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Flickr Find: Dawbis

Flickr is a tremendous resource. It’s a great tool for finding some of the most amazing artists and craftsters, designers, photographers, and has the largest number of self-portrait takers than I thought existed! If you haven’t rummaged around Flickr yet, carve out some time (you’ll need it, you can get lost for hours) and hop to it, because there’s a whole world of inspiration waiting for you there.

Dawbis is a recent Flickr find of mine. She’s an artist based in Texas, creating these neat collages, some using polaroids (so fun!) combined with sweet-faced illustrations, mostly of active girls with stick-straight black hair wearing fashion fresh-picked from the 60’s or 70’s. I like the energy and child-like quality of her work, not to say that the technique is childish, but it’s more the feeling – you can tell she is playful and energetic, just like the characters she creates. She would make an excellent illustrator for children’s books, don’t you think?

Dawbis introduces “catalogs” throughout the year, her next one is due out in November. Although I’m not entirely sure of the process or the price in which her art sells for, or even what it is that she sells (I browsed her Flickr set and it appears as though she creates everything from art for your walls to coin purses and gift tags), I’m sure you can poke around her website or email here if you’re interested in learning more about her work. I hope you like it…

(images from dawbis)

Posted in uncategorized on October 17, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {oct 17 ’06}

I stumbled across Passport yesterday while shopping and, although it’s fashion (vs. home decor), I had to share the label with you anyway. Plum, teal, slate, chocolate, black, fuschia, and cream are big on the menu here for Fall/Winter fashion, mostly solids with pretty trimwork, and lots of fur trim on boots, hats, and vests to capture a bit of a Nordic vibe. That Russian folklore style is big here too, cropped pants and skirts embellished with embroidered patterns are huge. Kneesocks (think Japanese school girl) and patterned tights are popular, knee-length city coats, belts belts belts!, lots of knits and felted wool, and adorable fingerless mittens with flaps that you can fold over to cover cold fingers.
Another must-see German fashion label, Kapalua. Gorgeous. Love their skirts. (locals: you can find both collections at kaufhof opposite haufbahnhof)

Maybe you can introduce some of these colors and textures into your home?

Click on images for larger views.
(images from passport and kapalua)

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Herzallerliebst (Germany)

I met up with Hamburg-based Herzallerliebst this past weekend over at Infa here in Hannover, and fell in love with their textiles, used on stylish handbags, baby shoes, pillows, laundry totes, everything you can think of! I saw so many hip chicks toting around Herzallerliebst bags at Infa, I could tell they were a huge hit with the ladies. Their design is so feminine, a sprinkle of girly, lots of English influence, and a definite Asian touch. It was impossible to chat with them for long, their booth swarmed with excited shoppers, but I grabbed their website addy and a few snapshots to share with you so you can check them out for yourself online.

Note: If you’re attending infa, they’re in hall 25, booth c34 – and a huge shopping perk: everything in their booth is 50% off! Yes, really! You have until October 22nd, so hop on over to Infa!

(photos from herzallerliebst + infa images by holly becker for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on October 16, 2006

Fiva (Netherlands)

Visting Europe during the past three weeks has been a wonderful experience. I don’t need to tell you this if you’ve ever been here. You know how special it is. Long nature walks, pretty parks, cobblestone streets, relaxing train rides, dining for hours… Of course, another huge advantage is the exposure to so many new products. Simple trips to the local food market is an absolute pleasure, the colorful labels, chocolates filled with liquors, creamy yogurt that melts in your mouth… Of course, I can’t deny the fun involved in discovering new fashion labels and jewelry, too. Discovering many new design products for the home that I’d not seen before, or if I had, only in the pages of UK or French home magazine. Spending time away from your home soil is total freedom. We’re here until the beginning of December, so I’m trying so desperately to take it all in before it slips through my fingers and we’re back on our flight to Boston…

Now that we’ve wrapped up our contest, I’m going to start posting about the many things I’m discovering here… I have lots of photos to share with you from a fair I attended this past weekend, I will get those up on the blog tomorrow.

Let us start with some of my new finds with the atelier of Fiva in the Netherlands. I spied their jewelry at a store here recently and fell in love. I think you’ll enjoy their studio design, and perhaps, the jewelry as well. So pretty. What a great color palette – the natural tones of beige and cream with a touch of lavender…

“We use semiprecious stones, handmade glass beads from Venice, freshwater pearls and crystal. While travelling around the world I search for all kinds of innovative materials. We fashion these parts together in our studio, with a lot of care and attention to detail. In this way extraordinary eye-catching jewelry come into being which is manufactured in small quantities by hand, in the Netherlands.”

(images from fiva)

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