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Zimmer + Rohde Textiles

It’s impossible for me to stay indoors with such beautiful weather, so I went out today for more shopping + eating, and of course, a walk in the Eilenriede (it’s a good place to rejuvenate). While out, I checked out a few of my favorite design stores over on Theaterstasse, one is called Seydlitz, who pulls out all the big guns with names like Designer’s Guild, Vitra, Bootnje, Hirche, Eames, and dozens of other major lines. Even though the Danskina rugs have been out for awhile, I’m still in love with their thick dreamy pile and that great foot massage you get everytime you step on one. Seydlitz also carries the Fortuny Ornaments floor lamp, it’s a real beauty. This is most definitely a store that I would shop at for that one special designer piece, but I certainly couldn’t afford to outfit an entire space there. The showroom is huge and is worth a visit if you’re ever in Hannover – only a block from the main station, the “center” of Hannover where you can connect to trains that take you all over Europe. While waiting for your train to Prague or Berlin, visit the shops on Theaterstrasse.

Fortuny Ornaments floor lamp

Pro Office

Another store I popped into while on Theaterstrasse was Pro Office where I had a nice conversation with a sales professional regarding upcoming design shows in Europe. Seems a lot is going on over here in October. Pro Office carries Zimmer + Rohde textiles, and believe me when I tell you, they are exquisite. The Pro Office website does the showroom no justice, it is an absolute pleasure to browse this large store, where you can even chat with the sales staff over coffee in their cafe. Cafes in stores seem to be the norm here, I can totally get into this. Sure, there’s a bistro on every corner anyway, but having one inside a design store is that much more of an incentive to linger. Pro Office carries most of the big names, and I just love how they use a lot of brightly colored art (photos on canvas) to pull together their rooms — makes for a beautiful focal point and really demonstrates how easy if can be to decorate based on art alone. The photo below is a good example of how they do this.
Love the art!

Zimmer + Rohde – Weekend Textiles Collection

Of course, these two stores are only the tip of the design iceberg in Germany, Hannover has many other stores, as does the rest of this fascinating and beautiful country. I can’t wait to show you more! I’m off to see my friend Angie, but I’ll be back a little later on with a few more posts before I wrap up for the day. :) Bye!!

Zimmer + Rohde – Weekend Textiles Collection

Zimmer + Rohde – Weekend Textiles Collection

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I was out and about today and spotted this… Anyone know the artist? I’ve seen this work in several design magazines and books, in various sizes, a collage of images with a single bloom (red/green) always at the focal point. However, I’m not able to recall who the artist is. Can someone help me?

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Have You Entered?

Don’t forget, the Fabulous Stationery + decor8 Workspace Contest is fast approaching deadline. Have you entered? Our deadline is 5 p.m. EST on Friday, September 29th – just two days away! Three entries will be chosen to win prizes, click here for details.

Speaking of contests, have you entered Jena’s contest over at Modish? One lucky Modish reader will win a collection of handmade items, all from her sponsors, valued up to $400! For details, click here. Deadline is October 7th! Nice contest, Jena! :)

Also, don’t miss Apartment Therapy’s I’ve Got Color? Contest, all entries should be received no later than Monday, October 16th. This contest not only has a great theme (I can’t wait to see the entries), but AT and CB2 are awarding some amazing prizes – the 1st prize is a $2,500 gift card from CB2. Not too shabby! Click here for details.

Did I miss any other design contests out there? If so, please fill us in with nuggets of wisdom by commenting below. :)

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coffee + cre8tive {sept 27 ’06}

Happiness is… A big German cookie! This is a mandelhoernchen, an afternoon snack that we enjoyed yesterday while strolling around. I keep telling myself that I’ll only eat like this for a few more days, then it’s back to salads and grilled chicken and fish again… There is no way I can eat like this for two months straight. We’re purposely not renting a car for this reason, so we can walk and eat. :)

A woman who lives directly across from us, she is also on the 4th floor, has a fitness studio in her flat. Each day, I see her stretching, drinking tea, and leading group classes in her gigantic flat. It looks like they are doing pilates. Hmmm. Maybe I should go over there take a class with her. It certainly would help curtail my chances of growing out of my clothes while I’m here. :)

Back to happier thoughts… Like eating mandelhoernchen.

(images from decor8)

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