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Illustrations of Ana Carucci

Ana Carucci of Buenos Aires, Argentina is a brilliant illustrator whom I came across over at the fabulous Warmtoast Cafe, a website with hundreds of portfolios at your fingertips, a thriving creative community for artists and for those of us on the prowl for work that we connect with.

I wish I could find out more information about Ana (I googled her, no luck!), but for now, all I have is a link to her portfolio online. Enjoy Ana and all the others featured over at Warmtoast Cafe. It’s a fun site to search!

(images from warmtoast cafe)

Posted in uncategorized on September 21, 2006

Pepper-mint – Lighting from London

Pepper-mint is designer Patricia Adler’s London-based design house. She creates unique and innovative design that surely will catch the attention of your guests. Whether it’s a flat-pack blue acrylic chandelier, or a translucent acrylic Moroccan lantern, there’s no doubt that Adler’s goal is to bring to the market ground-breaking design concepts that attract the attention of modern design lovers worldwide.

(images from pepper-mint)

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My Marrakesh – The Story of An American Family Setting Up Home in Morocco

Care to travel to Morocco for a bit? Inspired by decor8, Maryam, an American in Marrakesh, started blogging about her experience living in a foreign land. My Marrakesh is a new blog which tells: “The bemused tales of an American family’s quest to design, build, and decorate a guest house in Morocco. Life, culture, style, shopping. And a couple of belly dancers thrown in there for good measure….” I find the subject quite fascinating, since she is embarking on a major project (home construction), while working full-time and raising a family. Her personal journey documents her life there, along with a good dose of shopping and style sprinkled in. The blog is designed to be about what it’s like to build your dream house (and a guest house!) from scratch in a foreign country.

Marrakesh is an amazing design destination that has inspired artists and designers all over the world. In the coming months, Maryam will have an entry every other day about products inspired by Morocco’s sense of style. She hopes readers will provide advice and opinions as she makes important decor and gardening decisions for her family’s guest house, the Persian Garden Pavillions. You’ll see the whole process unfold before your eyes – from the day the concrete is first poured to the moment her first guest arrives (she’s already promised me that I could visit eventually, so I have dibs!!!).

Read Maryam’s Morrocan adventure here.

(image from my marrakesh)

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E Bella Designs

Not sure if you’ve heard of E Bella Designs before, but I really love their rugs, table runners, and pillows and think you may, too. “Merging ancient techniques with modern design” is how owner and New England native Nicole Linton describes her Boulder-based business, and given that she travels to Peru to work with artisians to create her line, it’s obvious that she truly has great passion for ancient Peruvian weaving techniques and a love for the people and culture of Peru. The bold geometric patterns are striking, and best of all, her company has aided many families in Peru to live an improved quality of life thanks to her support of their craft.

(images from e bella designs)

Posted in uncategorized on September 21, 2006


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