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Herzallerliebst (Germany)

October 16, 2006

Herzallerliebst (Germany)
I met up with Hamburg-based Herzallerliebst this past weekend over at Infa here in Hannover, and fell in love with their textiles, used on stylish handbags, baby shoes, pillows, laundry totes, everything you can think of! I saw so many hip chicks toting around Herzallerliebst bags at Infa, I could tell they were a huge hit with the ladies. Their design is so feminine, a sprinkle of girly, lots of English influence, and a definite Asian touch. It was impossible to chat with them for long, their booth swarmed with excited shoppers, but I grabbed their website addy and a few snapshots to share with you so you can check them out for yourself online.

Note: If you’re attending infa, they’re in hall 25, booth c34 – and a huge shopping perk: everything in their booth is 50% off! Yes, really! You have until October 22nd, so hop on over to Infa!

Herzallerliebst (Germany)
Herzallerliebst (Germany)
Herzallerliebst (Germany)
(photos from herzallerliebst + infa images by holly becker for decor8)


Fiva (Netherlands)

October 16, 2006

Fiva (Netherlands)Visting Europe during the past three weeks has been a wonderful experience. I don’t need to tell you this if you’ve ever been here. You know how special it is. Long nature walks, pretty parks, cobblestone streets, relaxing train rides, dining for hours… Of course, another huge advantage is the exposure to so many new products. Simple trips to the local food market is an absolute pleasure, the colorful labels, chocolates filled with liquors, creamy yogurt that melts in your mouth… Of course, I can’t deny the fun involved in discovering new fashion labels and jewelry, too. Discovering many new design products for the home that I’d not seen before, or if I had, only in the pages of UK or French home magazine. Spending time away from your home soil is total freedom. We’re here until the beginning of December, so I’m trying so desperately to take it all in before it slips through my fingers and we’re back on our flight to Boston…

Now that we’ve wrapped up our contest, I’m going to start posting about the many things I’m discovering here… I have lots of photos to share with you from a fair I attended this past weekend, I will get those up on the blog tomorrow.

Let us start with some of my new finds with the atelier of Fiva in the Netherlands. I spied their jewelry at a store here recently and fell in love. I think you’ll enjoy their studio design, and perhaps, the jewelry as well. So pretty. What a great color palette – the natural tones of beige and cream with a touch of lavender…

“We use semiprecious stones, handmade glass beads from Venice, freshwater pearls and crystal. While travelling around the world I search for all kinds of innovative materials. We fashion these parts together in our studio, with a lot of care and attention to detail. In this way extraordinary eye-catching jewelry come into being which is manufactured in small quantities by hand, in the Netherlands.”

(images from fiva)


dbO Home – Fresh Finds!

October 16, 2006

dbO Home - Fresh Finds!
Lovely + glossy things from dbO Home that I think you’ll enjoy today… Either for giving or keeping all to yourself. Fancy a spot of tea? The Tea for two gift sets contain two petite handthrown porcelain tea cups paired with a charming tin of delicious Harney & Sons tea sachets. Love the look of a sweet puppy dog face? You’ll drool for the silky smooth Winter White Dogface Cereal Bowls, sold in sets of two. The Minty Soap Dish Gift Set makes for the sweetest gift ever, and I love the simplicity of the aqua Plantlife Porcelain Soap Dish – such charm!

(images from dbo home)


Workspace Contest: WINNERS!

October 16, 2006

Workspace Contest: WINNERS!
Congratulations to the winners of our Workspace Contest, sponsored by Fabulous Stationery! Thanks to the votes via email and comments on the blog by decor8 readers, we’ve determined our winners. If your name is listed below, you will be contacted via email within 24 hours with information on how to claim your prize.

