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decor8 Reader Spaces: Geninne’s Mexican Retreat in the Trees

decor8 reader Geninne is a freelance illustrator and designer with an amazing home located thirty minutes from Mexico City, Mexico. Her husband Manolo is an architect and furniture designer who did such an amazing job on their home that she thought we’d enjoy seeing it. All of the furniture was designed by Manolo (with the exception of their stainless steel bed and some IKEA things). This home is so completely serene and lovely, something you’d see featured in Dwell or Architectural Digest, for sure. Wouldn’t you love to live like this?


You can view a larger, detailed tour of their home by clicking here and then click on ‘view slideshow’. The slideshow is loaded with photos, including bedrooms, kitchen details, and bathrooms.

view of living room

Thank you Geninne, and your husband Manolo, for this amazing glimpse into your extraordinary space. We really appreciate it!

view of dining room + kichen areas

If you have questions or comments for Geninne, please comment below. If you’d like to give decor8 readers a mini tour of your home (or favorite room), please send an email along with a link to your photos. I can be reached at decor8blog [at] yahoo [dot] com.


work area

(images from geninne zlatkis)

Posted in Home Tours on September 05, 2006

Flickr Favorites

As most of you know, I’m a flickr addict – it’s my favorite site right now and I can’t get enough of the “add to faves” feature since I love to bookmark all the photos that I love this way. Do you have a flickr favorites view to share? Any flickr groups or people that you really love, that you’d like to share with us? Please post in the comments section below! To view my faves, click here.

We *Heart* Stationery, Art In Your Home, and Fresh New Spaces are three groups that I administer (with the help of Becky and Michelle). Art In Your Home (created by Michelle) and Fresh New Spaces (created by Becky at Design Public) are especially fun for those of us that love to peek in on real homes – lots of interior eye candy from members who love to show off their homes. You are more than welcome to join these groups, so get involved!

(photo from sfgirlbybay – love her and her blog, too! She’s a member of the Fresh New Spaces group.)

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coffee + cre8tive {sept 5 ’06}

Here’s a creative idea to start off your week! It’s always fun to find new and exciting ways to display things, right? Traditional methods can become quite boring after awhile, but with a dash of creativity, finding an alternative way to show off your things can transform your space into a visually stimulating and appealing place to hang out.
By creating inspirational focal points in your home, guests will linger, conversation will fill the air, and friends will return home with a new eye for their own space. Most importantly, displaying your favorite things (vs. tucking them into drawers or displaying them somewhat incorrectly) makes you feel happier at home, more stimulated, too. Don’t you want your home to sing your song? Your space should tell your story, your home = your life. All of the things you’ve collected and cherished throughout the years deserve a place, whether grouped together on a shelf or dresser top, displayed on a transparent wall mounted shelf or carefully congregated on the fireplace mantle, all deserve a place to shine and be seen.

If you haven’t picked up the September issue of Living Etc (UK) magazine yet, grab it and turn to page 41. There’s this great tip called “Off The Peg” which suggests using a clothes line in your kitchen to display your favorite dish towels. That idea didn’t interest me much, but the thought of using a retractable clothes line did give me ideas for other spaces in the home – over the bed, over the sofa, down a long narrow hallway… I encourage use of this clothes line technique to any room in your home, going far beyond dish towels, to include posters, photography, fabric, even strips of gorgeous wallpaper. Install a clothes line over your sofa, for instance, and clip on 3 bold prints from the International Poster Gallery in Boston (or online). Viola! Art you can rotate without purchasing poster frames.

Living Etc. suggests using a clothes line with metal wall mounts, which I stand behind as well since the look is more contemporary than rope, wood pins, and eye hooks. I would like to see the clothes line extrended across an entire wall, rotating your favorites as the seasons change. How fun! This clothes line and these funky black birds clothes pins are hip and functional, as well as affordable. Gotta love that!

Have you experimented with this display technique in your own home? Do you like this idea?

(images from living etc, international poster gallery, where did you buy that, and

Posted in Arts + Crafts, DIY, Rooms, shopping, tips, travel on September 05, 2006

Open Thread!

Here in the states, today is a holiday we call Labor Day, which is what many of us refer to as the last weekend of wearing white, going to the beach, and enduring moving vans double (and triple!) parked all over Boston. Kids are back in town for school and Fall officially arrives on September 23rd. Since my husband has the day off, we plan to spend it together, no blogging for me… But, I’ll be back tomorrow!

How was your Labor Day weekend? What did you do?

We went to an amazing wedding this past Saturday in a beautiful old train station called Union Station in Worcester, MA – it was just like a mini Grand Central Station (NYC), our friend played the violin during the wedding, so romantic. It was like something out of Martha Stewart Weddings… I must confess, it was fun to get all girly and wear heels after being laid up in bed for nearly a month – finally I’m out and about walking again! Yeah! Today, we enjoyed dinner in a quaint English tavern in Bedford, NH. My husband announced this morning that he wanted to get dressed up and take me on date (maybe the wedding sparked this?). It’s around 62 here, very foggy, rainy… A romantic day for a tavern. He looked so cute, in a vest and tie, trousers, even a cute newsboy cap. We had a great date. Today, he wants to continue the romance, so we’ll most likely head to the North End for lunch (locals: did you read this? they are trying to close hanover street to create a piazza for walking/dining only. love this idea) and then, to a few museums (the new ica was due to open 9/17, but has been postponed.) I can’t wait for it to open, I’ve read so much about the new building, it promises to be quite spectacular.

By the way, and yes this is a bit of a spoiler I know, but I just read this online regarding a Project Runway model (Vincent’s model?) and had to share it… Can you believe it?

Okay, enough about me… Let’s talk about YOU. Anything to share?

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