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coffee + cre8tive {nov 20 ’06}

Like most of you, I regularly look to fashion for inspiration, and I’m particularly drawn to silkscreened graphics on tees, especially if they contain words other than my native English, like German, Swedish, Japanese – languages that have always fascinated me. Adds a bit of mystery I think, because not everyone knows what your shirt is telling them, which is great for starting conversations. I also love seeing fashion images shot in either overly stylish, surreal, period, natural, or in this case today, totally kitschy home sets. That is why I’ve selected German fashion designer Lotte Voss as inspiration for today. I love the tiny floral wallpaper and the soft hues, very light and fluttery, combined with the modern graphic tees in German. You can shop for Lotte’s designs (not all but some) here. I’d love too see these tees transformed into sheer panels for the windows in lilac or cream. Oh that would be pretty I think, don’t you?

(images from lotte voss)

Posted by decor8 in Fashion + Accessories on November 20, 2006

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