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Nest (online) + Trunk Show in Chicago Nov 30th

As winter creeps in and days grow colder, add warmth and joy to your home with precious handmade items from Nest. Nest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting female artists and artisans. Nest designers are based all over the world, and each time you make a purchase, you have not only have purchased a quality handmade product, you have participated in a proven effort to help better the lives of women all over the world since Nest supports these artists by providing them with micro-credit loans to be used for the purchase of supplies and materials necessary to begin and/or maintain art or craft-based businesses.

If you’re in the Chicago area, on November 30th Nest will feature a Trunk Show at Robin?s Egg Blue from 6pm ? 9pm located at 823 Burlington Avenue in Western Springs, IL.

(images from nest)

Posted in uncategorized on November 06, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {nov 6 ’06}

Happiness is a good flea market. If you happen to be in Europe, even better. This past Saturday, I headed down to the weekly flohmarkt and dug right in, despite the rain and looming storm clouds. Although the market was a mix of garage sale finds and genuine antique’s dealers, I found it fascinating to look through the old postcards, stamps, porcelin, and all the various other collections on display – like a 1920’s doll house (above) that I would have loved to purchase, redesign, and give someday to my future daughter. There was also this lovely phrenology head (top left) representing, according to the renowned L.N. Fowler of London, “the true map and functions of the human brain”. It was a vintage find, not a reproduction and so very heavy. I’ve seen these before in old pharmacy’s (there’s one in Harvard Square that has one of these on the shelf), and I’ve always wanted one for my bookcase, so I was so sad when I picked it up and realized it would cost wayyy too much to ship back to the states due to the weight of it. Otherwise, that head would have been in the bag, baby! When I scoured the web post-flea, I found lots of phrenology heads right here on eBay, so I may be able to find another that has the same vintage charm and surface imperfections as the one I had to leave behind.

Although I can’t say this was the greatest European flea market ever (London and Paris have the best anywhere in my opinion), I did have a good time and in the end, I walked away with ovenware from Sweden and a porcelain hare with extra long ears, both in near perfect condition. I love the veggie graphics – very mid century modern. I don’t plan on using it for baking, but to display on a table in my house.

After a few hours, we decided it was time to grab a cafe mocha over at Balzac (pronounced “ball sack” – good luck getting into English speaking markets he he – but then again with Starbucks dominating the US/UK, why would they need too?), the German equivalent of Starbucks, and then we spent the day shopping and eating with friends. Sunday we hopped around from door to door for an art walk here in List, where we followed a map to the atelier’s and homes of local artists to peek in on their works. Wow, it was a truly intimate and lovely experience, and although I had to respect their privacy by not snapping photos, it was sooo hard not to because I wanted so badly to share them with all of you – particularly because I loved the spaces and how things were set up. So nice.

I’ll be back with lots of fresh finds and this week we’ll be looking at lots of things from Dutch Design Week, so stick around!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

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Rockett St George – Just Launched!!!

Wowie Zowie! Okay this is a bit too much overload for my brain today. Rockett St George just wrote in to tell me about their online store. Oh. My. God. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They specialize in British based design, design that they’ve scoured their country for, looking for the UK’s freshest talent. Job well done, because this site flat out rocks.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t own (major damage can be done to my bank account), way too much temptation. From their Hand stitched fish wallpaper panels to this giant chrysanthemum wall tattoo, I’m mesmerized. Adorable flying duck wall hooks, lighting to die for, concrete lace floor tiles (yes, really!) and so much more… Ah. Heaven on a website.

I’m heading off now to work for awhile on my template (sigh), then to share a meal at the home of some friends, and finally out for cocktails with my girlfriends visiting from Italy (for the locals, you must check out BlattGold Cafe + Bar, In der Steinriede 9 off the Lister Meile , Hannover map here, it’s a super cool new bar with a Scandinavian lodge vibe with a touch of mid century modern.), so I won’t be back online until tomorrow. See you then!

(images from rockett st george)

Posted in Handmade, Objects, Rooms on November 02, 2006

Sophie Milne (Australia)

“WHYYYYY?!!?” Pals at my former workplace were famous for screaming this over their cubicles whenever something went wrong. My friend Kay started it back in ’97, and because things in the corporate circus always seemed to go wrong, it stuck. That’s how I’m feeling today with blogger because something went horribly wrong with my template, as I’ve not been able to update it since September and I need to add two new sponsors and update my book and blog of the week, and I have tons of new shopping links. For some reason when I update my template and click on preview, the font goes completely wack and transforms into this supersized text that, unless you’re about to go blind, it pretty much bites.

Since I’ve not been able to update my columns, Modamuse has been the decor8 featured blog for weeks now, and although I’m sure they’re pleased, many of the other blogs I have in queue to featured are waiting impatiently to see their blogs listed. I’m so sorry guys. I’m doing what I can. I’ve loved having Modamuse around though, their blog is super. That’s where I found the graceful porcelain of Sophie Milne today. Stunning, huh? Modern. Graceful. Tactile. Simplistic. All these words spring to mind when viewing the delicate vessels that this talented Aussie creates.

(images from sophie milne)

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