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coffee + cre8tive {sept 26 ’06}

Wouldn’t you love to have a mural like this in your home? I certainly would. This is a wall in a children’s store in Amsterdam called Keet in Huis. Perhaps you can recreate this look simply with paint, a steady hand (and a good sense of humor – you’re bound to make a few mistakes), an overhead projector, and a few days of free time? I’d like to take an image from Jezebel, she has the prettiest silhouettes, and project it onto the wall. I’m not an artist, however one would assume this project wouldn’t be quite as difficult as painting something with intricate details using many colors. Although challenging, I’d think anyone could take on a silhouette painting – don’t you? Have you ever experimented with something like this in your own space?

(image from keet in huis)

Posted in uncategorized on September 26, 2006

Roughly Drawn Chair By Cohda

Green living is important everywhere. People here in Germany are very eco-conscious, even on the streets you’ll spot trash cans that are split into three sections for sorting paper from glass and plastics, etc. At the grocery store, you’ll need to either bring your own or purchase a bag to use for your groceries, although very few Germans actually purchase them as they come equipped with a fabric bag or basket to use instead. Also of note, you must bag your own groceries here, the clerk only handles the cash, you are responsible for the bagging. I love this because I’m never satisfied with the way baggers handle things back home, bruising fruit and crushing bread, so now I have full responsibility over how things are packed and I actually prefer this. I know, quirky…

Back on the subject of green, Cohda launched a chair made only from reshaped plastic, giving a purpose to all of the bottle caps,and packaging we discard each day. It’s called the Roughly Drawn Chair, and as the name denotes, it reminds oneof a rough sketch, almost something a child (or me!) would draft. These chairs are available in black (my choice), green,or grey and are sold for around $325 USD. They have a table, too. You like?

(image from cohda)

Posted in uncategorized on September 25, 2006

Floor to Heaven

I spotted a rug company from German born Michaela Schleypen called Floor to Heaven that I’m smitten by, her rugs are three dimensional objects of art. All rugs are handmade by skilled artisians and are grouped into three key collections, ethnic, soul, and passion. I’m nuts about the faux bois rug, it’s an absolute stunner and so very unique.

I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough when it comes to flooring and rugs are big on my list at all times. They can add so much punch to a space, even a room that is relatively boring can come alive by adding an interesting rug and then picking up the colors by using throw pillows, blankets, candles, and misc. accessories. I’ve used rugs for years as the starting point in some of my own designs, especially since so many own rugs they’ve invested in and love and aren’t too willing to part with. Using something in a room as the ‘base’ piece, you can work from there and develop the perfect decor for you, too.

(images from floor to heaven)

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Bodo Sperlein for Lladro

First up today on my list of goodies to share, a light expected to fly off the shelves… Freeze Frame Birds, a hand-blown ceiling pendant with porcelin birds all a flutter. Created by London-based designer Bodo Sperlein for Lladro, I just love it, because it takes a somewhat industrial style light fixture and adds a soft feminine touch with the decorative birdies. So sweet (or shall I say, so tweet?). This light is part of the Re-Cyclos Magical collection, made up of over 40 decor objects that are based in fragments of Lladr? pieces, the magic of nature (wings, insects, birds, flowers) being the focus. Find yours here, along with other Lladro lovelies…

I’m fortunate enough to be located about one block from an amazing store devoted exclusively to modern lighting, so I plan to browse there tomorrow to scout out additional beauties to share with you here at decor8. If it’s lighting you love, I think I’m in the right country because the stores here carry some of the most beautiful I’ve seen in years. A real treat.

Don’t you love these Bodo Sperlein bottle toppers? This porcelin room divider is also a beauty…

(images from lladro)

Posted in uncategorized on September 25, 2006


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