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Purl – Store + Blog for DIY Sew Queens

Fabric addicts + knit queens unite! Since 2002, Purl has brought smiles to enthusiastic crafters everywhere. They’re not only a fantastic find in person at their New York City Soho location (137 Sullivan), but also online, where you can find a website that is as beautiful as it is cleverly laid out – so easy to navigate. From fabric to pattern books, magazines, yarn, accessories + notions, whatever you fancy can be yours for creating all the things you love.

In 2006, the Purl girls, Joelle and Jennifer Hoverson, opened an additional Soho location at 147 Sullivan, Purl Patchwork, dedicated to fabric, just a few doors down from their other Purl location at 137 Sullivan (Purl is primarily a yarn shop, Purl Patchwork is mostly fabric). Here you’ll find an array of contemporary prints, historical reproductions, elegant imports, and a rainbow of solid colors, all hand picked just for you by these two sew-passionate business owners.

Whether you are embarking on a project from scratch or merely looking to personalize something you own, both Purls have it all. In addition to their brick ‘n mortar locations and their online shop, guess what else these ladies have up their handmade sleeves?

A blog, Purl Bee, and it’s not only adorable, but a fun and informative read, as any good crafty blog should be.

Don’t Miss: Fabric by Kaffee Fassett, Amy Butler, Yoshiko Jinzenji, Anna Maria Horner, Etsuko Furuya, Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt, Jennifer Paganelli, Valori Wells and Darlene Zimmerman.

Spotted via: Cake + Pie Creative.

(images from purl)

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Franck + Fischer: Danish Design for Kids

Franck + Fischer of Denmark is Annemarie Franck, textile designer, and Charlotte Fischer, who has a background in business economics. Together, they form Franck + Fischer, a company devoted to unique items for children and the nursery, blending traditional Danish design with their own creativity to design modern and simple products with a touch of humor. Their products are sold in speciality children?s shops and design stores in Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy, as well as the United States and Japan. To carry their line in your store, please contact them directly. You can also email them for a stocklist, or you can find them at several online stores, listed here. Min Egen Verden seems to carry most of their products.

Psst: Their Milko back pack was nominated the Formland Design Award Autumn 2006.

Via: The fun mom blog, Soul Mama.
(images from frank + fischer)

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Coco Ribbon – Sweet Gifts from London!

decor8 reader Abigail wrote in about one of her favorite stores in London. Her email was so cute and packed with information that I’ll just let her tell you about it:

I love your blog and read it every day, thanks for all the great tips! Anyhoo, wanted to tell you about this store I found in London last month. It’s called Coco Ribbon, and is absolutely beautiful! It is decorated like a boudoir with that pastel Parisian apartment style, and carries all sorts of girlie things. In between the lingerie and toiletries, they do have some decorative things for the house, including antique furniture, chandeliers, and pillows. Oh yes, they also have their own very cute stationery. One very cool thing, though, is that Coco Ribbon has its own in-house interior designer, Madame Sera, so you can recreate the look of the store in your house if you want! There are two locations: Notting Hill and Chelsea, and of course, their website. A good part of their merchandise is online. Next time you’re in London, you must go there! Bye for now! -Abby

Thanks for the tip, Abby! Looks lovely, a must add to our London shopping list for sure. I love thier butterfly garlands (so different!) and the mannequin soaps along with the sweet little mermaid soap box, both very cute, too!

(images from coco ribbon)

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coffee + cre8tive {aug 24 ’06}

Yes? No? Maybe?
I recently discovered this mosaic tile wallpaper from Graham + Brown, and wanted to ask you for your thoughts on this look in a kitchen or bathroom. Do you think it’s a good option for those that may not have the budget to sink into the real thing? It’s available in these cool blue tones, as well as creams, pinks, and various shades of brown.

So, what do you think of this as an alternative to tile? Would you use it?

(images from graham + brown)

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