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September 2006


A Home Office Gets Organized

September 20, 2006

A Home Office Gets Organized
Real Simple magazine always has so many great tips and tricks to make me feel even more inferior as a domestic (un)goddess… I flip through the magazine, dreaming, desiring, and more often than not, wishing I had the time to work on the projects that they feature. I just love the magazine, it gives me something great to aspire to, a good role model, and since I’ve actually cooked some of the recipes and completed a few of the projects found in issues over the months, I can honestly say that being organized and having a handle on your life really does make you feel a bit better.

Question is, does it make you more productive to be organized? Are you a more successful person when your home is put together, organized, meals on the table, life completely in order? What do you think?

For me, being organized is key to my productivity, but I don’t think successful people are always organized ones. It depends. Some of the most successful people that I’ve worked for (past life, corporate world) had desks with so many layers of paperwork that you could barely see the wood. Yet, they were top dogs in the business world. Ran business units that made millions for the company. From my experience, there doesn’t seem to be a clean cut answer – does an organized person equal a successful one?

Meet Real Simple reader Tzatzil Willebeek-LeMair who “has completed more than 50 triathlons and runs a business that teaches hundreds of women a year how to break into running, biking, and swimming.” Her desk was a complete mess, and yet she was still a successful athlete and business woman.

“When it came to organizing her home office, however, Willebeek-LeMair, 35, could barely get out of the starting blocks. Her desk was so overloaded that she referred to it as ?the abyss? and ?the beast.?

Despite being successfully messy, she desired more. She wanted to clean up her act. Peek in on Real Simple as they give you (and Tzatzil) some easy solutions for pulling your act together, plus you’ll see just how they tamed Willebeek-LeMair’s beast. Click here for more.

A Home Office Gets Organized
Psst: Looking for office/craft room inspiration? Visit (and join!) a few of my favorite flickr groups – Craft Rooms, Annotated work spaces, Pretty Organized, and Art studio. Over at Art studio, I spotted the lovely Sandra Monat, a talented German artist behind Herzenart that I’ve liked for some time now. I was thrilled to see her flickr set, she has an open air studio as well as an indoor workspace in pretty pink with a chandelier – so lovely and inspirational, do check that out. Sandra has a blog and a website in English, too. Double swoon!


A Home Office Gets OrganizedA Home Office Gets Organized

(images top: real simple, middle: sushimiam, and bottom: herzenart)


decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris’ Posh Pad in Boston

September 20, 2006

decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in Boston
Many Boston locals are familiar with Chris, he’s the brains behind the fabulously successful South End Open Market and founder of the third annual Sowa Holiday Market. A Manhattan transplant, Chris arrived in Boston and noticed something big was missing that he had grown accustomed to back home in NYC – weekly open markets. Things had to change, and so the South End Open Market was born. (View Market photos here.)

The market has grown to not only become a a prized part of the South End community, but a great launch pad for talented newbies to get their product before an audience. In addition to new talent, well established vendors have a place at the Market, it’s a welcoming ground for all to sell, and for the rest of us, to shop and eat. Offering handmade items and homewares, like art, wallets, plants, produce, fashion, furniture and jewelry, this market won’t disappoint. And if you want to get involved with goods to sell, contact Chris, he’s always on the prowl for fresh talent to add to this festive event. Visit the South End Open Market online for details on snagging a space for yourself, or better yet, attend their upcoming big market events, the 1st annual Craft Smack Down on October 1st or Divas Unleashed (2nd annual dog parade) on October 29th – it’s a great way to catch market fever in a very big way!

In addition to running the Market, Chris is also a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. He just so happens to be a decor8 reader too, “Its become a part of my daily ritual every morning with my latte and Jack on my lap”.

Chris hooked us up with some photos of his posh bachelor’s pad in Boston. Impressive use of a small space, lots of bold color, and very clean, modern, and well organized. You’ll spot a lot of our favorites in his place, too (Adams, Adler, West Elm, IKEA). And of course, Jack the cat sweetens the space even more, we love pet shots with home tours, adds that certain something… So cute!

I think Chris should enter the upcoming Color Contest over at Apartment Therapy, don’t you?

Living Room/Kitchen – Love the splash of yellow on the wall!
decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in BostonAngela Adams in the house!
decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in BostonWest Elm and a single burst of color behind the bed – fab!
decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in BostonWork space – great desktop wallpaper and artwork.
decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in BostonJack just chillin’ with some posh pillows.

decor8 Reader Spaces: Chris' Posh Pad in BostonThanks Chris for the great photos!

Please leave your comments/questions for Chris under comments below. If you would like for your home to be featured on decor8, shoot me an email at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com.

(images from chris at the south end open market)


Wall Stickers by dVider

September 20, 2006

Wall Stickers by dVider
dVider, a newcomer on the wall decals scene, has created a versatile collection of easy to mount, removable wall decals that can be used on almost any surface, windows and walls to furniture, floors, and ceilings. These single-colored vinyl stickers are available in several designs, from nature (leaves to dandelions), figures (silhouettes to girls with umbrellas), edgy (flirty frames to eccentric icons), animals (horses to peacocks), patterns (polka-dots to flower plumes), and kids (dinosaurs to sandcastles). They can be installed separately or grouped together to create your own custom patterns. Easy to stick to any smooth, flat surface using the squeegee provided. When it’s time for a change, the stickers can be quickly removed without damage to the original surface. Great for renters who crave a little modern wall candy!

dVider stickers are offered in 12 color variations and range in price from $19 to $41 each and can be purchased online.

These are fun, I love the nature series… Thanks dVider for the tip!

(images from dvider)


coffee + cre8tive {sept 20 ’06}

September 20, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {sept 20 '06}
I don’t know about you, but the one thing I miss when I travel is my bed. There’s something very cozy and secure about the nest you settle into each night. Aren’t these embroidered sheets from Pine Cone Hill a wonderful treat for sleeping? Don’t forget to spritz the air with a lovely room fragrance before embarking on your snooze fest. We use a very natural scent from L’erbolario in Orange/Cardamom. So fresh…

(images from pine cone hill)


DIY Refrigerator Chalkboard

September 19, 2006

DIY Refrigerator Chalkboard

Emails shot in the moment I posted about Danny Seo yesterday, especially since many of you loved his refrigerator chalkboard and now you’d like to duplicate it for your own kitchen. Most of your emails asked “How Do I?” and the truth is, I’m not exactly sure, I’ve not tried this technique out before. Even though I’m sure Danny is quite busy, I’ll forward this post over to him… Perhaps if he has time, he’ll chime in.

I found a company online called Frigo Design, they carry these chalkboard sets exclusively for your fridge. They appear to be a frame with tubular handles and panels that is mounted directly to the appliance. Best part, the chalkboard is also magnetic. Frigo Design is quite popular, HGTV turns to them often for frige help. House in Progress wrote about Frigo on their blog too, if you want to check that out.

Anyone ever try this chalkboard frige idea at home?

(image from danny seo)

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