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Binth – Prints and Cards and More!

I was so pleased that Suzanna from Binth in Chicago took the time to write in on Monday about their recent additions. I love Binth already for their baby books, greeting cards and note pads… But now there’s even more of a reason to love them. Binth has rolled out affordable limited edition (only 250 produced, shown below) and one-of-a-kind (shown above) screen prints that I know you’ll love. Screen-printed on heavy white archival paper using water-based inks that are mixed by hand, my favorites are Uprooted and The Wheedling.

Here’s a glimpse of their limited edition prints…

And their greeting cards… (Doesn’t the girl below remind you of the adorable Lisa Loeb?)

Thanks Suzanna for the tip, we love Binth!

(images from binth)

Posted in uncategorized on November 01, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {nov 1 ’06}

November is here, where has the time gone!? With snow predicted to fall in Germany this week (not good), I’m thinking of how I need to rearrange things once I’m back home in the states. My nest is in need of some major padding – I still have sheers on the windows, pillows that scream summer, a single cotton blanket on the bed, and my bedroom is in need of an upgrade because chocolate, cream and robin’s egg blue isn’t working for me anymore. Too safe. I need to take my own advice and live on the edge a little – have some fun with color.

Living in New England calls for wool (felted – yum!), flannel, thick cozy throws, and a few new pillows for the sofa to give a feeling of warmth to the space. I found these super cute little hand crocheted dolls over on Lena Corwin’s shop (she added the works of Sian Keegan recently) and thought that placing one on the bed, or two (one leaning up against each standard pillow) would lend charm to a bedroom, especially in climates such as New England where we tend to bring out our quilts and wool blankets this time of year. The doll on the left resembles my husband a little bit (don’t tell him that though he he), so I think I’d choose this one for his pillow. I imagine these on a solid bed, perhaps in deep blue or mustard, with a colorful modern quilt neatly folded in fours across the bottom 1/3 of the bed. I like infusing little hints of charm and whimsy in my home, and having cute little reminders that we’re all still very young at heart isn’t such a bad thing… These crocheted dolls are the perfect tap on the back to remind us.

Now that winter is coming, what will you do to update your interiors to reflect the season? I’m curious, for those in warm climates, do you make any changes when winter comes (i.e. those from southern CA)?

(images from lena corwin)

Posted in uncategorized on November 01, 2006


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