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August 2006


Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -’06/’07

August 26, 2006

Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -'06/'07
Marimekko Saaa-woon! Browse some new beauties from your Finnish friends, with four color themes in their Autumn collection that reflect the diversity of nature, created by talented young designers Erja Hirvi, Maija Louekari and Teresa Moorhouse, Maija Isola, Fujiwo Ishimoto and Marjaana Virta. Isn’t the Kassiopeia fabric amazing? Not to mention (okay I’ll mention!) their fashion, handbags and accessories for Autumn, totally hot hot hot! Umbrellas, coin purses, handbags, and a must-have b/w striped shirt with Marimekko across the chest in red. I have to find out who carries that shirt online, does anyone know?

Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -'06/'07Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -'06/'07
For Marimekko home stuff (and accessories), locals can head on over to Bliss on Newbury Street in Boston.

So… What are your favorites for the season?

[UPDATE: FYI: I found a source for Marimekko fashion, called Kiitos in New York.)

Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -'06/'07(images from marimekko)


Fred Flare – Spot a Trend? Mushrooms Are In!

August 25, 2006

Fred Flare - Spot a Trend? Mushrooms Are In!
It’s no secret, slowly mushrooms are popping up all over in the United States, and your friends at Fred Flare have mushrooms galore to fill your home with happy. Check out all of their new items right here online. Smiles for everyone!

If you’re reading outside of the U.S., what are some big trends in your part of the world? We’re seeing lots more of the baroque modern style, everything eco-friendly, owls + birds, mushrooms, neutral spaces with lots of bright accents, acrylic furniture (still!), and of course, the always present mid-century modern explosion!

(images from fred flare)


Viva Terra – Organic Beauty for the Home

August 25, 2006

Viva Terra is a serene haven on the web for selecting the most beautiful, tactile, organic wares collected from all over the world. Products that are so completely captivating that it’s hard to narrow down your list from what you want, to what your budget actually allows for you to have. Since I love to shop online, and particularly find Viva Terra to be an exquisite experience all around, I’ve collected a few of my favorites to share with you.

Viva Terra - Organic Beauty for the Home
I’m so attracted to succulents, aren’t you? My grandparents have them clustered in rock gardens all over their farm in Rhode Island, and I even have a few here in my backyard. We didn’t have them when I was growing up in South Carolina, the closest we had were the towering spiny aloe vera plants, hardly a cute little succulent. I enjoy looking at succulents up close, their distinctive patterns, colors, and textures – some smooth, some with peach fuzz, and all pleasingly plump. Viva Terra now stocks a succulent wreath that is hand-assembled into five groups succulents in shades of green-gray, burgundy and silver. I’ve not seen anything like this before, I really love it! This living wreath is not only eco-friendly, but enchanting. Just add water every six to eight weeks and viola! a wreath that will love you long time, $89. Next, a relaxing lamp caught my eye, the light in the forest lamp with tall reeds that dance delicate light throughout your space, $298. Also, did you see these whimsical twig letters for $89? A bit pricey, but certainly a nice addition to warm up a room.

Viva Terra - Organic Beauty for the Home
As a pottery lover, I’m always looking for interesting wares that are more modern and clean than the ones I find at the folksy craft fairs here in New England. That’s why I’m really drawn towards the hand-formed dipping set with it’s soft sensual curves, in clean white, for $65. For the bathroom, why not gift a friend with the root bowl & organic soaps set, with 100% organic soaps displayed in a small bowl carved from the roots of a discarded Chinese fir tree, $49. Who can resist a handbag? Although this isn’t an item for the home, I can’t turn away from this cozy red tufted alpaca handbag, a hand-crocheted beauty with seasonally shed horn carved handles, in red or chocolate. $259. With jeans and a charcoal ribbed turtleneck, this red bag would add a relaxed elegance to your ensemble, and hipify it a bit, too. If it’s entertaining you love, the slate tray + petal servers will serve you right. Petal-shaped ceramic bowls mix with smooth slabs of natural slate, sold in a set of four, with chalk, $49-69

Viva Terra - Organic Beauty for the HomeFinally, two more considerations for your Viva Terra shopping list. The driftwood trivet from natural sculptor Josh Harris, who combs the coasts of Northern California to collect driftwood to assemble into primitive art trivet (how cool is that?), $45. I’m seeing these ladders everywhere lately, and for the price, I think it’s a worthwhile object to use in your home. This bamboo towel ladder can display your towels, or you can use it to air dry them. Take it out of the bathroom and use the rungs to drape your favorite magazines in your living room or home office. $129

Do you have any favorites? Can you incorporate more of the outdoors into your indoor space? How do you do it currently (plants, driftwood, flowers, shells, stones, etc.)?

(images from viva terra)

Home Tours

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana’s Vibrant Home in India

August 25, 2006

I was so excited when an email arrived from decor8 reader Archana Srinivas who lives in Bangalore, India. She wants to share her colorful space with us here today on decor8! Here’s what she writes:

“I don’t know if you have received any mails from India. I am a regular reader of your wonderful blog. I agree with Danielle from the Netherlands that by showcasing homes from all over the world you get to see how people design their homes & what really goes into it.”

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in IndiaArchana continues, “India is a land of contrasts, culturally rich & very colourful. I live in Bangalore, India with my husband and my beautiful 4 year old daughter. We live in a 3-bedroom 1500 sq.ft house. Here you will find an amalgamation of traditional old-world charm with modern day luxury. The colours used are yellows & oranges. We have used a lot of antique chests, brass lamps & wood to create the effect.”

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in India“The centre table in the living area is actually an old swing used for babies. We turned it upside-down and converted it into a table. We have used bright yellow ceramic tiles on top. The center of interest is the cluster of nine terracotta tiles which I hand-painted with poster colours. The antique door in the living room has been restored from an old demolished house. The triangular space on either sides has been created for placing lamps. (This is usually the practice in south Indian villages.)”

Living Room

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in Indiadecor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in India“The motifs on the walls in my daughter’s room has been hand painted & also the lamp. The drawers store her toys and also doubles up a sitting area,” Archana says.

Daughter’s Bedroom

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in IndiaShe continues, “The dining area has a crockery cabinet which we use as a mini bar for entertaining. The kitchen door has been cut into half to keep my daughter out while I cook and to give a feeling of space.”

Dining Area

decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in India“The 3rd bedroom has been converted into the study where we have a tiled love-seat with vibrant red upholstery and you can also see my workstation which is a huge antique writing table.”


decor8 reader spaces: Tour Archana's Vibrant Home in IndiaIf you have any questions for Archana about her home, please ask in the comments section below so she can reply. If you’d like to share your home, or have a design dilemma, please write to me at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com. I hope you’re enjoying this new feature on decor8 – touring reader spaces!

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