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coffee + cre8tive {oct 24 ’06}

While trends say the deer is the big hunt of the season, the not-as-trendy dachshund still ranks high on my list due to overall cuteness factor. Who wouldn’t love a perky dachshund as a friend? While browsing Patina this morning, I came across a few cards sporting these perky pups and I couldn’t resist posting these because both are quite cute. I love the thank you notes because they remind me of those flash cards from grade school or the images on a deck of playing cards. Retro and orange? Hard to resist. Then there are the cheeky wiener cards, a definite must-buy for your favorite guy pal simply because of the message inside “There he goes again showing off his wiener.”

I thought that would put a smile on your face… :)

(images from patina)

Posted in uncategorized on October 24, 2006

Lotta Kuhlhorn (Sweden)

More to lust for from Sweden today with Lotta Kuhlhorn, one of the first Swedes to recycle graphic elements from ?junk culture?, pop, films and mass-produced items in the 1990’s. Lotta has a cool bio, see for yourself:

“Lotta reinterprets design elements taken from sources such as 1970s shelf paper, domestic housecoats, bed linen etc., using them as platforms for the characters on her book-cover designs and illustrations. A method that appropriately captured the mood of the times in the last decade of the 20th century and which she continues to refine though graphic design that achieves a delicate balance between the refined and the trivial.”

Lotta is best known for her illustrated paperback cover designs but is currently expanding into various other markets including textiles and wrapping paper. I love her wall tile stickers (shown), great for taking your tile to the next level, especially if your budget doesn’t allow for you to replace your tiles. Even when the budget does allow, you may be like me and a bit scared to decide on a particular theme since tastes change over time and with tile, what you buy is what you’re stuck with for a good amount of time. It could also be that you rent your nest and you simply can’t do a thing about that mustard-colored tile in your bathroom. Maybe now you can with the help of Lotta…

Enjoy browsing her website, packed with lots of stunning patterns and illustrations to rev up your creative juices. So many amazing Swedish designers… So little time!

Psst: You can purchase some of her stunning postcards at Vigo. Just frame and viola! insta-art!

Hannover locals – Shop the previously mentioned Wohnwaren for her postcards!

(images from lotta kuhlhorn)

Posted in uncategorized on October 23, 2006

Boras + Hanna Werning (Sweden)

There is so much that you can do with textiles to breathe life into a tired space. Aren’t these fresh lively textiles from for Stockholm-based Boras just super? For Autumn 2006, Swedish designer Hanna Werning created textile patterns Paisleypark and Fjaderlov, classic patterns with a twist for a more modern edge. Paisleypark has a distinct Scandinavian feel to it, don’t you think? Hanna was inspired by old Anglo-Saxon paisley prints and combined them with Asian elements and a faint art deco touch. Fjaderlov showcases bold graphic patterns based on leaves, which is my favorite of the two latest textiles from Hanna.

TIP: Boras also carries her Djurtradgard textiles too (shown below).

If you’d like to learn more about Hanna, you can snoop around her website here. I picked up several of her postcards at Wohnwaren in Hannover today (they carry her gift wrap, too). If you’re a local, don’t miss Wohnwaren, this shop is awesome!

(images from boras and hanna werning)

Posted in uncategorized on October 23, 2006

Zanisa – Brand New Find!

A big thanks to Susan for turning our attention today to her lovely new website, Zanisa, where her motto is “Celebrate the harmony of people and planet”. Zanisa offers gorgeous wares from skilled artisians around the world, many of which I’ve written about in the past, so I’m already a big fan of Zanisa!

Some personal favorites (not shown) are the cocktail napkins from Gail Garcia and her dot cork coasters, too. Don’t miss the leaf votives from Brenda Holzke and this botanically inspired art nouveau glassware. You can spend a lot of time browsing (and drooling) at Zanisa, so go have some fun!

Thanks again for writing in today, Susan! We wish you loads of success with your new venture…

(image created by susan at zanisa)

Posted in uncategorized on October 23, 2006


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