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Hannah Lamb (UK) + Origin London Craft Fair Oct 3-15

I’m heading off for the day, but I’ve posted lots of things to keep you fully occupied, along with all that’s pretty and handmade from Hannah Lamb, who happens to be showing this week at the Origin London Craft Fair, stand H2.

In addition to Hannah, one of my favorite ceramicists, Karin Erikson, will be showing as well at stand N9. Be sure to look for her during week 1 if you attend! She’s not only very talented, but a real sweetie!

I’m not sure if any bloggers are covering this show, so if you’re reading this and you plan to blog the highlights, please comment below with your link so decor8 readers can be directed to your blog, including me! :)

(images from hannah lamb + origin)

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Wrapables – Under $50

A few of my personal under $50 favorites for you today from our friends over at Wrapables. An ecclectic mix, wouldn’t you agree? Did you know that Wrapables offers $5 shipping on all orders for a limited time order? Well you do now, so hop to it! I love these ball serving bowls. In Amsterdam, we ate Japanese and the rice was served in these with sauces being offered in the smaller tipped bowls. So pretty for placing on your dinner table for your next food fest at home.

These soft and fluffy Palazzo silk pillows in a damask pattern are first on my wish list, available in your choice of aqua, chocolate, a very yummy cactus green, and damson – a gorgeous fuschia hue.
The crunch canvas containers are a great buy at only $27. Sturdy canvas, handles for toting, and pastel patterns of flowers and butterflies, dirty laundry never looked so good!
Something else that caught my eye is the ceramic umbrella flower condiment tray with five compartments. It has a definite kitsch/retro quality to it, huh?

Other faves of mine; the Chewy Vuiton plush dog toy, Queen feeding bowl, and the Happy Hour swizzle sticks.

Psst: Are you always on the prowl for modern plate holders? I found some at Wrapables that I really like that are modern and simple in both large and small sizes in black and brown. You can purchase and paint them any color you prefer, perhaps white?
(images from wrapables)

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Kanako Yaguchi + Funtrap

Kanako Yaguchi transforms paper into works of art by using the Japanese technique of Kirigami, the traditional art of folding and cutting papers to produce creative designs and patterns. While studying Space Design at Joshibe University of Art and Design, she first began exhibiting her work with Kirigami. Creating mostly florals motifs, Kanoko uses her delicate blooms as a basis for various works of art applied on canvas and beyond… Bringing them to her creations for fashion and home, from lights and boxes to handbags and shirts.

Kanako comments on her work, “The concept developed out of my first solo exhibition. From this first small step has arisen not only the name of my brand, under which I create all kinds of pieces, but the theme that lies behind all of my work: the happiness that we can all experience. This happiness can take many different forms, and just as each completely unique shape takes form through my hand, each person has his or her own happiness. I hope you can discover your own happiness through my work.”

She continues, “Since taking it up around the age of 20, I’ve been immersed in Kirigami.”

What keeps her going as a designer? “A huge motivating force for me has been the support and cheer of the people around me who believe in me ? the friends who watch over me, customers who attend every single one of my shows, and my family. Without them I could not have continued to create”, she says.

Kanako is part of Funtrap, a group of professionals in the fashion and apparel industry that seek to clue people in as to what’s happening in the world of Japanese design. They offer products and services to buyers, shop owners and store managers in fashion retail and have a new showroom located at the California Market Center in Los Angeles.

California Market Center
110 E. 9th St. C555
Los Angeles, CA 90079

(images from kanako yaguchi)

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Mariavera Chiari mv% Ceramics (Milan)

If you’re considering a career change, you’re not the only one. Also looking to broaden her horizons to embark on a new and exciting adventure, Milan-based architect, Mariavera Chiari , recently turned her attention to ceramics.

Creating beautiful wares under her brand mv%, she designs both one-of-a-kind ceramics in organic shapes and textures to complete collections created in limited numbers. Her passion for experimentation is obvious from the moment you dive into her work online. Mirrors and ceramic table tops are certainly worth your notice, but I love her vessels for holding flowers, drinking, or enjoying gelato. A variety of textures, designs, colors, there is something to fit the taste of so many! All are objects built to perform double duty – function and certainly beauty, adding interest to your home.

You can locate Mariavera’s ceramics in your part of the world right here. And if you’re in Milan any time soon, her atelier is available to visit by appointment. That would be a day well spent. Simply email her at mvx100[at]libero[dot]it for more information or to schedule a visit.

(images from mv%)

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