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New Year’s Goals

December 30, 2007

Hello everyone! I’m quickly peeking in to give you a bit of homework while I’m away. :) With this being the last weekend of the year, and January 1st swiftly approaching, it’s time to talk about your goals for 2008. Will you share them here with me?

New Year's Goals
When you write something in a public place for all to see you’re much more likely to commit to doing it. So if you’d like to use this space as your bulletin board, please do. Comment with a long or short list. I’ll do the same. And there are perks attached because I’ll send a few of you a little something in the mail just for taking the time to comment, a little “I Care” package that just may encourage you to keep your goals in view for ’08.

So if you’d like, and only if you’d like, feel free to leave a comment and when I return on January 2nd, I’ll let you know who will receive little gifties from me. :)

See you soon!

(image from holly becker for decor8)


Closing Up Shop {Back on January 2nd}

December 21, 2007

Hello friends! I’m closing up shop for a bit to enjoy time with my friends and family, so I’ll be away from the blog until Wednesday, January 2, 2008 when decor8 officially turns 2 years old.

Closing Up Shop {Back on January 2nd}
Thank you for your encouragement, friendship, and support this year, you have all touched my life by your visits, comments, and emails. I can’t wait to meet you back here in 2008!

xo, Holly

p.s. – While I’m away, please visit some of my favorite blogs and websites on the decor8 links page.

Closing Up Shop {Back on January 2nd}
12/24 Update: I couldn’t stay away… Here is a snapshot of my current flickr favorites, I know I show you these from time to time but I think the current collection is just lovely. Click here to see where each of these beauties originate.

(photo by holly becker)

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Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}

December 21, 2007

Here’s the second part of our baby + kids shop round-up. This time, I’ve included additional resources like some of my favorite bloggers and some Canadian shops thanks to a helpful reader up north.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
Craftsbury Kids offers a lovely selection of items that are made by hand. It’s a great stop on the web for products that are unique and delightful.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
Carina Schott is the lady behind Nonchalant Mom, an online shop that carries fun finds for kids to pad their nest or to dress them in darling threads. I lurk here often, the products she carries from Japan, Sweden, and beyond are stunning. Names like Kragh Rosenberg (she even carries Rosenberg clothing for adults, I want this dress), John Robshaw, Jobs Boden, etc. The shop also has a blog authored by Carina, and a line of clothing she designs. Is this not the coolest site for parents?

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
Cute-Ture is another fabulous kids store, I especially like all their Franck & Fischer things and their fabric banners. Everyone loves fabric banners!

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two} Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
Romp stocks everything from decole mushrooms to pink rocking chairs, and just so happens to be one of the first stores in the U.S. to carry the wallpaper menagerie from Dutch designer Inke Heiland. The wallpaper tree will always be a favorite of mine and is beautiful in person.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
It’s hard to resist bedding from Boodalee. Their city collection is perfect for little boys.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two} Spunky Sprout is on fire, they’ve been featured all over lately and for good reason, their selection is hard to beat stocking items you can’t find just anywhere else like the P?kolino Clothes Tree. And have you seen the Eva foam chair & table set? It’s comfortable, safe, lightweight, durable, strong and washable – in other words, totally kid friendly.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two} Mirror Mirror recently expanded their shop to include a kid’s section, one that they plan to grow out in the new year. And they have Miffy! Isn’t this ceramic wall hook the best?

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two}
Reader Lisa Zuraw from Sweet Beets wrote in this morning after seeing my first round up with several shop tips for those based in Canada. Thanks, Lisa! Enfant Terrible is one she suggested, along with a few more listed below. Enfant Terrible carries the cutest Tamar Mogendorff bird cage and bird house I’ve ever seen. And Donna Wilson dolls, aw these are darling. And like Romp, they stock the Inke wallpaper decals for those of you interested up in Canada in this product. More finds from Lisa: InquisitiveKid, Baby Oh My (Natural and Eco products), Modern Baby Barn, Modern Kid and Style Kid. Great finds, Lisa!

