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January 2007

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Stella Im Hultberg

January 31, 2007

Christine wrote about Stella’s work here on decor8 in early August, 2006. Somehow, the post cannot be found (although blogger shows it was published). Anyway, I wanted to post this again since Stella recently added new color prints and I think they’re just gorgeous. At $20, you can collect several. They can be found right here. Here’s the original post from August ’06 written by Miss Christine below (who now writes for the Boston Weekly Dig). Enjoy!

Stella Im Hultberg
Meet Stella
By: Christine Liu, decor8 contributor

The ink sketches and watercolour paintings by Stella Im Hultberg perfectly exude the sad, sophisticated energy of the postmodern ingenue. Women pout with seductively disillusioned lips; limb-entwined couples wait in silence for a sadder truth. Every character is shadowed, stained, and soiled with glamour.

Stella Im HultbergWorking as an artist in New York City, Stella features her work in galleries and sells her prints online at her momomoogie shop. Trained in industrial design and toy design, she currently applies her creative energy to her print works. Treat yourself to the delicious darkness of her online sketchbooks and portfolio.

Stella broadcasts art updates at her art livejournal, and her daily report covers all sorts of life’s delight from green tea soba salad to a mottled seashell collection.

In addition to the prints for sale on momomoogie, she boasts a design collection of wallets and shirts at art-collective-vinyl-wallet company Poketo.

In Stella’s world, the city self-reflects with beauty and sorrow alike. Your thoughts on Stella?

Stella Im Hultberg

(images from Stella Im Hultberg)

Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms

Alicia Bock Photography

January 31, 2007

Alicia Bock PhotographyHer latest nature-inspired series, “Through the Viewfinder“, (above) is now available in her Etsy store. Soft, organic, each gives you that feeling of nostalgia, perhaps it’s how she captures the light. They have this vintage quality to them that I find so appealing.

All of her photos are magical; transporting you back to simpler times. Your 1st family trip to the amusement park, peering up at the massive ferris wheel, a mixture of excitement and fear because today was the day you’d ride it with your father (I speak from experience!). A wide open field where you ran until you collapsed with your first love, both of you promising ‘forever + ever’ as you tumbled and giggled beneath the summer sky.

Alicia Bock PhotographyYou can visit Alicia’s blog or view her online portfolio on her website. I hope you enjoy her work as much I do. With notecards and photography priced between $3.50-24.00, and a few that are slightly higher, there is something for every budget.

Psst: She ships to international buyers, too!

Her work fits in so nicely with the naturalist look, doesn’t it?

(images from alicia bock)


Luxury Lab Linens *New*

January 31, 2007

I was thrilled when Caressa Allen, designer and owner of Luxury Lab in California, wrote in about her new line of bedding. She describes her linens as “clothing for your home” and “art for your bed”. I’d describe this bedding as one part sugar, one part spice.

Luxury Lab Linens *New*With bold rocker style graphics, this bedding screams California cool – I imagine Luxury Labs being a huge hit with celebs and hip urban dwellers that are done with sweet bird and branch motifs and want to strike a more femme fatale chord.

I love this somewhat seductive bad girl/boy bedding for many reasons, but one that stands out is that most of these patterns would appeal to men, so if you’re a couple, you won’t strip your other half of his manhood with another sweet floral pattern. Duvet sets (complete with two shams) run at around $285.- complete.

Luxury Lab is fun, flirty, sexy (but subtle), and much thought was put into the design process, materials, and staying as environmentally friendly as possible. I mean, even a girl with crossbones on her shams has a conscience.

Thanks Caressa for introducing us to your rockin’ line!

Psst: I did my homework and discovered that Ana of OhMyGooshness recently interviewed Caressa. Get the full scoop here. Great job, Ana!

(images from luxury lab)


West Elm Heyward Sofa – Review

January 31, 2007

Here’s a quick review of a great sofa I spotted at West Elm over the weekend. It’s called the Heyward and I’m keen on the textured tweed oatmeal ($799.-), back cushions, and the clean lines — what a great piece. It’s not only extremely comfortable, but gorgeous and very sturdy to boot.

West Elm Heyward Sofa - Review
It’s also available in leather ($999.-), which was beautiful in person, but I’m not a leather sofa person so I don’t have an opinion either way about it. I want to order the oatmeal Heyward for my office/guest room because it would be great for my pals who crash here. Since most of them are single (and the ones that are married usually don’t sleep over), this would be great because the size of the Heyward would accomodate one person. It doesn’t flip out into a bed, but honestly, I don’t care because I seldom have two people sleeping over at once. So, if you’re considering the Heyward sofa, then you have my 4 star vote because I think it’s sweet. :)

(image from west elm)

Inspiration, Objects

Furniture Galleries at Domino

January 30, 2007

Have you visited the Domino galleries lately? Be sure to catch their latest guide to chests of drawers. I just love the image below, seeing a dresser in an entryway, decked out in a pretty color (like teal), adorned with beautiful things… Well it sort of makes me weak. Having all of those deep drawers is also very handy for storage. You can neatly tuck away slippers, mittens, and outdoor gear, to office supplies, tools, wrapping paper, and sheets of tissue paper.

You see, I’ve always wanted to have an entryway since becoming a bonafide adult, an entry like the ones in my family home as a child. Ever since abandoning the nest at 19, I’ve had either long narrow hallways to welcome me, or doors that opened directly into the living space. Never a halfway point between the outside world and the living space – never a neat little entryway to call my own. That welcoming space (only complete with fresh cut flowers, a little chair, and a dresser) is where greetings are exchanged and kisses on the cheeks are given to welcome or bid adieu. It’s the one space that I miss, and desire, the most.

Furniture Galleries at Domino
After examining their chest of drawers gallery (and feeling the pang of nostalgia), I hopped on on over to the Dining Tables and Chairs gallery, another worthy feature to visit. I’m so pleased to see the mix up in chairs and tables becoming more mainstream, no longer do we need conform to ‘matchy matchy’ sets that are too imposing for a modern, relaxed lifestyle. We can mix wood tables with acrylic chairs, not because we cannot afford a matching set, but because we prefer the casual look. Isn’t it exciting to see decor taking a turn from the overly done to a bit haphazard?

Furniture Galleries at Domino
(images from domino)

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