Tyler Florence from Food 911 on the food network. I watched him the other day for the first time and fell in love with his casual approach to cooking and his warm personality. I made the green goddess dressing a few days again (thanks to Tyler) and it was delish, you have to try it in a wrap, on a salad, or on a fish or crab sandwich. Super easy to make, too! Here’s the recipe.

(images from williams sonoma)

Posted in uncategorized on August 03, 2006


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