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March 2007


Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!

March 12, 2007

Brocade Home has a new online store, click on over and by all means, let me know what you think. Will you shop BH? Here’s a few of my favorites…

Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!For furniture, I like the white metal veranda headboard (above, prices start at $399). Imagine it against a wall with terrific wallpaper peeking through, or against a gorgeous peacock blue wall to really show off its graceful curves? I wish Brocade had a matching coffee table. I’ve always wanted an iron table, in white, with a bit of rust peeking through, in a pattern much like this headboard. On top, a sheet of glass.

Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!For storage options, I think the silhouette bookcase is great, I love the look of this. It almost reminds me of something out of The Netherlands ($599). This Lace cut media storage ($599) is also a great find, I would love to get my hands on and paint a gorgeous color, and the smaller white storage cabinet would be fun to use bedside ($299).

Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!The silhouette pedestal Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!If you want something a bit less curvy and baroque-n-roll, I think these pieces will appeal to your more modern sensibilities. I love the arms on this flax sofa ($1699), which just so happens to have a matching chair ($999). I these peices because they’re timeless and fit in a variety of settings. They’d worked alongside antiques, repro peices, and modern furnishings. A wise investment.

Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!
I adore this curvy table ($699) which I’d use as a desk. It has great lines, slightly understated, it really appeals to me. It’s clean with curves!

Brocade Home *New* Shopping Online!And one last mention, the glass pendant with lace sleeve ($99) is a bit fun, unusal, quirky… I really like it and I don’t even like lace. It works somehow. I can picture this in a contemporary dining setting, three in a row above a white parsons table. In the above photo, it’s shown over a little table in the bedroom. If you look hard enough (click on the image), you’ll see it!

In April, Brocade will launch their outdoor furniture – so stay tuned for that.

(images from brocade home)

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Freckle Wonder

March 12, 2007

I *heart* Freckle WonderFreckle Wonder is a girl that we’d all love to have as a friend. Jenny has style, she’s a woman doing it for herself (small business owner along with her life partner Matt, their fur kids, and their son, Henry), with a gorgeous mid-century retroish home, and she’s so pretty – like a grown up doll. Jenny sells everything from home accessories to shoes and clothes on her website, so it’s a fun browse and worth a bookmark so you can keep an eye on things – she’s constantly updating the site with new stuff.

Freckle WonderI think it’s great that she models everything and that Matt is the resident photographer, styling to perfection. I don’t know whether he does this already or not, but I’d love to see Matt sell some of his product shots, I think many of them would be great framed or as greeting cards. Anyway, I’m lovin’ Freckle Wonder and I hope you do too. Great girl, great site.

Psst: She’s a blogger, hurray!

(images from freckle wonder)


Martha Stewart *New* Website

March 12, 2007

Martha Stewart has outdone herself yet again with a fabulous new look and feel to her website.

Martha Stewart *New* Website
It’s so fresh, much easier to navigate, packed with great articles and images, and my favorite, the decorating and craft tips. I just love Martha and remember when her website had an entire retail section where you could purchase gadgets and paper goods galore (bring it back, please!). I relied heavily on her website as I planned my wedding in 2001, purchasing lots of things she had there at that time.

Martha Stewart *New* WebsiteMy favorites were the Mexican paper wedding flags (they looked like this), with these gorgeous cut out patterns, in pure white.

Martha Stewart *New* WebsiteI strung them together with twinkle lights to display inside of our reception tent along the top. It was gorgeous to dine beneath them, the lights showing off all the intricate patterns, sparkling through the lacey paper to create the most beautiful shadows. It doesn’t appear as though the site has the retail side anymore, except for her fabulously arranged fresh flowers, but it does have tons of great articles to give you ideas and help you along with your projects, so click on over and see for yourself – it’s Martha Stewart perfection!

(images from mslo)


Mijnes (Colorful Accessories for Kids)

March 12, 2007

Have you heard of Mijnes? 100% Dutch design, they create accessories with a focus on children (and the young at heart). Mijnes carries everything from crib bags to backpacks, pillows, wall murals, and cloth storage boxes. Using bright colors and playful animal motifs, which seem to appeal to the little ones, all items are individually designed and handmade in the Netherlands and are of exceptional quality. And the good news for most of us, they recently launched an English website. Look at these color combinations! I think the cloth boxes would look great on a white bookcase in a kid’s room, don’t you?

Mijnes (Colorful Accessories for Kids)
(images from mijnes)

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Jung-Koch-Quentell Chart Love

March 11, 2007

A funny thing just happened. After writing about botanical prints yesterday, I couldn’t seem to get my mind off of them. Then while I was in Newburyport today, I stumbled upon an amazing chart by Jung-Koch-Quentell at a home design store there. Immediately when my husband saw them, he explained that they’re from Germany, used since the 1960’s as a teaching aid in school. The one I fell in love with was $179- USD so I walked away because he convinced me that we could find these online in Germany for much less. Love that man.

Jung-Koch-Quentell Chart LoveI came home and googled them (in English) and found these at Ballard Designs for $199- USD each. I know, they’re pricey. But they’re made extremely well, printed on canvas, and the top and bottom comes with black wooden dowels to keep it from rolling up, and a ribbon for hanging. They’re large, full-color, gorgeous. Much prettier than online in fact.

But get this. While I was off googling in English, my husband googled in German and found the same ones at Hagemann for under $50,- Euro with free shipping within Germany. If you live elsewhere, contact Hagemann directly. Here’s an online catalog showing their charts. For those of you that cannot read German, they come with the same black wooden dowels, printed on canvas, just as what you see above from the Ballard Designs catalog. What a deal! What a husband!

I’m ordering the one below, top left, showing a metamorphosis. I love the colors, it would be perfect in my living room, so I think that’s where it will go. I also love the one showing the human body. That’s a fun conversation starter, agree?

Jung-Koch-Quentell Chart LoveTo get an idea of how these look installed, I pulled these two images eons ago from an AT tour I found, but unfortunately I cannot recall who lives in this great space or where the tour was located on the site. Do you know? Anyway, it helps you visualize how fabulous these charts look in the home.

Jung-Koch-Quentell Chart LoveJung-Koch-Quentell Chart Love[update: reader Courtney pointed me to this post, she’s been on the prowl for the print shown over the sofa (below) from the March 2006 Martha Stewart Living magazine. That’s over a year of looking! Anyway, she clicked on the above link to Hagemann and struck gold! Yeah!]

Jung-Koch-Quentell Chart Love(images from ballard designs, hagemann, at:ny, and martha stewart living)

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Botancial Art + Anthropologie Wallpaper

March 11, 2007

So much for going to the coast today. I think I’ll do that tomorrow. I ended up in Chestnut Hill at The Container Store and Anthropologie, amongst other places. It reached 60F here, so we felt all Spring-like so it seemed only natural to check out the stores for Spring clothes and housewares. Spotted some new Anthro wallpapers and botanical prints that I thought I’d share. Some readers recently wrote in looking for the print above the Chinoiserie bedding from Dwell. Even though these are a slightly darker take, Anthropologie has the flax and the dandelion – may be a good fit?

Botancial Art + Anthropologie WallpaperYou can also search eBay for botanical art and then use these great poster hangers from Rare Device to hang it Dwell style.

Love the two new papers from Anthropologie too, the dotswold and the sunburst. $88 per roll, and it’s allll yours. Who wouldn’t love to smack these babies on the wall?

Botancial Art + Anthropologie Wallpaper

(images from anthropologie + dwell)

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