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Thanks, Hallmark!

August 21, 2006

Thanks, Hallmark!
I’m very excited to share this, as it’s the first magazine appearance for decor8. The premiere issue of Hallmark magazine (Sept/Oct 2006) hits Hallmark stores and newsstands this week, and they were kind enough to write about decor8 as a blog that they love (green box on page 54). How flattering, especially since I’m just a little blog compared to the mighty giants out there. If you are new to decor8, coming over from Hallmark, welcome! To your left are links to some of my favorite blogs, along with archives of decor8 back to when I first launched the site Jan. ’06. To your right, you can view my favorite shops from coast to coast, along with the best Canadian stores and ones in Europe that are worth visiting during your travels. I add new links all the time, so it’s good to check back before you head off on your next vacation. Beneath the shop links, you’ll see more links to online stores that I like, along with design related magazines, beautiful stationery (many from indie artists that I love), pet supply resources, etc.

Here in the center of the blog is where you’ll read about my latest finds. decor8 is my journal, a place where I openly share things that I love and ideas and tips that I’ve used either myself or with my clients, with hopes that you find bits here that are useful to you. I update the site 4-6 times daily from Monday – Friday, and if there is time, on the weekends too. decor8 is not my ‘day job’, I’m a freelance writer and an interior design consultant, so I cannot commit to writing a set number of posts per day, however I do make sure that what I do cover is interesting and inspiring.

So, without further blah blah, welcome to decor8. Feel free to email me or, if you’re an artist or designer and have something you’d like to contribute to this blog, please contact me. I’m always looking for good writers who love design, so step up and take part if you’d like.

Again, many thanks to Hallmark magazine for thinking about me!

Thanks, Hallmark!


Hunky Dory

August 21, 2006

Hunky Dory
Michelle sent me a tip about Hunky Dory, an etsy seller based in the U.K. Hunky Dory is a home-based business, creating lampshades and throw pillow covers using a whole slew of funky, kitschy, retro, contemporary textiles. The drum lampshades are available to use for either pendant ceiling fixtures or for table and floor lamps. Hunky Dory’s etsy shop and website bring lots of cheer to any space, and are packed with budget finds, so have fun browsing their wares!

Thanks for the tip, Michelle!

(images from hunky dory)


coffee + cre8tive {aug 21 ’06} + Blueprint Review (Fall Issue)

August 21, 2006

Happy Monday! For those of you anxiously awaiting the next issue of coffee + cre8tive {aug 21 '06} + Blueprint Review (Fall Issue)I liked most of the features this time, I could see myself using some of the ideas vs. just looking at them and saying, “maybe” or “not” as I did with the last issue. I’ll take a moment to highlight my favorites.

Before I get started, I love that they featured two pages of The 100+ Best Websites – I was soooo happy to see home blogs being mentioned, as well as shopping sites like 2Modern. Of course, publishing giants tend to focus on blogs with the largest audiences, but the ones they gave props to deserved it as well (it wasn’t just about the numbers). Maybe they’ll think of us little guys someday (sigh). I can see blogs like Oh Joy!, Print + Pattern, Happy Mundane (along with many other great blogs), earning a spot in there, too. What blogs DID they mention? Well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to pick up the issue and flip to pages 148-149.

Blueprint highlights (at least for me):

P. 34 They featured a GREAT sewing machine, a new model from Husqvarna that is UNDER $150! If you are new to sewing, BUY THIS MACHINE. Husqvarna is a heavyweight in the world of sewing. Pick up the issue for puchasing details.

P.35 Beyond Diapers. I merely loved the various safety pins, such mundane little objects, but I could really see using some of these for sewing projects, or even art in a shadowbox frame.

P. 36-39 Off With Their Shoes! A very sensitive topic, I’m aware, is that of asking your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home. Fortunately, my pals immediately step out of their shoes when they visit, they require this when visiting their home, too. I imagine if I were to throw a cocktail party or have strangers over to work on something in my home (like the construction crew that was in here most of this past winter/spring), it would take much effort and tact on my part to ask. This article gave some helpful little tips for socks and slippers, and included templates that you can use to make cute pictures for the wall that ask your guests, nicely, to remove their shoes. I love the photo on P.36, the mustard yellow, chocolate and white entryway is quite striking!

P. 40-45 Plants in Glass Houses. This article was quite helpful and the photos provided unique ideas that I’ve not seen before. I love how they teach you to use plants in glass containers, creating lush landscapes using succulents and silver sand.

P. 52-53 DIY: From Buttons to Bling. Fantastic simple layout, easy instructions, how to transform buttons into rings. My only question is, where did they get the actual “ring” piece? When you see the issue, please let me know if I missed something here or where I can find the actual ring, I haven’t a clue where to purchase something like that. Michael’s, perhaps?

Center: Handbook – Buy Better Luggage. Last issue, the insert helped those looking to purchase a sofa. This time around, luggage, packing tips, and additional luggage features that you should look for. I read the entire insert, especially since I’m flying to Germany next month. I plan to apply lots of these suggestions. One suggestion that I wasn’t aware of: TSA recongnized locks. They have them at Target, so if you’re looking, now you have a resource. They go for around $8 each and come in snappy colors like silver, black, lime, pink, blue and red. Chic and secure!

