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La Marelle en Papier

I’m sure you know about 19-year old Coxi, the blogger and fashion design student behind Life*Fever based in Portugal (check out his new blog design and his many new writers – he is amazing, especially for such a young man!). His mother, Gra?a Pereira da Costa, an interior designer and artist, who seems to know a lot about who’s who in Europe when it comes to illustrators and mixed media collage artists.
One illustrator I found out about via Gra?a is Bobi + Bobi (shown above). From there, I also came across La Marelle en Papier – limited edition cards, illustrative art, and notes. If you’d like to view Bobi + Bobi’s work, check out their blog and online store. Their work is very youthful and free, using techniques that are often mixed – drawing, painting, and scraping.

Another illustrator whom I love on La Marelle en Papier is of course, Camilla Engmann, who has her lovely cards listed there. Chiaki Miyamo, Delphine, Olivier Philpponneau, Peggy Nille, Princesse Camcam, Sophie Adde, and Sophie Leblanc are all amongst my other favorites. Dreamy!

Chiaki Miyamo – Ah!

Delphine – Such soft hues!Olivier Philpponneau – Would make for great wallpaper, am I right?

Peggy Nille – Lots of vibrant hues and loaded with details.

Princesse Camcam

Sophie Adde – Collage art with an Asian theme.

Sophie Leblanc

I’m heading out to dinner with a couple of friends, but I’ll be back a little later to post some more. Thanks to everyone for your emails concerning my brother-in-law, your support means so much to me. Thank you!

(images from la marelle en papier)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on October 02, 2006

Store Display Swoon!

Whenever I spot a store display that interests me, I immediately grab my camera and snap away. Do you do this? It’s a great habit to develop, especially for recording ideas that you can tuck away for later. Take this display from Sinn Leffers, a great example of the power of one simple textile mounted and used as art. It’s a very simple print of trees in brown and white, yet the statement is bold and chic. I love the scale of it, and how the deep cocoa creates such warmth, while the white is so cool and sharp. Gorgeous in the home, especially in a dining room or living space. Also great for creating the look of Autumn indoors without getting overly kitschy with wreaths and garlands, the typical Autumnal decor that you find in the common craft store. With just a simple textile like this one and a few white pumpkins on the dining room table, you can create a little warmth and that lovely Autumnal feel we have such a weakness for. You can even dedicate one space in your home to seasonal art. Rotate every three months with a new textile canvas that brings the season from the outdoors in. Fun!

(images from decor8 – click on each for larger view)

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coffee + cre8tive {oct 2 ’06}

This weekend was a tough one here for us. I’m so happy it’s Monday. What started off wonderful on Friday night, while we were out with friends enjoying great food (for the locals, you must try the uber posh, Fratelli la Bufala – the interior and food are both fabulous), ended in tragedy. On Friday evening, my 29-year-old brother-in-law was in a major car accident, currently in a coma in intensive care. We saw him yesterday, which broke our hearts, so I’m feeling a bit in a daze today. Hopefully, this doesn’t reflect too much in my writing.

I’ll post some great finds for you to enjoy today and during the rest of the week, I have more good things to share, plus I’ll reveal the winners of our contest later this week, too. Hope you can stick around. :)

Psst: I didn’t make it to Oktoberfest this weekend, I wasn’t in the party mood as most of Saturday and a Sunday are still a blur for all of us here… But, I did lots of walking and snapped a few pretty pictures along the way. The architecture here, especially in certain districts like List and Zoo, is very beautiful.

In addition to photos that appear on the blog, I’m uploading lots more into a special folder on flickr called Germany 2006. Each photo can we viewed in full size and many come with descriptions in case you are interested in knowing exactly what you are looking at. :)

(photos from decor8)

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