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Bands Couples: Adelina in Seattle (#109)

What can you do with no room in your house, a $200 budget, and a desire to express your creativity? This was the challenge that Adelina faced. Check out this clever crafter!

You see I have a VERY small craft space – it’s in my closet. You could say I was a “closet crafter”….literally! Everything in my craft space is organized on shelving. I have to keep in organized because I don’t have much room.

The card I’ve selected:Bands Couples. I love this card! It best relates to my craft space because of it’s linear nature. The colored bands remind me of the color combinations I use on my cards and in my scrapbook pages.

When you first look at my craft area you might as yourself – why is everything white? Well, there are lots of reasons. I found everything that is used to organize my “stuff” at garage sales this summer. So I thought white would be the easiest to match because most plastic containers are clear with white plastic. I painted the walls a bright white because the only light in my closet is that little task light, so I need that light to reflect off the white walls. I really like working in a white space – when I’m sitting there working there are no color distractions. It really helps my creativity soar. My inspiration comes from how I’m feeling at that particular moment. It’s a classic look. I don’t have the budget or the time (I have a 1 year old daughter) to keep up with trends. The shelving is durable and white never goes out of style, so this should last me for years to come.

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(images from adelina for decor8)

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coffee + cre8tive {oct 13 ’06}

Look for a few more workspaces today… I know I said I’d stop at 10, but I may post up to 12, they’re all so good! I’m trying to showcase a broad range of workspace styles rather than sticking only to those that appeal to my tastes. Between today and Monday, please spread the word and cast your votes by commenting below each post for the entry you prefer. You can also email your votes to me, too.

If you’d like a quick view of each entry, I’ve uploaded them to their very own flickr album. If you comment on flickr, I’ll roll the comment over to the blog so that voting is fair and square. :)

Happy Friday everyone! I’m off to a few fairs this weekend. One is for textiles, handmade items, and things for the home and the other is a foodie fair called Lebensart. I’ll have lots of photos and many new things to introduce you to next week.

Remember… Vote, vote, vote! :)

(image from decor8)

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Stripes: Helena in Sweden (#108)

Here’s another beautiful entry from Helena from Sweden.

Great fun! I love your blog! Here are some pictures of my workspace. My name is Helena and I live in Vallentuna, Sweden. My husband Peter and I have a beloved daughter called Annie who turned two in August. We also have two cute cats, called Matisse and Minus. Crafting is one of my greatest hobbies. I also read a lot of books, both in Swedish and in English. I have a sweet tooth for chocolate and I enjoy cooking and baking.

When I don’t craft or spend time with my family I work with graphic design. I’ve had my own company for four years now and starting my own business is the best thing I’ve done. For that reason I need to have a room of my own where I can work from home. I need my room to be inspiring and well-organized so that I can find the stuff I want when I need it. When I’m not working, as I mentioned earlier, I love to craft – for example make soft toys and paint. I also like to take photographs and you can see some of my work at Flickr.

The Stripes in Purple best fits my space.

Mini chest “Fira” from IKEA (painted and decorated by me) and below a drawer where I stash my fabrics.

These I haven’t used for a while, but they look pretty… :)

A kitty in progress… Work in progress, she still need some clothes…

Helena’s handmade soft toys so lovely. See them all here. Helena’s cutie daughter is a lucky little girl!

Click on photos to enlarge please.

This is the last post for today…(We’ve been at the hospital for hours, it’s now 10pm here in Germany, so I’m heading off to bed. Long day – but b-i-l is awake and doing well. Such great news for us all. ) I’ll post 2 more entries tomorrow and give everyone the weekend to decide upon the winner. Simply comment on your favorites – why you like them, who you think should make the final three, etc. You have 8 to ponder over for now, 2 more coming up tomorrow, and then on Monday – the three winners will be announced! Your comments help determine the winner. But no pressure, really! :) C-ya tomorrow everyone…


(images from helena for decor8)

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Bands: Laurence in California (#107)

I’m Laurence (I am a female!) from Santa Monica and would love to enter the contest “My Workspace”. Thanks for the great inspiration on your website!

When my husband and I relocated to California, we agreed to share the spare bedroom and each have our separate working space! I spent quite a lot of time in my working space doing crafts like sewing, journal making and jewelry making. I have lots of small supplies and had to figure a way of storing everything but have them accessible easily.

This is the card that I have chosen: Bands.
I try to keep my desk as tidy as possible so that I can use it for various activites. I have created a fabric padded mood board for keeping things to eye levels. It is great to use as a mood board as well.

My sewing notions are stored under my desk, in a translucent 6 drawers chest. I have revamped a plain Ikea shelves and placed it next to my desk for easier access. I use large storage boxes for my scrapbooking and other supplies. I use wooden magazine holders for my books.

To the left of the desk and the shelves, there is a mirrored sliding door wardrobe which I have converted into more storage space. I used the same Ikea shelves to store fabrics, sewing machine, jewelry and paper supplies.

On top of the shelves, I have placed a small wooden sewing cabinet for bobbins and ribbons. I find that storage boxes and containers work great for my space! I like to keep it clean and tidy. This is my space and I love it!

Please click on images for larger views. :)


(images from laurence for decor8)

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