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SUM Design

Susie from SUM sent me a few shots of her unique and beautiful line of decorative home accessories. She has several collections, Living, Working, etc. and each begin with a wallpaper design and from there she applies that design to a variety of accessories. Interesting design process, isn’t it?

Her first collection debuted this spring 2006 with Floral Femme Fatale. This wallpaper is sold in 3 panels that can be configured in several different ways. They retail for $98.00 each (green shown below).

For fall 2006, she’s created a second colorway in Black, White and Silver for her best sellers – four items from each category. ‘Living’ features wallpaper, serving trays ($35 and $45 shown), coasters (set $30), nesting storage boxes (set of 3 $68 shown), etc. ‘Working’ has notebooks ($16 and $25), magazine files ($20), hanging file boxes ($37.50) etc.

Susie tells me that she has two other wallpaper designs in production and will
hopefully launch a few more in the next six months. From there, she may expand them into a full range of accessories as well. We’ll see what the future holds, but for now, here’s a glimpse of her wares. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

If you are interested in purchasing SUM designs for yourself or for your store, please contact Susie directly. Her email address can be found on the homepage of her website.

Thanks Susie for the photos, and a big thanks to decor8 reader Leah for the tip, too!

(images from sum design)

Posted in Objects, Rooms on September 14, 2006

coffee + creative {sept 14 ’06}

When I came across these blue and red textiles over at Kathryn M. Ireland this morning, I thought about all the wonderful prospects. A throw for the foot of a bed, a duvet cover, some pillows… I love these two tone prints, so crisp. Kathryn has lots of batik prints that I like, and although I’m not big on toile, I love the toile patterns that she offers. You should seriously check them out.

If you have time, read her bio. Fascinating.

(images from kathryn m. ireland)

Posted in uncategorized on September 14, 2006

Amy Ruppel + Amy Bengtson: Handmade Jewelry

Thanks to Holly’s Plate, I found out about Amy’s art sale online and was able to purchase my new friend, heli-nest, just in time before everything sold out (top left). I’m so excited to have a little Amy art, it’s so sweet! In addition to her art, did you know that she’s collaborated with another talented Amy, Amy Bengtson, to produce these limited edition rosewood necklaces, Egg and Nest? I absolutely adore these, and although I don’t post much about jewelry on decor8, I couldn’t resist… These necklaces are selling out fast, so don’t miss out!

Details: Rosewood inlaid with mother of pearl, sterling silver. ($95)

(images from amy ruppel and amy bengtson)

Posted in uncategorized on September 13, 2006

Whimsy Press – Creepy Cool!

A big thanks to Donna from Whimsy Press for sending along a few images of their fresh new creepy designs. Modern Garde, Femme Fatale, Dude Wrap… Now you can gift all the characters in your life with wrapping paper that best suits their personality. Are you pals with a Jeffrey or Alison type (from Project Runway)? Try that fun skull wrap for him, the pink for her. Have a present for your 8-year-old nephew? That buggy pattern (below) will fit him nicely. Whimsy Press has such playful patterns, it’s fun to spot something so unique for a change, as well as wrapping paper that you can actually give to a guy without them looking at you like, “yeah, right”. Thanks again Donna for sending these our way. We love ’em!

(images from whimsy press)

Posted in uncategorized on September 13, 2006


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