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February 2007

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Bob’s Your Uncle (NYIGF)

February 7, 2007

Bob’s Your Uncle sent a photo of their booth from the NYIGF last week, which was fun to look at – I spot melamine plates!

Bob's Your Uncle (NYIGF)Founded in Boston by English couple Michele and Martin Yeeles, Bob’s Your Uncle is an old British expression meaning “Everything’s Fine”. Cute fact, huh? I guess that is how you always want to appear when working – calm, carefree, no worries. Beneath the surface though, you haven’t slept in days and you’re stressed to the max.

I love the folders marked “Limbo” and the cute honey bear melamine plates. Their kids placemats are cute because they’re packaged as tear off sheets and each one has a recipe on it written by a child (those are not new, but I like them just the same). If you’d like to shop for their products online, here’s a list of online stores for you to choose from.

Bob's Your Uncle (NYIGF)
(images from bob’s your uncle)

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Steven Harrington Prints

February 6, 2007

I’m insanely attracted to the work of Steven Harrington. I would own everything he creates if I could. I especially want the peacock screenprint below, but I’m afraid he has sold out. The man just oozes with talent, I imagine he walks around with this amazing aura of positivity and bursting with energy. Look at these illustrations, and the colors, this is serious talent, people! I know I’m gushing, but sheesh… I’m smitten. These are the times when I wish an oxygen mask would pop down from the ceiling and save me. Deep breathe, Holly.

Steven Harrington PrintsSteven Harrington Prints

(images from steve harrington)


Shine Home Lighting

February 6, 2007

After looking for Maura’s red chandelier yesterday (still no luck, can you help?), I discovered a whole slew of lighting websites that I’d not come across before, so thanks for the challenge, Maura!

This is exactly why I keep blogging despite how little I sleep or eat lately (smile), I love the thrill of the hunt. I think I have over 5,000 product websites in my personal database so far. For instance, I stumbled upon Shine Home yesterday, and love it! They have the neatest glass pendants, so retro cute, and I just adore the green Olivia shown below (left). Grace would look splendid in an entryway (middle), as would Jayne (right). Did you notice the chain links on them? Stylin’!

Shine Home LightingTheir glass and porcelain table lamps are equally amazing. Click on any of these images to enlarge.

Shine Home LightingShine Home LightingThey even produce vases.

Shine Home LightingJust when you thought you’ve seen it all, you come across more and more and more and…. It’s never ending, isn’t it?!?

(images from shine home)


Rock Scissor Paper *New* Home Collection

February 6, 2007

I’m so excited to share this with you! Susie at Rock Scissor Paper contacted me last week about their new home collection, and I can’t wait until it’s ready! Coasters, pillows, notebooks, aprons and tea towels in all those lovely patterns Rock Scissor Paper is known (and loved) for. Designs include woodgrain, birds, raindrops, and forest motifs. They’ll be available on their website March 1st (they already have a waiting list!), but here’s a sneak peek for decor8 readers, straight from Ms. Susie herself.

Rock Scissor Paper *New* Home CollectionRock Scissor Paper *New* Home CollectionThanks for the preview, Susie!

(images from rock scissor paper)

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Sandberg Wallpaper + Textiles (Sweden)

February 6, 2007

Textiles and wallpaper always make me happy. These are from Sandberg in Sweden. I love these images, and happy that wallpaper is still very much in vogue here in the states as well as in other parts of the world. It’s wonderful to see more and more pretty papers, and less fear of wallpaper overall. Prints and patterns are SO exciting!

Sandberg Wallpaper + Textiles (Sweden)
Sandberg Wallpaper + Textiles (Sweden)
via: desire to inspire. Psst: Read this (big smile). They’re doing a lovely job, too!

(images from sandberg)


Celery Furniture *New* Modern Nursery Furniture (NYIGF)

February 6, 2007

I feel a bit out of my element when I blog about kids stuff, but I know good design when I see it, and Celery Furniture is good design. They made their debut at the NYIGF last week and apparently turned a lot of heads. Visit their website to see their complete collection.

Cool Celery Facts: Their entire collection is designed and fabricated in Montana and the founder is a licensed midwife.
Celery Furniture *New* Modern Nursery Furniture (NYIGF)
Celery Furniture *New* Modern Nursery Furniture (NYIGF)(images from celery furniture)

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