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February 2007

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INV/ALT design

February 27, 2007

Not your standard etsy find, that’s for sure… As a featured seller on the etsy homepage over the weekend, it was easy to spot INV/ALT.

INV/ALT designINV/ALT design is a Denver-based product design and ceramic production studio owned by the talented Angela Schwab. At INV/ALT, you’ll spot snap cups, flipbooks, and cupcake stands that merge two found objects to create something new: a single vintage saucer atop a severed wine glass stem creates the perfect tea party display. A snippet from her bio sums up the studio name and vision quite nicely, “INV/ALT focuses on INVention of new forms and ALTeration of existing objects in order to enhance the way people can use and interact with everyday functional objects.”

Psst: You can tour her studio here.

(images from inv/alt)

Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Rooms

Creo Ingero Prints

February 27, 2007

Lovely graphical prints, displaying an almost disaplined chaos of beauty, from etsy seller Creo Ingero. Amazing color combos and patterns, joyous and some, explosive, all very affordable. So many good finds on etsy… It just keeps getting better all the time.

Creo Ingero PrintsCreo Ingero Prints
(images from creo ingero)

Arts + Crafts, Rooms

Binth *New* Prints

February 27, 2007

Suzanna at Binth sent over two of their latest limited edition prints last week, the inks are green and Binth brown (black-brown). The first is “Fed on Apples” and the second, “Awaiting Spring“, which is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately… Patiently awaiting! This is a fantastic print, I like how the girl is looking at us, almost like we had crept up behind her and snapped her picture. We intruded her knitting space, there in the field, with her little pup. Excellect capture of emotions in a screenprint, I think.

Fed on Apples

Binth *New* Prints

Awaiting Spring

Binth *New* Prints
(images from binth)

Designers + Stylists

Dining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted Allen

February 26, 2007

Sponsored by the Viking Range Corporation and designed by Barry Rice with his partner in business and life, Ted Allen (from Queer Eye). With special thanks to Bottega del Vino Crystal, David Beahm Design, Global Table, Interface FLOR, Shimmerscreen, and Wud Furniture. Love the upscale, contemporary decor of their Dining By Design tabletop. The furniture and lighting are to die for for. Drool!

Dining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted AllenDining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted AllenHere’s Barry Rice with Ted Allen

Dining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted AllenThis is Corey Springer (founder of Brooklyn-based Wud Furniture) and Keren Gorni, who not only manages his Wud marketing and PR, but she is engaged to marry Corey in 3 short weeks. They’ve been together since they were teenagers – how cute is that?!?

Dining By Design: Viking by Barry Rice and Ted AllenThis post wraps up our mini tour of DIFFA’s Dining By Design event in NYC this past weekend, I hope you enjoyed it. See you Tuesday!

Designers + Stylists

Dining By Design: Vicente Wolf

February 26, 2007

Sponsored and designed by the great Vicente Wolf, who so graciously accepted when asked if his photo could be taken for decor8. Wolf has designed for a wide range of both residential and commercial design projects for over 30 years, authored several books (including one of my current favorites, Crossing Boundaries), and owns VW Home, a collection of contemporary furniture, textiles, accessories, and lighting, with a VW Home showroom in NYC. Here’s Mr. Wolf standing before his booth at Dining By Design this past weekend.

Dining By Design: Vicente WolfDining By Design: Vicente Wolf

Events + Markets, Fashion + Accessories

Dioscuri – Teman + Teran Evans!

February 26, 2007

Do you recall the design duo from HGTV’s Design Star, twinsies Teman and Teran Evans? They were guests at Dining By Design, there to enjoy the show along with everyone else. In case you wondered what became of these two, well good news! They’ve launched their own high end accessories design studio, Dioscuri, but not for interiors… Jewelry for ladies and gents. You can learn more about Dioscuri online, and you can find their accessories at Nordstrom and at a whole slew of retailers right here. Best of luck, you handsome devils!

Dioscuri - Teman + Teran Evans!Dioscuri - Teman + Teran Evans!

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