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Fainting Sofa

I sure could use a fainting sofa… I’d prefer Apple Green Velvet if you happen to find one. Being from the south, a southern belle needs one of these in her bedroom, don’t ya’ll think? Oh, you know of something? Urbans, you say, for $550? Yes, I’ll take one of these. Catch me, I’m falling!

(image from urban outfitters)

Posted by decor8 in Objects, shopping on January 23, 2007

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  1. Meg commented
    January 23rd, 2007 at 9:42pm

    i just found this sofa a few days ago – just a few days too late as i already purchased a sofa… i’m really considering sending mine back.!

  2. becky commented
    January 24th, 2007 at 12:02am

    Oh my gosh, that is to die for and like most items at urban outfitters, very fairly priced! It looks like something that would cost $5K when Elle Decor features Plum Skyes’ house! LOVELY! You’ve got my mind racing as to where I can put fit it in my house – I LOVE IT!
    Thanks Holly!

  3. Szig commented
    January 24th, 2007 at 7:11pm

    I have been thinking of replacing my love seat with a chaise lounge, but this could totally work. Any idea about quality? Is UO furniture similar to Ikea quality? Would I be better off with a chaise from C&B (at roughly twice the price)?

  4. decor8 commented
    January 24th, 2007 at 7:22pm

    Szig… Who really sits on a piece like this, is my reasoning point. If it were a sofa, used daily… I’d say opt for Room + Board or Pompy, or another furniture store that is known for high quality products. For a fainting sofa, or even a love seat that is rarely used except to display pillows or catch clothes as you undress, I’d opt for an IKEA, UO, or something that may be more of a trend piece and less of a lifer peice.

    In other words, put your money into items you use daily and your pocket change into more of the fillers.


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