A warm congrats to everyone, and a big thank you to all who entered our contest. More contests will follow in the future, so stay tuned…

#1: Cristin in Texas – $100 Gift Certificate
#2: Holly in Atlanta – $50 Gift Certificate
#3: Karen in Oregon – $25 Gift Certificate
#4: Christine’s Classroom – Your choice of either a $15 Gift Certificate OR one MoMA Limited Edition Pen*(valued at $25)
#5: Geninne in Mexico – Your choice of either a $15 Gift Certificate OR one MoMA Limited Edition Pen*(valued at $25)

*I have this pen and it’s REALLY nice. :)
Workspace Contest: WINNERS!(images from fabulous stationery)


coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 ’06}

October 16, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 '06} Autumn is a beautiful time of year for reflection. Maybe you feel the same way. While strolling over a wooden bridge today, kicking leaves and watching the breeze create ripples across a glassy pond, I paused for a moment to, well, pause. I felt a bit like Winnie the Pooh, a scarf neatly tied around my neck there in the forest, holding a stick in my hand meant for casting into the waters below. Seeing such pretty leaves relaxing there, I decided to sit down, legs dangling over the edge, watching. Reflecting. Taking a moment to pause.

coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 '06}You may notice it, but do you really watch the beauty around you? Stop for a moment and appreciate what you have by observing what is around you. There’s so much in motion, things we do not see until we ourselves pause… The raw, the untouched, things that human hands did not create, nor never need to touch in order for them to survive. A forest does fine on its own. Could we? The beauty of all the design that is around us. We talk about design so much, why not take your camera outdoors, amazing design is all around you. So many textures, colors, patterns… Even a fuzzy little snail is so well designed, so appealing to the eye, and yet it’s roaming the forest – long after this photo was snapped – living life and going about its business.

coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 '06}Growing, living, dying, breathing, changing. Reflecting on nature. The seasons. The golden month of October. These quiet moments give way to even deeper thoughts. Our life. As it is now and where it is heading. The reality of it all. The miracle of being alive. The way it feels to be loved, appreciated, touched. Learning. Exploring. Life is even more special when we allow ourselves to look deeper beyond the surface, to pause and reflect on the deeper things.

coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 '06}Appreciating beauty both seen (fallen leaves) and unseen (a crisp breeze carrying the scent of pine and burning wood in the air) is on my mind today. Natural design. Ridges and swirls and the bark on a tree. Me, a simple bear in the forest, collecting acorns, kicking chestnuts along a path, snapping photos, being alone. Where are you? Perhaps you should find a park today and go for a stroll. Pull out your camera and see what you can find. Snap what inspires you. It could result in your next collection. Your next work of art. An idea for your living room decor. Tell me, what’s on your mind today?

coffee + cre8tive {oct 16 '06}

(photos by holly becker for decor8)


Design Public Warehouse Sale October 14 + 15 (San Francisco)

October 13, 2006

Design Public Warehouse Sale October 14 + 15 (San Francisco)

Okay peeps, listen up. This weekend is quite important if you’re over on the west coast and can get yourself to the FIRST EVER Design Public Warehouse Sale! I’m so jealous, I could pop! I would love to attend this… But given that I’m in Germany, it’s just not possible. Yeah I know, blah blah blah, poooor me. :)

Here’s the skinny on this totally phat sale…

Bay Area Warehouse Sale
October 14 + 15, 2006
From 40-75% off like-new items! Free coffee & donuts! (yum)

We’ll be opening our doors for a first-ever Warehouse Sale. For two days only you can view our entire stock of like-new returns and floor samples at savings of up to 75% off retail. Don’t miss this chance to save on furniture, rugs, bedding, lighting, kids & baby gear, pet supplies, and more.

What: The Design Public Warehouse Sale
When: 9 AM to 5 PM, October 14th (Saturday) and 15th (Sunday).
Where: Fort Mason Building D-100 (off main parking lot), San Francisco.
Parking: Parking is FREE for the first hour at Fort Mason.
Why: We are swimming in a massive stock of like-new returns. We need an excuse to serve coffee and donuts.
How: We’ll be accepting credit cards and cash only — no checks please! Come early for best selection!

Click here to see all the brands that you can scoop up.

Thanks Matt for the tip! You guys are going to have a rockin’ weekend, I just know it. Lots of success to you, and for all of you bargain shoppers – knock yourselves out! Sounds like a grand old time…

I’m signing off for the weekend, I’ll meet everyone back here on Monday to announce the winners of our Workspace Contest and to post lots of fresh finds from Germany and beyond! If you’re online this weekend, don’t forget to vote for your favorite entries. Just scroll down the blog and you’ll spot all 12 where you can insert your comments. Have fun, enjoy your weekend, and auf wiedersehen!

(images from design public)

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