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March 2007

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Saturday Inspiration

March 10, 2007

Here are some images I’ve collected over the past week that give me joy. Feel free to share what you love with me anytime via email, if I use a reader tip, I’ll credit you with a link back to your website or blog.

Saturday Inspiration
This image is making its way around the blog circuit, but it made me happy so I had to bookmark it here. It’s a terrific budget option for adding interest to walls. You could even make these two-sided and suspend from the ceiling with fishing wire to create your own textile mobile or freestyle art. I’ve seen hoops used alone to decorate walls, but this is such a clever way to display textiles that are an important part of either your family history or ones that simply make you happy. I see these displayed over a bed, don’t you? (from purl bee via love forever. update: also blogged on happy mundane.)

Saturday InspirationThese images came to me from the gorgeous floral design blog House Martin. This blogger is in the process of launching a new store, Ink & Peat in Portland, OR. It’s fun to read as she begins the journey of taking her dreams into retail. Don’t we all long to open a storefront of our very own? (via reader Carlene – thanks so much!)

Saturday InspirationSaturday Inspiration
See you on Sunday, I’m heading to the coast with my family. Make it a great Saturday everyone, do something that you can feel good about. Call a friend, rearrange your furniture, buy some fresh flowers, prepare a colorful meal, take a relaxing bath… Refresh, unwind, enjoy!

Color Inspiration, Decorating Tips

Tricia Guild – No Color Fear Here!

March 10, 2007

To spark your creativity today, browse the world of one of today’s leading color mavens, Tricia Guild. It’s a trip fantastic. These images are from her new Spring collection, Oriental Garden and Essentials. Delish! I’m not a fan of all the furnishings and flooring, but the textiles and wallpaper patterns are bold and fresh.

Tricia Guild - No Color Fear Here!Tricia Guild - No Color Fear Here!I think my favorite is the bottom image, far right. At least the wallpaper. That blue and white room pattern makes me feel energetic and happy. I’d have to add some warmth to the room though, either through hardwood floors or a wood credenza. I don’t like the black tulip chair. The white parsons table is nice, I’d keep that.
Tricia Guild - No Color Fear Here!
(images from designers guild)


Happy Friday + Welcome Design Sessions Readers!

March 10, 2007

I’ll be back this weekend to blog a little, I have a few things to mention that I ran out of time to post about today… If you’re here because you read my interview over at Design Sessions, welcome! I hope you have fun and find a few things that you enjoy here on decor8. Thanks Anjula for the wonderful chance to be introduced to your massive online community. It really makes me happy to be a part of all you have going on there in NYC.

Happy Friday + Welcome Design Sessions Readers!
Oh, and please don’t miss all the new links over on my blogroll in the left column (look for the *). Everyone there is special to me — together we form an amazing online community of creative, talented people that have a real sense of purpose in life and a love for what it is that we do. I think it’s so important to support eachother – so enjoy all the new adds over there. Also, don’t miss the new blog and book of the week that I posted (also to your left). That Tricia Guild book is only $13 and is a feast for the eyes – every single page is full color, to die for, gorgeousness.

So I’m signing off for now. Have a nice night. Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. And thank you again, Anjula.

(image from


Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)

March 9, 2007

Whenever I visit a website packed with gorgeous furniture, I immediately stop, drop and roll. I stop dreaming, drop my wallet, and roll my eyes. Why? Because of shipping. Huge pain. And to make matters worse, I’m finding so many quality buys on eBay lately, but do the old duck and run before I’m tempted to bid because of the lengthy explanations about cost, hiring a greyhound bus to deliver it, blah blah blah. Can’t someone make this easier? Yes. Tonic Home.

Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)
I have to admit, when reader Wendy wrote in to tell me about her store filled with glamourous contemporary furnishings and accessories, red flags shot up. But then the clouds drew back and major beams shot in. The retail angels sang as she said, “Free shipping on orders over $200, anywhere in the USA.” Come again? Did I hear that correctly? I don’t have to hire a bus, train, plane, or schlep down to some warehouse with a truck? Brilliant. So are the finds. Look at this stuff. Delish. Art, mirrors, furniture, lamps, all very Wearstler-esque, don’t you think? Modern glamour and those hints of asian, moorish, and European influences that we love.

Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)Tonic Home (+ Free Shipping Offer)
(images from tonic home)


Little Tree Press

March 9, 2007

Little Tree Press has some gorgeous paper goods, from a stunning wedding collection (all letterpressed on 100% cotton rag paper with coordinating pieces), delicious giftwrap (flat printed, available as sheets or as two-sheet rolls), cheery greeting cards (letterpressed) and bookplates (letterpressed on acid-free, adhesive-backed paper), it’s hard to resist these winning finds. Wedding season is quickly approaching, actually party season in general (warm weather is coming), so start your event planning in advance with beautiful papers to send to your guests.

Little Tree PressA hand-written note or a unique invitation lets your guests know that more went into the event than ordering a few cupcakes. Your heart is on the line and good stationery shows it. When someone sends me a carefully crafted invite, I can’t help but imagine what the day means to them. Then I start imaginging what it will be like, what I’ll wear, all the great people I’ll meet, and how exciting the event will be in general because my friend obviously put her all into it. Yes, carefully chosen stationery tells me all of that. It sets the stage, it’s all in the presentation – looking good on paper is the first step to success!

Little Tree Press“Whether it is a thank you note or an elaborate wedding set, if it has your name on it, people will relate it to you. So, in my mind, why buy a Hallmark card? Mass-produced stationery pieces say very little about personality or style. Little Tree Press work is thoughtfully designed and printed by hand (each piece one at a time) with great attention to detail and I think it shows.” – Little Tree Press

(images from little tree press)

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Steven Harrington *New* Un Royaume Print

March 9, 2007

I recently blogged about Steven Harrington and had a slew of readers inquire about his peacock print via the blog and email. Wow, he has a real following out there! (Update: he’s in the studio working on it. I’ll let you know as soon as the peacock is ready to fly.) In the interim, check out his new “Un Royaume” print, it’s fantastic isn’t it? Details: 18×24, 5 color screenprint produced in edition of 100, $45. Click image below to enlarge.

Steven Harrington *New* Un Royaume Print
Thanks, Steven!

(images from steve harrington)

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