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Design Star (+ anything else!) Open Thread

Design Star will be on shortly, if you’re tuning in and care to dish about the episode when it’s over, comment away!

Posted in uncategorized on August 28, 2006

Marimekko New Line Autumn/Winter -’06/’07

Marimekko Saaa-woon! Browse some new beauties from your Finnish friends, with four color themes in their Autumn collection that reflect the diversity of nature, created by talented young designers Erja Hirvi, Maija Louekari and Teresa Moorhouse, Maija Isola, Fujiwo Ishimoto and Marjaana Virta. Isn’t the Kassiopeia fabric amazing? Not to mention (okay I’ll mention!) their fashion, handbags and accessories for Autumn, totally hot hot hot! Umbrellas, coin purses, handbags, and a must-have b/w striped shirt with Marimekko across the chest in red. I have to find out who carries that shirt online, does anyone know?

For Marimekko home stuff (and accessories), locals can head on over to Bliss on Newbury Street in Boston.

So… What are your favorites for the season?

[UPDATE: FYI: I found a source for Marimekko fashion, called Kiitos in New York.)

(images from marimekko)

Posted in uncategorized on August 26, 2006

Thanks Stylehive!

I just want to thank Stephanie Wong, Aunt Beep and the crew over at Stylehive for giving decor8 such a nice shout out today on thier site. Thanks, ladies!

(image from stylehive)

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Fred Flare – Spot a Trend? Mushrooms Are In!

It’s no secret, slowly mushrooms are popping up all over in the United States, and your friends at Fred Flare have mushrooms galore to fill your home with happy. Check out all of their new items right here online. Smiles for everyone!

If you’re reading outside of the U.S., what are some big trends in your part of the world? We’re seeing lots more of the baroque modern style, everything eco-friendly, owls + birds, mushrooms, neutral spaces with lots of bright accents, acrylic furniture (still!), and of course, the always present mid-century modern explosion!

(images from fred flare)

Posted in uncategorized on August 25, 2006


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