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February 2007

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Spiegel: Home

February 27, 2007

Some may consider Spiegel a bit old school (or oldskool, depending on your age), but I find some unique home decor items on their website from time to time. Have an open mind, sometimes the places where you least expect to find something great is where you really do.

Spiegel: HomeFor instance, Spiegel has a fantastic selection of lamps with graphical shades that speak very much to the patterned shade/solid base trend we’ve been seeing. Since shades are so easy to swap out, it’s actually a great idea to purchase a lamp base you love and simply swap out the shade from time to time, alternating between patterns and solids, to give your space an all new look. Spiegel also has some nice floral salad plates and these fabulous mirrored stars for adding the perfect touch of sparkle.

Spiegel: Home

(images from spiegel)

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Design House Stockholm

February 27, 2007

More to love from Sweden today… Have you browsed Design House Stockholm lately?

Design House StockholmArt Collection, consisting of some of the most popular textile designs in 1950’s Sweden, are now available to order off the bolt (sold per meter) or as table runners, placemats, totes, cosmetic cases, pillows. Learn more about these designs, and locate stocklists, on the Design House Stockholm website under Products.

Design House Stockholm

(images from design house stockholm)


Myrica Bergqvist (Sweden)

February 27, 2007

Now, let’s step away from etsy finds for a bit, and look at these stunning acrylic beds from Swedish designer, Myrica Bergqvist, available in several colors and four key styles.

Myrica Bergqvist (Sweden)A modern interpretation of the past, Myrica’s designs add just the right touch of ‘wow’ without transforming your bedroom into the set of Marie Antoniette. In addition to headboads, Myrica also creates lighting and home accessories. If you’d like to locate her work, visit her stocklists online. This is Lady Babsy, available in black, white, or mirror.

Myrica Bergqvist (Sweden)
Queenie, available in clear, white, smokey brown, smokey grey, black, red, mirror. Also shown in top image as a double.

Myrica Bergqvist (Sweden)
Sir Elton, available in black, white, or mirror. The final headboard (not shown) is Miss Nouveau.

Myrica Bergqvist (Sweden)VIA: AT

(Thanks for your help, Myrica!)

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February 27, 2007

Here’s a fun etsy find… MaryInk of Nashville. Screenprinting everything by hand, they’ll even print your own designs upon request (so cool!). Their etsy store churns out everything from candle holders to tees, aprons, paper goods, and totes. Great prices, too. Sweet find!

MaryInk(images from maryink)

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Will Holman – Tennis Anyone?

February 27, 2007

I’ve heard of a tennis table, but a chair?

Will Holman - Tennis Anyone?
Designed by Virginia Tech architectural student Will Holman, Will started designing cardboard furniture but has since bounced into using more permanent materials to create functional, quirky art for the home. Currently fixated on tennis balls, this is the result of a recent modification on a standard office chair. He replaced the seat cushions with a quality, 1/4″ thick, laser-cut, piece of oak veneer plywood over an MDF substrate. Both cushions have 25 tennis balls contoured to fit the body, making for a comfortable sit. You can find Will Holman offering a few of his other quirky creations in his WHolman etsy store. The chair shown above is $275.-

(images from will holman)

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Sugar Loop

February 27, 2007

I’m a very satisfied Sugar Loop customer, her work is so pretty and affordable. Framed, it makes the perfect gift. The latest creation from Bernadette Sipkes’ New Zealand studio is this gocco/serigraph print in metallic gold ink, a limited edition of only 82 (hurry, only a few are left!). You really can’t go wrong for $10.- USD. Other designs are available right here. Enjoy!

Sugar LoopSugar LoopWould you like to learn more about the artist? Here’s her blogspot.

(images from sugar loop)

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