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The Curiosity Shoppe

Curiosity killed the… Oh, nevermind. The only thing soon to be slaughtered is my credit card because The Curiosity Shoppe flat out rocks it like your momma. You’ll find (and adore!) everything but the kitchen sink here, vintage inspired aprons in perkys prints, porcelain faux bois vases, ceramic bird sculptures, and for the total princess – a large antique crown. They even stock some fun stuff to use for your turkey stuff, like these Deadly Squire ovenmits. So cute! You can also shop for paper products, I’m rather fond of the tree card set from Gwen Frostic myself. Kate Lydon’s silkscreened journals are quite sweet, as are her spider and snail cross stitch kits for your DIY pleasure. Those would be great to create and add to your walls.

Looking for a steal of a deal for a friend? Pick up this retro repro $10 jar for the cookie monster in your life. Oh, and if you want some shelves that add a bit more visual interest than the common IKEA ones, try the creepy cute mushroom shelves. (I really love these, especially since the real deal is everywhere here in the forest near our sublet here in Germany.)

(psst: These store owners also maintain a fab blog, Smarts and Crafts. Don’t miss it!)

VIA: Daily Candy Deals, which arrived in my inbox today flaunting a 25% OFF discount to this amazing store. If you are a DC subscriber, check your email!

(images from curiosity shoppe)

Posted in reader discounts, Rooms on November 21, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {nov 21 ’06}

I’m really enjoying artist Margaux Williamson lately, her new works appeal to me on so many levels. Despite being so young (I think she is 29 or 30 now), her works show real depth and maturity, and although quite melancholic, there’s a glimmer of hope in each of her captivating stories on canvas. To me, they hold a lot of mystery, almost a feeling of being trapped at first, but upon careful inspection, the story each tells seems to contain a secret, enlightment perhaps, as if finding the the key to free yourself is entirely up to you. Much like life itself, isn’t it?

Today I am inspired by Margaux. What about you? What have you seen lately that inspires you?

(images from margaux williamson)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration on November 21, 2006

Unsold Forum – Delightful Decals!

I love these Skugflorra decals (aka a fun mini DIY art project) from graphic designer Ingrid Unsold of Unsold Forum. These super stickies can be applied to walls, mirrors, tile, windows, your fridge, glass shower doors, etc. Currently available in black, however custom colors and sizes are available upon request. You can order them from Launch Design Partner in case you’re interested in jazzing up your space. Perfect for renters – just peel ’em off when your lease is up!

(images from unsold forum)

Posted in Rooms on November 20, 2006

2007 Calendar Round Up!

Here’s a fun post I’ve pulled together for us today of a few calendars for ’07 that I think you’ll really like. It’s a great time to purchase one (or to give to a friend), but act fast as many are selling out as I type this. If you have any to add to this list, please comment below so we can check ’em out! Okay, so let’s get started (these are in no particular order, they just spilled out of my brain this way.)

I recently discovered Boston’s own Jennifer Hill (thanks for writing to me Jennifer!) and simply love her perky prints. Clean bold calendars are available for both the desk ($15) or wall ($30). I own the one for the desk and can’t wait to use it in ’07! Her collection is called ‘Places I’ve Never Been’ and is based on how she interprets various destinations into illustrative form using shape, color, and pattern, all of places she’d not yet visited. Her papergoods collection includes fine art prints and cards, too. (thanks for the tip, Jennifer!) Shop online here. You can also purchase the desk calendar on Jennifer’s new Etsy shop.

A super cutie – the Little Tree Press letterpress desk calendar with an extra deep impression for letterpress goodness. Comes with a silver holder. Sold at Broadway Paper for $30.

Jill Bliss Farmlife Calendar $16 (VIA: Happy Mundane – You rock, Jon!) If you’re a Bliss fan, check out this great interview on Fred Flare.

Nostalgia awaits with the Little Golden Books calendar, another Fred Flare find for $14. Fred says they are sold out, but you can always google it to find it elsewhere (ebay, perhaps?) or contact Fred and friends to see if they plan to re-stock. Ya never know…

I love the latest creation from Good On Paper, the Save The Date calendar featuring two months per page of assorted designs. So pretty! $20.

Of course, we can’t forget the lovely Lotta Jansdotter. A blue calendar towel $18 (swoon!) or a standard paper monthly with 6 designs $18.

These calendars are from D-Bros in Japan, which can be located at Zozotown or the Hara Museum Shop in Japan (who sells and ships them abroad.) These are so unique and fun, they had to be from Japan. VIA: Oh Joy!

Snow + Graham desk calendar from our friends over at See Jane Work $18. Letterpress love – great patterns!

Port to Port limited edition letterpress printed calendar. Delish. Even though I heard they sold out as soon as they hit her etsy store, I enjoyed the images so much that I wanted to post them anyway. VIA: Oh Joy!

The Time Is Now calendar from Nikki McClure, from Buy Olympia. Bold and detailed, great wall candy for $16.

More letterpress to love, this time from etsy seller ILee. ILee also has a website if you’d like to check it out. Hurry – limited selection! $17.

This owl calendar from Tennis Anyone? in Chicago is a real hoot. When 2007 is complete, you can trim this letterpress calendar, keeping the cherished owl as art! Only 5 in stock, so get flyin’! $12.

Wonderful whimsical calendar from Little Otsu and artist Jennie Smith from Cut + Paste. Could this be prettier? $11.

The talented Diana Fayt from San Francisco has a gorgeous calendar available via her online store for only $28 – it can definitely double as art – super pretty and has a definite Japanese/Scandinavian vibe going on. At least I think so…

And of course, we can’t forget Camilla Engman for 2007 and her lovely illustrated calendar for $24. We heart Camilla.

Did I miss anyone?

(top image from port to port. all others from artists mentioned above.)

Posted in round-ups on November 20, 2006


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