P. 98-105 Ye Bolde Colonial. This was my favorite article because it’s about a 1852 Charleston home (South Carolina, where I grew up), and I just loved the architecture of it, along with the colors used in the decor. It wasn’t exactly a style I would use, but it was so welcoming and cozy, and I just loved the owners and how sweet they came across in the article. It wasn’t some mid century modern home (again) in CA and it wasn’t another Brooklyn/NYC post war apartment or loft. Finally, an actual home in a town that deserves some press. Coastal South Carolina is gorgeous!

P. 116-125: A Tale of Two Pretties. With two home offices on display, the article not only lists resources on where to buy everything you see, but everything is organized in that lovely Martha Stewart way. I love the downtown home office, the second office featured. The yellow, grey and white is very clean and appealing. Cool storage tips and the screen divider project looks fun and functional.

P. 140-147 They’ll Drink to That. This was a true education for me because I’ve not visited a wine store before that offered samples and treats, and I’ve never thrown a wine tasting party, nor have I ever attended one. I wasn’t into wine until 2001 (I’m not a big drinker), so I’m guessing that’s the reason. Had I liked it in my early 20’s, I may have had the exposure to this swank swirling and sipping experience. Taking the reader on a tour of a wine store in Manhattan’s historic South Street Seaport, you can visit with the owners, view the space, pick up how to tips, learn about a proper wine tasting table setting, grab several bruschetta recipes, and they’ve even included checklists and scorecards! Fun!

P. 156 – Book Review page, spotted a few that I need to pick up, was reminded of one that I’ve always loved called, “The World of Ornament” by Taschen (amazon seems to have crashed this afternoon, so the link may not work right now). I decided to make it the decor8 book of the week so that you could consider picking a copy up for your coffee table. It features over 5,000 images and patterns from ancient Egypt all the way through to 19th-century Europe in 528 oversized pages. Because they are all copyright free images, you can use a color printer and go crazy – create frames, gift wrap, wallpaper, candle wrappers, you name it. It also comes with a DVD. GREAT BUY.

Of course, not mentioned above, Blueprint articles on shoes, fashion, skin care, natural makeup tips, etc… But honestly, those don’t interest me (and I am a total fashion addict). I’m just not into $800 shoes and with all the books on the market (and magazines) that specialize in beauty and fashion, I really don’t see the need for these things to be covered in Blueprint, especially since the items they feature aren’t SO fresh and amazing that you break your neck to look at them.

I would love to see Blueprint add more home tours, decor suggestions, home organizing help, shop tours, reviews, and even take a movie and rip it apart – show us how to create the same room at home (for instance, the office in The Devil Wears Prada or the apartment in the Break Up) to replace the beauty and fashion bits. But, that’s just my opinion.

With all this said, I found a lot of good in the Fall issue, which I’ve already highlighted above, so with the fashion/beauty bits aside, this is a strong issue. I like it. I give it 3 stars.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights. As soon as it hits newsstands, please let me know your opinions, as well.


Flaunt tonight at Junc Gallery in LA

August 19, 2006

Flaunt tonight at Junc Gallery in LA
Sometimes I crave a portal. Okay, I actually wish for such oddball things quite often, a space in which I could slip into and zip! I’m on the other side of the world. In a way, the web is a portal, blogs are portals, and I hope that decor8 is your own little place to escape, a spot to silently slip into a new world filled with pretty things, some you’ve seen before, others not.

Tonight, I want to close my eyes and wake up in LA. I want to spend the day smelling the salty air on Santa Monica beach, take that post-beach shower that always feels so good (and reveals how much sun you really got during the day) and then spritz on something pretty, slip into something girly, and head over to Junc Gallery for their show, Flaunt, featuring some of my favorite artists like Camilla Engman, Jen Corace, and Nathan Gray. Then, an hour or so later, drop the top of my leased convertible (total east coast tourist in me!), hit track 1: Run – Snow Patrol and cruise down Montana through Brentwood and into the heart of Hollywood. Grab dinner (Cuban, perhaps?) and of course, mojitos. Maybe even meet up with my pal, John. After spending two weeks in LA last summer, I’m hooked. I must get back there. Soon.

Since I’m unable to fulfill my desires this evening, I’m leaving it up to you. If you’re in LA, please head over to Junc. Mingle. Enjoy Camilla, Jen and Nathan. Who can resist the carefree feeling of a Saturday summer night? After such great art, follow with your favorite restaurant, a nice summer cocktail, and a huge dollup of great friends and good food.

Have fun! Reception begins at 7:00 p.m.

Flaunt tonight at Junc Gallery in LA

(images from junc)

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Lillibulle Blog + Fifi Mandirac Stationery

August 18, 2006

Lillibulle Blog + Fifi Mandirac StationeryI thought we all could use a paper fix today, so while I was reading Anne-Christelle Beauvois’ blog, Lillibulle (love this Parisian blogger, great site!), I stumbled upon Fifi Mandirac stationery. Oh la la lovely! By the way, if you lust for French/Japanese magazines, La Boutique de Lilli sells them on her blog, (you can pay via Paypal) and they are super amazing finds, I’m thinking of purchasing a few myself.

Okay, back to the paper goods. Isn’t this stuff so perfectly cute? Cards, gift wrap, badges, candle paper wrappers, everything is so playful, vibrant, and all together sweet.

Lillibulle Blog + Fifi Mandirac StationeryLillibulle Blog + Fifi Mandirac StationeryLillibulle Blog + Fifi Mandirac Stationery
(images from fifi mandirac)

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