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Craftland Providence – Full Scoop!

December 4, 2006

[After posting a round up of Boston and Providence craft shows last week, Jason wrote in from Rag + Bone Bindery offering to cover the the first weekend of the month long Craftland show in Providence, RI. Couldn’t pass up that offer, so here’s the skinny reporting live from the artsy capital city of Providence, Rhode Island. Take it away, Jason!]

Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!
Craftland – Not Your Grandmother’s Tea Cosy
By: Jason Thompson, decor8 contributor

The Craftland arts and crafts show in Providence, Rhode Island is truly a glittery, seasonal retail wonderland. Whether you’re looking for gifts that will interest your more ‘creative’ friends and family this year, or merely searching for that quirky one-of-a-kind handbag, t-shirt, art for your blank walls, or a happenin’ little journal, Craftland is your one stop shop. The best part about Craftland is that the fun lasts all month long (hours listed below) so you can return again and again to browse through the latest in ‘made by hands’ craft and design from over 100 artists. Yes, 100! There is something for everyone.

These folks caught our eye: If’n Books + Marks, Tiny Showcase (make sure you check out the Tiny Showcase Printing Machine – only $1.00 per print!), Fishcakes, Flying Fish Design, Eli + Ra, Scraps of Paper, Honorable Mention, Alec Thibodeau of Ink Ape, Heather Toupin Design, Egg-A-Go-Go and Jen Corace. Jen was very sweet to autograph the Craftland postcard, which she designed, for our five-year-old daughter. We left with a generous goody-bag from opening night and have already been back to shop again. It’s quite addictive, so we don’t think we’ll stay away for long.

Hats off to Deb Dormody for putting together the hippest, most glittery holiday shopping event in beautiful downtown Providence!

psst: Watch a video of opening night on the Craftland website here. If that doesn’t entice you to visit, maybe these photos will…

Welcome to Craftland, step inside!
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Two great magazines that you should try getting your hands on. Both are usually stocked at Barnes + Noble but are available all month long at Craftland.
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Shoppers enjoying a stroll through Craftland
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Affordable art alert! This terrific print from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Sweet finds from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Faux vinyls from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Great graphic neckties from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!T-shirts from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Quilty bits from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Art by Shawn Gilheeney (sorry no website).
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Sarah Gray gives the ‘vinyl’ bag a whole new meaning (sorry no website).
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Notepads from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Toys for Cats, “Things The Cat Should Not Be Playing With”. (sorry no website.)
Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Pillows and things from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!James Quigley of Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Crafty kits from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!Jewelry from Craftland Providence - Full Scoop!For more photos and Craftland coverage, visit Jason over at the Rag + Bone Blog. Thanks, Jason!

[Craftland, 70 Eddy Street (near city hall), Providence. Friday Dec. 1st until the 23rd, open five days a week, Wednesday – Sunday 11-6, and Thursdays from 11-8 pm. Note: The storefront retail area is the back of the Peerless Building behind City Hall at the corner of Fulton Street.
Rain or shine. Free admission.]

(photography provided by Jason Thompson)


  • Reply ** Terramia ** December 4, 2006 at 8:24 pm

    Oh wow, I would love to have been there… I would be in absolute. Tis just too far away from me. Sniff, sniff… but great coverage. I will do some exploring of my own…

    Thanks! (:

  • Reply +Annette December 4, 2006 at 9:33 pm

    loved your blog… loved your vision!!

    check out mine… its new…

  • Reply carlacee December 5, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    I’m all over this. And to think I nearly passed it by. Great coverage Decor8 and Jason.

  • Reply nicole lecht December 6, 2006 at 2:28 pm

    hi holly,
    i just wanted to let ya know that the Toys for Cats, “Things The Cat Should Not Be Playing With”, is by Jess Rosenkranz of she participated in the holiday swap this year and sent out one of those cat toys to those of us who had kitties! they are too cute!

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