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coffee + cre8tive {sept 6 ’06}

From prehistoric cave drawings to cleverly designed Starbucks cards, graphic artists are some of the world’s greatest story tellers. Whether it’s through contemporary methods (enhancing their drawings via the computer, or using a graphics program from start to finish), or traditional methods (pen and ink, oil painting, pastels, wood-engraving, etc.), these artists touch our lives and stir in us our own creativity. So often we find ourselves relating to works without the ability to pinpoint why, we’re just deeply inspired without explanation. Books, greeting cards, posters, original drawings, there are so many ways to bring illustration into the home. You can even explore drawing for yourself. Have you heard of Illustration Friday by Penelope Dullaghan? Penelope runs the site for artists of all skill levels, the goal is to stretch your mind, challenge yourself, and grow as a visual storyteller (Penelope has a blog and her own website, too). Wouldn’t you enjoy creating your own stories to display in your space? You can start small, and build from there. The goal is to start and from there, to be consistent and press forward. The more you give, the more you’re going to grow and develop your skills. Your self esteem will begin to soar. Being able to point to something that you fully devoted yourself to is an amazing experience. If you haven’t progressed beyond stick figures, that’s okay, everyone has a starting point. Maybe Illustration Friday can be yours.

Have you visited Lilla Rogers lately for creative fuel? Browsing the works of so many talents on their website is bound to spark some ideas – maybe you will find yourself drawn towards a particular artist. Consider why, what is it that you like, what feelings do you have when you look at it, etc. Start taking inventory, either online via a site like StyleFeeder or StyleHive, or via a handwritten journal. Everytime you see an illustration that you like, save it online in your feeder or hive, or print it out in color and paste it into a journal. Give the illustration words, your thoughts about it, why you love it. Over time, you’ll start to see a trend, you’ll discover your own style. Once you have defined your own style, you can start drawing and exploring things for yourself.

Are you a graphic artist? Any tips on how to get started that you’d like to share?

(images top: penelope dullaghan middle/bottom: lilla rogers)

Posted in uncategorized on September 06, 2006

Orla Kiely Fall 2006

Psst: Orla Alert!

This isn’t a fashion or bag blog, I’ll leave that up to the pros, but since we all love the designs of Orla Kiely, I wanted to shout from the rooftops that her Fall ’06 handbags + accessories are now up and available for purchase on her website. Love these patterns, subtle yet striking, a nice touch draping over the shoulder of your favorite Fall leather or wool jacket.

(photos from orla kiely)

Posted in uncategorized on September 05, 2006

Angela Adams Fall 2006

An email just popped in from Design Public informing me that they now have Angela Adam’s latest designs for Fall 2006! Take a peek at her gorgeous rugs here. I really like the Palm (shown above), although I don’t see it as a typical Fall pattern, at least not here in the northeast. I would have enjoyed seeing a pine cone or needles, perhaps a maple tree or leaf pattern, except abstract and bold, something that hints more at Autumn. But that’s just me… Did you spot the Fern below? Something about it reminds me of Orla Keily (her stem pattern from last season).

The Fern and Palm are only a few patterns from the Fall collection, you can browse her website for more goodies, like the Angela Adams handbags + wallets. The Rebecca wallets are pretty and, for such a popular brand, a decent price for $87.

(images from design public + angela adams)

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decor8 Reader Spaces: Geninne’s Mexican Retreat in the Trees

decor8 reader Geninne is a freelance illustrator and designer with an amazing home located thirty minutes from Mexico City, Mexico. Her husband Manolo is an architect and furniture designer who did such an amazing job on their home that she thought we’d enjoy seeing it. All of the furniture was designed by Manolo (with the exception of their stainless steel bed and some IKEA things). This home is so completely serene and lovely, something you’d see featured in Dwell or Architectural Digest, for sure. Wouldn’t you love to live like this?


You can view a larger, detailed tour of their home by clicking here and then click on ‘view slideshow’. The slideshow is loaded with photos, including bedrooms, kitchen details, and bathrooms.

view of living room

Thank you Geninne, and your husband Manolo, for this amazing glimpse into your extraordinary space. We really appreciate it!

view of dining room + kichen areas

If you have questions or comments for Geninne, please comment below. If you’d like to give decor8 readers a mini tour of your home (or favorite room), please send an email along with a link to your photos. I can be reached at decor8blog [at] yahoo [dot] com.


work area

(images from geninne zlatkis)

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