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Thanks, HGTV!

A big shout out to Leah Hennen for including me in the latest HGTV Decorating Newsletter.

A decor8 reader, Leah spotted my post on Mixing Modern with Baroque and contacted me for a chat, resulting in her HGTV feature, Playing With Plastic.

Leah wrote a great piece, Clearly Cool, on chic design ideas for incorporating lucite and other clear plastic pieces into your home, including 4 steps to decorating with plastic in your own space. Enjoy!

(image from hgtv)

Posted in uncategorized on October 13, 2006

Addresse: Melissa in California (#112)

Meet blogger and crafter Melissa from Sacramento…

I am so lucky to have a room dedicated to crafting and sewing (as long as we don’t have a guest staying over). Enjoy the tour of my colorful craft/guest room!

My craft room is most like the fabulous stationary design Addressee. I wanted to be more creative than to go with matching colors but the bright green with bold black and white text caught my eye immediately. The overlapping letters work with my craft room which is usually 3 feet deep in stuff and piles.

Nearly everything in the room has been handmade my me or my husband. The nightstand was a rescue from the trash, a quick coat of paint makes it match perfectly. The art on the walls is also a budget deal, I got a magazine after Jan 1 for a buck and used the black and white images as art. I used upholstery tacks to put the images on black squares of wood. I love that my threads and other notions are off the table and hanging in the fruit basket.

I also love the curtains, you have to roll them by hand (around a decorator fabric tube that the fabric store gave me). Grosgrain ribbon provides an accent and holds the rolls in place at any height.

I finally covered all the storage with a quick curtain (sheet) from Ikea. I didn’t want to compete with the focal point of the bed so I stuck with white.The sign above the closet (if you can read it) says “The Shed” and is the one thing I took from my former craft room at our old house. My husband built me a free standing miniature house for crafting. Even though it was fully finished we called it the shed. Ok, that’s enough! Enjoy. Thanks for inspiring me to CLEAN!

Please click on images for larger views.

So! That was the last of the top 12 selected from our many entries in the Workspace Contest sponsored by Fabulous Stationery. One 3 will be chosen to recieve gift certificates from Fabulous Statationey – and these 3 will be determined largely by our readers, so cast your vote by commenting on your favorites! You may also email me at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com if you’d like.

Winners will be announced on Monday, October 16th, so stay tuned!


(images by melissa for decor8)

Posted in contests, Rooms on October 13, 2006

Sunflower Too: Karen in Oregon (#111)

You may know Karen from her blog, K-Style. Now, catch a glimpse of her whimsical studio space (a garage!) in Oregon.

Here is my entry for workspace contest. Some fun details about my space. Besides blogging about design I am also a lampworker and design jewelry with the beads I create on a powerful torch. My studio is a corner in our unfinished garage. A few years ago I decided that I needed to do something to jazz up the space and make it a little less garage-like.

The name of the card I’ve chosen is Sunflower Too. I had a really great time with this contest. It was difficult choosing the one card for the space. Ultimately I chose Sunflower Too because both flowers and color are such a dominant theme in myspace. I posted about it on my blog with the two most likely card choices and we had a great design debate.

My inspiration was the flower napkin ring that you see in one of the photos which I had slipped over the lamp which lights my torch area. From there, I headed to Target, TJMaxx and my favorite dollar store to pull together my space with a “flower power” theme. The piece covering my chair is a table runner. All of the fabrics covering my Costco tables are tablecloths, and the daisy in the center is a placemat. Then I scattered playful, hot-colored kitchen throw rugs all around the space. The space really pops in our drab, sterile garage and now I love to go out there and torch. I had a great time with this contest. Too much fun!

Click on images for larger views.


(images by karen for decor8)

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Daisy: Cristin in Texas (#110)

Just this month, I converted a small closet into a scrapbook space where I can work on my favorite hobby. I painted a wide band of color around the closet space. The interior of the closet was already a glossy white, which works well to reflect light in such a small space.

For the Fabulous Stationery card my scrap space most resembles, I chose Daisy. I love flowery, girly looking spaces, so these flower cards spoke to me. :) I could see this card on my magnetic board next to the other cards. The flower petals also reflect the scalloped boxes in my space.

I placed the desktop at a standing height because I like to work standing up or sitting on a barstool.

I installed a white plastic peg board to hold frequently used tools and covered cork board tiles with fabric for a quick bulletin board.

The scalloped boxes on the top shelf hold supplies and they are all labeled for easy reference. Most of my scrapbook supplies fit here because I mainly shop for specific projects as I need an item. I’m also ruthless about getting rid of stuff I don’t use. I store my albums elsewhere. The bookcase to the left (not shown) of my scrap closet holds sewing supplies, magazines and other misc. crafty stuff. ;)
Oh, I also threw in a “before” picture because I love before and afters!

BEFORE (blush!)

AFTER (smiles!)

Thanks for looking at my room and thanks for the contest–it motivated me to get my space completed in less than a month! I had a lot of fun!!

Please click on images for larger views.


(images from cristin for decor8)

Posted in uncategorized on October 13, 2006


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