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coffee + cre8tive {oct 27 ’06}

Time to do the TGIF happy dance! I love Friday… Ever since I was a little girl, Friday equals total freedom. I’m especially excited today since I have an assignment in the Netherlands this weekend. I can’t wait to travel on the ICE (high speed train), attend the 5th annual Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven and meet with my new friend Danielle, whom I met online via decor8. I have no clue what is actually in store for me over in Eindhoven, but I’m sure the fair will keep me pretty occupied.

Today I’ll post some fresh finds along with a few studio tours from some local hot talent (local to Hannover Germany), and then I’m outta here. I’ll return on either Monday or Tuesday (pending) with lots of goodies for you to enjoy, so I hope you’ll meet me back here then.

Back in a minute!

(images from ddw)

Posted in uncategorized on October 27, 2006

decor8 Reader Question: Linoleum Resources?

decor8 reader Julia needs our help.

“OK, so I know linoleum isn’t exactly the hottest thing going these days. But we have a storage room with a cement floor in our basement that I’d like to turn into an exercise room and after thinking about tile and laminate, I thought, “hey, what’s up with linoleum these days?” I’m wondering if you or your readers have any ideas on a hip, modern take on linoleum. Or any suggestions of where to look.”

Julia — Try Forbo – Marmoleum (Dutch) a nice sturdy flooring that seems to be a big hit by various homeowners out there. There’s also flooring giant, Armstrong, they have great linoleum that can give your space either a retro or a very modern look. It’s quite enviro-friendly, long lasting (up to 40 years!), and it’s very easy to clean. May work nicely in your basement gym. The saturated solids are fresh and lively, and you can mix and match colors to create a fun floor if you feel like getting a little creative.

In addition to linoleum, have you considered cork flooring as an option?

Anyone else have some suggestions for Ms. Julia????

[UPDATE 10/27: I was so excited to see a comment from reader Vanessa on this subject, complete with photos of her own DIY project. “My boyfriend and I recently installed a new linoleum floor in our kitchen. We based our pattern on an idea from “Domino” magazine; each piece was cut in two, and we alternated colors for a rectangular arrangement of blues, greens, tans and greys (see photo below). Overall, we’re quite pleased with the 50’s-yet-modern vibe, and it’s nice to know that the linoleum was both cheap and earth-friendly. Not a combination you often find in home decorating! You can see pictures of our upgrade here.”]

(image from armstrong)

Posted in uncategorized on October 26, 2006

Lille Hus Sample Sale Oct 28 + 29 (Brooklyn)

Alexa from Lille Hus asked if I could spread the word about her sale, so listen up all you peeps local to Brooklyn!

Lille Hus (Danish country homewares) is participating in a wonderful sample sale this weekend with friends Made Her Think (jewelry), Bliss Lau (handbags and belts), Pvblic (graphic tees and hoodies) and Sarah Luna (womenswear – love!).

When: Saturday and Sunday (Oct 28-29)
Time: 12pm to 7pm
Where: 5in1 Studios on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg. 5in1 is located at 60 N. 6th between Wythe and Kent. More info and directions here.
Why: Cool designs, meet new friends, warm up with complimentary desserts and teas from Spookcakes and The Highland Tea Co. , and cash in on some major discounts. Cha-ching!

Thanks Alexa for the tip!

(image created by decor8, partial text contributed by alexa)

Posted in uncategorized on October 26, 2006

Blik – Pimp Your Ride + Restik Those Walls!

A great design tip today from decor8 reader Erin T. Check this out…

“I loved your post a few months ago on the Mibo art for Volkswagen – it made me wish I had a Beetle! I got an e-mail from Blik today about their new Autographic line. Not all of them are winners, but a couple are pretty cute. They’re inexpensive (around $30) and allow us non-Beetle owners to have some sticker fun!”

I agree, these are both charming and fun. Thanks Erin for submitting a great new product! Those Blik peeps are quite the smarties, aren’t they? What will they think up next…

Re-stick! Yup. They’ve just launched a line of repositionable stickies for your walls. Now you don’t have to stress over decal design. You can move them around as your moods change. Cool.

(images from blik)

Posted in uncategorized on October 26, 2006


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