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J.P. Meulendijks: Dutch Design Week

I really enjoyed meeting J.P. Meulendijks and viewing his latest creations – a pendant light and a super cool “Shots” table. Since the table was one that I’d totally own, I gravitated more towards it and snapped a few photos, none of which came out too well so I asked J.P. for a few products shots (thanks, JP!). The great thing about this table is that you can roll up 10 magazines or use it for storing 10 wine bottles, and either display the piece as a coffee table or position it against the wall for another look entirely.

Here’s J.P. with “Shots”

J.P. graduated in 1998 from the FONTYS Academy in Sittard. He spent his practical training year at the studio of DROOG-designer under Tejo Remy, who influenced is own designs greatly. Since then, he is working as an independent product designer; designing mostly lights, furniture, and other interior products. His products are produced and distributed worldwide by companies such as DARK, Umbra, Van Esch, Presenttime, Karlsson, InteriorTools, and Duo-design.

Regarding the “Shots” table, J.P. says, “The design combines two ideas that I was working on. Two shapes that are merged together to form a new object; a functional object that is solid, looks cool and can be used in different ways. The angled placing of the bottles give a striking image and resembles the movement of pooring out a bottle and the smooth rounded shape of the table prevents you from hurting yourself when you drink a little too much.”

Materials: Recyclable hard polyvinyl, coated with a scratch-proof 2K finish in glossy white or non glossy white. Dimensions: L=1215 mm. W=565 mm. H=320 mm. Price: 1,249- Euro, Available here.

So what do you think about Shots? A future classic, perhaps?

(images: from J.P. and Holly Becker for decor8)

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Sigrid Calon: Dutch Design Week

[I’m skipping coffee + cre8tive this week so I can squeeze in the many posts I have featuring all these great products from Dutch Design Week]

Meet Sigrid Calon and her lovely embroidered dividers. She studied textile at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Tilburg and graduated in 1993, followed by 6 years as a design consultant. Taking a short break to have two children, the work you see here is her brand new designs – she is ready to get back into business again!

The folding screen and the textile wall are both constructed of wood and wool in XL embroidered floral patterns. (The wall is a project she worked on with a disabled group of ladies.) All show the beauty of the simple embroidery stitch in a fresh new way.

Her tea towels on display were also for sale, and they were quite a hit – nearly selling out in 3 days! A translation of the dahlia/embroidery theme, all 9 different designs have a color in their name, like silver city, red marjorette and blue wish (shown below).If you would like to order the tea towels for 10- Euros each, you can email Sigrid directly at: info[at]sigridcalon[dot]nl.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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Santiago Diseno: Dutch Design Week

This is Santiago Diseno, a talented designer and all around nice guy with a 100% steel hand forged table (2,500-Euro) and a wood and steel bench (650- Euro) on display. He said that each take considerable time and skill and was very proud of his work, also highlighting that he accepts commissions, too. The sturdy bench can easily double as a coffee table. It would make a great statement in an entryway to put on your boots, don’t you think? I love the cool steel mixed with the warmth of the wood. (Note: I found the Dutch to be so friendly, not just at design week, but also our taxi driver and people we met around town. Best part, nearly everyone spoke fluent English.)

Psst: I also met his girlfriend, Irene Oostdam, an accomplished jewelry designer working primarily with metals in a new and interesting way.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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Eva Broekhuijse: Dutch Design Week

Children’s book illustrator, designer, just one look and you’ll fall in love with Eva Broekhuijse. I am so super fond of her felt kangaroo – a great storage solution for kids, and this gorgeous white bench with the furry tail… So magical, isn’t it? I see that in an adult space, too.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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