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February 2007

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Calling All Artists, Antique Dealers, Farmers, Students…

February 14, 2007

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to blog about this. Chris, founder of the fabulous South End Open Market, just sent along some amazing news… I have to shout it from the rooftops and you, my friend, need to know about it!

Calling All Artists, Antique Dealers, Farmers, Students...Starting in May, not only will Boston see the South End Open Market open for the season, but Providence will have one to call their very own at the corner of Westminister and Union on Saturdays – free admission and parking, too.

Get involved! If you want to show your work at this amazing fair, use this form and select the dates you’d be interested in participating. (Here’s some vendor information.) I’m already thinking of many Providence pals who may want to get involved (Peggy and Jason) but what about Brooklyn and Connecticut?? Providence is relatively close and has a train station only a few blocks away from the market location. It’s a great chance to make friends and locate new customers, and take a mini vacation. Providence is just lovely in the warmer months – so much going on downtown.

Opening day is May 12th and the market will run on Saturdays until October 27th. If you are coming from downtown, there are lots of hotels around the market, as well as a massive mall, fun shops, great places to eat, and a Starbucks almost next door to the market. Gotta love that.

Learn more about the Providence Open Market here.

Here’s some pics from the South End Open Market in Boston from ’06. This gives you a glimpse of what the new Providence market may look like. Chris clearly makes each market fun and picks amazing vendors. I loved attending these markets last year and I’ll definitely hit the Providence one this year.

Calling All Artists, Antique Dealers, Farmers, Students...Congratulations Chris, I’m sure Providence will warmly welcome you with open arms. Lots of great peeps down there!

I want this ice cream skirt…

Calling All Artists, Antique Dealers, Farmers, Students...View some photos from the market in Boston on Flickr… Fun!

If you know of anyone who would like to be a vendor, please forward this post to them. If you’d like to blog about this call for vendors, feel free to use the images I’ve collaged above -no problem. The goal is to spread the word.

Thanks everyone!

(images from south end open market)


Snow Day!

February 14, 2007

Snow Day!
We’re snowed in under a blanket of beautiful white, well more like several blankets, so I’m lacing up my huge stormtrooper boots and heading outside for a little fun in winter wonderland. It’s nearly 3pm, time to go have some fun, it is or first snow… I’ll be back tomorrow with the next trend report: Beachy Keen, a look at how to bring a little California cool into your home. It’s finally ready, it took me forever!

If you’re looking for links, there are plenty of great blogs that I’ve added in the left column, which I’ve categorized to make things easier. (Those added over the past few days are clearly marked *.) Oh, and don’t miss Rachel’s Reds Report, she’s a color Queen from Maryland and is willing to take any questions you may have, so don’t be shy.

Enjoy your day… See you tomorrow!

(image from cloud berry terrier on flickr. She also has a blog and an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade buttcrack characters under the name “Smosch” in case you’re interested. Too cute!)

Color Inspiration

For the Love of Reds

February 14, 2007

Rachel Perls, a decor8 reader, an artist, and an IACC accredited color consultant, wrote in recently to tell me all about what she does and how color consultants help people chose just the right mix of hues for their home, office, product design or marketing. I thought it would be fun to have her write a bit about color and how it affects our mood, starting with Red, often known as the color of love and passion. Rachel, take it away…

For the Love of Reds
For the Love of Reds

By decor8 contributor: Rachel Perls

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re paying tribute to the color red. Ever notice how this color gets all the attention? Ah red, so passionate, so fiery. Like that crimson velvet sofa you can’t help but drool over. Reds make statements, whether a brilliant ruby, understated burgundy, or sexy fuchsia. A study in contradictions, they can represent love or hate, sex or innocence, power or passivity.

For the Love of Reds(images top left clockwise: Design Assistant, Domino, House + Home, Miles Redd.)

Why does red tug on your emotions? Scientific studies have shown that the color can actually induce physiologic changes. As a visual stimulant, red can accelerate a heart rate and cause an adrenaline rush. As such a dominant color, red works great as an accent: a rich scarlet Oriental rug, cheerful cranberry throw pillows, or cluster of persimmon-hued candles can really perk up a space. And for bigger spaces, by first understanding the different personalities of this stimulating hue, it can be used to its fullest potential. A heart-pounding fire red will evoke a dramatically different response than that of a cool, regal wine red or a soft, romantic pearl pink.

More than any other color, red has the ability to stir up emotions and set a mood. Because of its incredible power, take care in its application to avoid over-stimulating your audience.

For professional advice on effective use of color, please visit Rachel?s blog Hue.

For the Love of Reds(images top left clockwise: Ralph Lauren, Eastern Accents, CB2, Pottery Barn.)

Any questions for Rachel regarding Red? Ask her by commenting below.

[Update: Reader Vanessa pointed us over to a fabulous article on Red over on NPR. It examines how Red has been used throughout the ages, and for those who haven’t taken a color theory class, I think you’ll find it rather fascinating. Thanks, Vanessa]

Fashion + Accessories, Shopping + Products

Anthropologie Bags

February 14, 2007

Anthropologie BagsThese graphic totes from Anthropologie make me happy today. I imagine casually hanging one over a chair and not really needing to store it someplace since it would make a lovely decorative accent. So, so pretty… Priced between $68-78 USD, which I think is quite a steal for Anthro!

Anthropologie Bags
(images from anthropologie)


Illu Stration Lighting (Germany)

February 14, 2007

When I came across the lighting of Maryann Williams, I had to learn more about the lady behind Illu Stration Lighting (Germany)Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and settling in Leidersbach, Germany, Maryam has studied nearly every design disapline imaginable, from textiles to fashion, interiors, pattern design, and architecture. Using mostly felt, she designs home accessories, lighting, greeting cards, rugs, hats, totes, and fashion. Three dimensional, tactile, sensual, I could gush on forever. Her work is to die for. Porteguese fashion student and design blogger, Coxi, recently interviewed her over on his newly redesigned blog, Life*Fever. (Congrats on the redesign, Coxi!)

Illu Stration Lighting (Germany)(images from illu stration)


Au Lit : Antique Style Beds – Tres Chic!

February 13, 2007

I dream of living in one of those pre-war city apartments with soaring ceilings and ornate crown moldings. If I ever do, I’m purchasing a French antique style bed like the ones shown below from new designers Nicole Gale and Jane Jones of Au Lit. I love the green bed with the butterfly print in teal, and the other one with the large graphic palm leaves (sigh), it’s captivating. Now I really want to go to Brimfield in May and comb the market… Just imagine something like this in your bedroom…

Au Lit : Antique Style Beds - Tres Chic!Au Lit : Antique Style Beds - Tres Chic!
(images from au lit)

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