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February 2007

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Josef Frank

February 5, 2007

Anthropologie has done it again. This season, they are dazzling me with this botancial beauty, the Josef Frank wingback. Mmmm.

Josef FrankI’m also a big fan of the Glass Menagerie glassware (they strangely remind me of Inke silhouettes) and this funky macrame-inspired jute doormat. It looks like something my mother would have owned back in the 70’s because she loved to macrame.

Josef FrankAlthough the chair is out of my league (it’s $2,500-), the price somewhat makes sense because Josef’s textiles are expensive off the bolt, I imagine half the expense of this chair is based on the fabric alone. I suggest purchasing the fabric alone from Svenskt Tenn (online, based in Sweden) and use it for smallish projects – cover a bench, seat, a fabric blind, etc. The linen shown on the chair above, Gr?na f?glar (does that mean green bird?), is $171- USD per meter. With tax and shipping to the states, one meter will cost you (gulp) around $338.00 USD. (Use this handy currency coverter as you’re shopping their site.) The prices shown are in Swedish Kroners. Maybe you can go in with a friend or two on a purchase and split the expense?

(images from anthropologie)

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Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)

February 5, 2007

Do you remember Fernanda Bourlot, founder/designer of Simplemente Blanco in Boston’s South End? I interviewed her last summer for decor8 (click here to see that and to tour her studio). She showed her products at the NYIGF last week and sent in some stunning booth photos to share with decor8 readers. I love her style, and how she manages to make white so warm and inviting, especially in a tiny booth at a trade show! If you’re interested in her collection, please visit her website. Click on any image below to enlarge it.

Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)
Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)
Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)
Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)
Simplemente Blanco (NYIGF)Thank you so much for sharing these images with us, Fernanda!

(images from simplemente blanco)

Books + Magazines, Inspiration

The Shop Is Open!

February 4, 2007

I’m excited to announce a shop I’ve been working on at the request of readers who’ve asked me for tips on music, movies, and books to give as gifts. I could write for hours in reply, but instead, I thought the best way to keep readers in touch with my favorite picks is to simply pull everything together into one neat package.

The Shop Is Open!I went through each corner of my home to inventory what I own, pulling only the best of the best to list in this store. This shop stocks books (art, design, small business, crafts, decorating, travel, organization, sewing, cooking, and more to be added), music, magazines, movies, and so on. I’ll add new items weekly, so check the store as often as you’d like.

I stand behind everything in this shop because I own it; items are 100% decor8 approved based on experience and actual use. Well, with the exception of a few items that are not yet released that I’ve listed.

When you purchase something from my shop, I earn 8.5% of the total, so the earnings are pretty unexciting. But, as an amazon affiliate, it’s nice when a few new books arrive in the mail each year, so I can’t complain. Please don’t purchase anything because you think you’re helping me, purchase it because you really have a genuine interest and will use it and love it.

As you flip through each category, I’m sure you will find many items that we share a common love for. I hope you benefit from, and enjoy, this new amazon shop.

Thanks for looking!

Designers + Stylists

Inspiration Saturday: David Hicks, Designer

February 3, 2007

Today on Inspiration Saturday, let’s enjoy a few jaw dropping images from the portfolio of Designer David Hicks. I love his use of color over the years, it really pushes us to experiment a little, doesn’t it? If you’d enjoy looking at more, visit his website – that will keep you busy for awhile. (I just love his fabric.) Have a lovely weekend, I’ll see you on Monday!

Inspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, DesignerInspiration Saturday: David Hicks, Designer

(images from david hicks)


West Elm Lighting for Spring

February 3, 2007

In addition to the Heyward Sofa, I found some stylish table lamps at the local West Elm. I’m highlighting these since they are easy to overlook on the website; you don’t know they are available in faux-bois until you click on ‘other images’. They are also available as floor lamps, too. I like them, they’re very well priced and the shades come in various solids and patterns, so you can mix things up a little, which is never a bad thing.

Trumpet Table Lamp with shade, $69-

West Elm Lighting for SpringTapered Wood Table Lamp with shade, $89- (faux-bois shade also an option.)

West Elm Lighting for Spring
(images from west elm)

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