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Bands: Betz in Wisconsin (#103)

My inspirational swipe board….and a small batch of my cupcake pincushions!

Betz would like to welcome you to her studio! Betz combines the ancient technique of felting with today’s cast-away sweaters to create what she calls “felted wool, artfully stitched”. Betz has been experimenting with felting and fulling wool for more than 10 years. With a background in children’s apparel design the results are fun, fresh and whimsical.

Notes from Betz: I am a textile and apparel designer. I also have my own website, where I feature my work in recycled felted wool. My studio is a sun room accessed by french doors off of our family room. I can seclude myself from the mine field of legos lurking right outside my door. On the flip side, when I make my own creative catastrophe in my studio, I can leave it behind closed doors.

Outgrown kiddie chair, now used as a book shelf…

The card that best fits my studio: Bands.

As you can see, there are a lot of windows and natural light, which I love!

The armoire is my stash of supplies…
Betz has a Etsy store, if you’re interested in her felted wool beauties!

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(images from betz and decor8)

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Tutti-Frutti Mango: Kelly in Pennsylvania (#102)

From Kelly, a collage artist in PA: I’m excited to be a part of this contest. These are tight shots from around my studio, where I write and work on collage. I love controlled chaos, so I keep most of my belongings tucked away in antique boxes or old glass jars. The bright blue box on the shelf has special meaning; it originally housed a doll’s wardrobe and the paint had aged so beautifully that I had to buy it, even though it was an antique and way out of my budget. Now, it holds holds acrylic paints and scraps of fabric. The little doll in the same photo is actually a clay embodiment of my inner critic — I got the inspiration to make it from The Artists’ Way. She’s ugly but nonthreatening, which helps to remember when I am working on a difficult piece.

The other photos are pretty self-explanitory. The photo of the floor has some more art supplies in tackle boxes and an altered book made by a blogging friend of mine.

I think the stationary that best describes my work is Tutti-Frutti Mango, not only for its rich colors and artistic appeal, but because mangos remind me of SARK. If you’re not familiar with her work, she’s an inspirational writer, and her best advice to me has been to “eat mangos naked – lick the juice off your arms!” It reminds me to lead a rich and daring life, even if things get a little sticky sometimes. (And hey, sometimes, things are better sticky!)

A sidenote: I think I would make an excellent contest winner because I love writing to people who inspire me — writers, artists, bloggers, etc. Nothing is better than getting an old-fashioned handwritten letter from someone who admires your work. I also like to think that it fosters connection among the artistic community. After all, how many times do we look at work and think, ‘I love that!’ without ever letting the creator know? And how often could the creator benefit from that knowledge? Therefore, awarding me this prize would ultimately increase the good karma to creative folks everywhere. (It can’t hurt to think big.) And of course I would send you a sweet thank-you note, too. :-)

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(images from kelly for decor8)

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Stripes: Geninne in Mexico (#101)

From Geninne in Hacienda Jajalpa, Mexico. Graphic designer/illustrator.

A few words to describe my studio: very organized, serene and warm. The colors I used on the walls are eggshell, adobe and chocolate and I love to use orange and olive green as accents to give it some energy and contrast. The wall behind my desk was first primed with Magnetic Primer by Rust-Oleum, then top coated in a chocolate colored water based paint. And now I have a whole wall where I can display my art with cool magnets, which I’m addicted to! My desk is a dining table from IKEA, as is the shelf with all my files and boxes. The 12 drawer mahogany credenza is one of Manolo’s designs (my husband). And all the artwork is done either by my kids or myself. I hope you like it :o)

The card from Fabulous Stationery that I think best matches my space is: STRIPES.

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(photos from geninne for decor8 and fabulous stationery)

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coffee + cre8tive {oct 11 ’06} CONTEST DAY!

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Time to get a little interactive here, so readers, voice your opinions! We need YOU!

A huge shout out to everyone that either spread the word on your own blogs and of course, to those that entered our first ever decor8 contest, sponsored by Fabulous Stationery. What fun! Entries hit my inbox daily for two weeks, which freaked me out a little because I guess I didn’t expect such a reaction. After hitting 20 solid entries, with more flowing in daily, I decided that I’d need the opinions of decor8 readers in order to narrow it down to the final three.

Here’s the plan. I’ll post the top TEN entries (I had to whittle it down to ten) between today and tomorrow. Please comment on each post, what you think about the workspace, the card, and whether or not you think it deserves top 3 status. You can disguise yourself as “anonymous” if you’re scared to come forward, so no excuses! You can also shoot me a private email stating who you think should get final three status. I’ll post 5 entries today, and 5 on Thursday and on Friday – the WINNERS will be announced! Sound like a plan?

Here’s the original post outlining the rules of the contest.

Okay then, let’s get started…

All workspace photos will be posted in this flickr album, too.

(image from decor8, my workspace while I’m in Germany. I guess it is only fair of me to show you mine since you’ve showed me yours.)

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