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two} And how can I write about kids without mentioning Mahar Drygoods? This shop is beautiful, every parent needs to dive into this online treasure chest filled with handmade goods from all over the world. And the site is gorgeous, too. These figure skates for baby and the Lisa Congdon bibs are my faves. Lisa is such a great lady, her talent runneth over.

Here are some additional links to keep you busy. I’ll update this post to include new ones if you don’t see your favorite kid’s shop here. Just send me an email or comment below with the link.

Design Public (baby + kids)
2Modern (kids + baby)

Pottery Barn Kids
Modern Tots
Modern Seed
Mini Jake Kids
Modern Mini
Modern Nursery
Elsewares (kids)
Land of Nod
Genius Jones
Shabby Chic (baby)

Blogs: Daysitter, Mod*Mom, Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh, Coochicoos, Boston Mamas, and Design Mom.

Baby + Kids Shops Online {part two} Update: Just launched: A new blog on the block called Bloesem Kids. Congrats Irene!

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know by commenting below please. :)

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(images above provide by stores linked in this post.)

Shopping + Products, Small Business, Travel

Boston Locals: Wanna Set Up Shop in Newburyport?

December 21, 2007

This one is for the locals (or soon to be) that I decided to post on decor8 because I hope it will be a good fit for someone looking to gain exposure and to experience shop ownership without jumping in on their own. Kim Gobbi from The Studio, a loyal reader that I’ve been in touch with for months now, has decided to sublet some studio space upstairs in her shop located in downtown Newburyport, MA located on the coast just north of Boston.

Boston Locals: Wanna Set Up Shop in Newburyport?
Located on State Street, this shop gets a lot of foot traffic – especially in the summer. Kim is looking for either an artist or crafty types, ideally someone who lives locally. Storage space is included. The rent will be $500 a month starting in April, if you’d like to move in and get settled earlier then the rent is only $300 for Feb. and March. The lease would be a tenant at will, so no long term commitment is involved. For full details, please contact Kim directly at 978.463.3077 or via email kimgobbi AT

Boston Locals: Wanna Set Up Shop in Newburyport?
P.S. If you’re a shop owner and looking to announce similar opportunities in your store (no matter where you are based), please email me and I’ll consider posting it here on decor8.

(images from kim gobbi)

Shopping + Products

Jennifer DeLonge Fresh Vintage

December 21, 2007

While researching kid’s stores for my round-ups, I discovered that Jennifer DeLonge, children’s furniture designer and rock star wife to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge, has a new section on her website where she offers restored vintage finds under the name Fresh Vintage.

Jennifer DeLonge Fresh Vintage
Since so many of you like Marimekko, I had to point you over to these super cute vintage Marimekko Kivet dot lampshades measuring 16″H x 10″D for $200/pair. They’re the cat’s meow. She also has a set of white wicker lamps that are just over 32″ high and at $299 for the set, they’re also decent on your wallet. Great site to bookmark for times when you’re looking for something new (to you) for su casa.

(images from jennifer delonge)

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Equivoque {photography}

December 21, 2007

Sometimes the best school is the old school, especially in the case of the Polaroid. Though I won’t be handing in my digital camera anytime soon, there’s still something about the raw untouched-by-Photoshop appeal, their often faded colors and that sweet little off-centered square format that keeps me coming back for more. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of nostalgia since it was the first camera I got my hands on as a child and much to my mother’s display I’d burn through all of the film in the back seat of our car long before we arrived at our vacation spot.

Equivoque {photography}
To some, the Polaroid is dated technology that’s fun to play around with but nothing more. For others it’s about producing images that evoke an emotion and over time creates an audience and a way to earn a living. A network and Unix systems administrator by day and a photographer and poet by night, Elinor Scott-Sutter of Equivoque has a body of work that is revealing, sensitive, and absolutely stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of these images above, the lighting is absolute perfection and the faded tones give them such a vintage flavor. I know someone who needs to quit her day job… Elinor… :) What an eye, I look forward to watching her shop updates to see what she’ll do next.

(images from equivoque)

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