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March 2007

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Eames Fabric – Online

March 8, 2007

Thought I’d pass along a gem of a website for those mid century modern textile lovers out there. It’s called I like it because it’s not for the trade only, so anyone can purchase the textiles online. Girard, Nelson, Maharam, Panton, Eames… It’s all right here.

Eames Fabric - Online(images from eames fabric)

Inspiration, Objects

RecreateThis Room: Chairs With Socks!

March 8, 2007

I love the simplicity of this dining room and was thinking of ways to recreate the look for less. It’s a fairly easy room to create. Watch.

RecreateThis Room: Chairs With Socks!
First, you can grab the nepture chairs ($298 each) from Anthropologie or the Bull chairs from 2bMod for $240 and team them up with the large Roost Porcelain Bell light from Velocity for $187 or the Septim from IKEA in white ($25). Next, grab a tulip table with a marble top from Retro Design Furniture for $895 or the Odyssey from CB2 for $149. (an original ’60’s Eero Saarinen wood topped tulip dining table from Knoll is around $3,800).

RecreateThis Room: Chairs With Socks!
Viola! But wait. Those chairs aren’t exactly budget finds. So that brings me to another idea. When I first saw the image, I called it the dining room with socks. The chairs really do look like they are wearing socks, don’t they? So why not get creative and break out the white paint, paint ordinary wood chairs white, and either paint your own socks on in any color you’d like, or crochet a pair to slip on. Hey, you can even add your own by cutting the feet off of socks and slipping them on. I mean, c’mon. How cute would that be?

(top image from domino)


Osborne & Little *New* Spring Patterns (what do you think about metallics?)

March 8, 2007

I promised myself that I’d refrain from wallpaper posts for at least a week. Then this morning, reader Jody sends me a link to her favorite new papers from Osborne & Little. My favorite is the Marvao from the Miradouro collection (left), a very classy leaf pattern in turquoise, metallic silver, and fuchsia. So rich, it’s gorgeous.

Osborne & Little *New* Spring Patterns (what do you think about metallics?)Then while enjoying breakfast, flipping through the March issue of Living Etc, I see tons of rooms decked out in wallpaper. (Psst: There’s a great tip on page 105. If you find a paper pattern that you like, use the same one in a different colorway in a nearby room. Works especially well if the space is an open plan, you can continue the pattern from the living room to the dining room, just in a different color. Nice!)

Osborne & Little *New* Spring Patterns (what do you think about metallics?)
So of course, between Jody and Living Etc, wallpaper is back on my brain and now, here on the blog. Is it me, or are you seeing metallic wallpaper as a trend?

Americans have come a long way. It wasn’t easy to welcome back wallpaper (and in some cases still causes anxiety). Like a prodigal son, it’s returned and now, to push even further, the metallics are knocking on the door. Hmm. That’s somewhat huge. I tend to shy away from shiny surfaces, but I could convert if used in the proper setting because, let’s face it, what looks good in your home would look horrible in mine, and vice versa. So much depends on surroundings, mood, the architecture of the home, etc.

Oh metallics. I remember my mother hiring an interior designer in the late ’70’s and she installed a shimmering gold metallic geometric print in our living room. Of course, my mother loved it. I mean, our walls dazzled like the set of Solid Gold, total disco tech, the only thing missing was a globe and music playing, think “Funky Town”.

But seriously, would you allow metallic wallpaper into your life? Won’t you take me to, funky town? What do you think of metallic papers?

(images from osborne & little)

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Marisa Haedike’s *New* Etsy Store!

March 8, 2007

I was thrilled this morning to hear that LA-based artist Marisa Haedike from Creative Thursday opened an Etsy store. She decided to get started by selling 12 prints of her favorite paintings for $28. I’m so happy for her, not only because she is doing something she truly enjoys (painting and working for herself), but that she makes her art accessible to those who perhaps aren’t ready to jump in and purchase an actual painting. Welcome to the world of Etsy Marisa, and thank you for sending me the news. Congratulations!

Marisa Haedike's *New* Etsy Store!(images from marisa haedike)

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Jonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYC

March 7, 2007

When Allison announced that Jonathan Adler’s latest retail space was soon to open at 37 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, I had to request a virtual tour for decor8 readers. They just opened their doors this past Friday, and Allison was kind enough to send in some snapshots – Amazing! If this place doesn’t make you want to shop yourself into a coma, nothing will. Thank you so much Allison, the store is gorgeous – I know where I’m heading when I visit in May.
(psst: click on photos for larger views.)

Check out these $ tiles that Jonathan designed exclusively for the space to wrap the cashier desk… Cha-ching for sure!

Jonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYCA closer view…

Jonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYCJonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYCJonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYCJonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYC(images from jonathan adler)


Normal Room – Global Decor

March 7, 2007

I know you do it. During your evening strolls, you glance over at the neighbors’ homes whenever their curtains are open. While you may not press your face against their window, it’s fun to see how others are living. Especially everyday, “normal” people. That’s why Normal Room is a fun surf. It’s a website that reader Anssi recently told me about that takes you into the rooms of those living all over – from Finland to Russia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Argentina, and beyond. It’s fun to see what decorative styles we share (or not) with other cultures. Even though the community is still growing, it’s worth checking out and better yet, contributing your own images. Help Normal Room grow – it’s a great concept.

A terrific flat in Tokyo.

Normal Room - Global DecorWhile I do not suggest clicking on “browse all” because you fall into a virtual rabbit hole, I think “search” is the way to go, and then search by country. I selected Germany, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan. Here are some of the results, see what you think.

Fijian has a great flat in The Netherlands, don’t you think?

Normal Room - Global DecorNormal Room - Global DecorNormal Room - Global Decor

A really cool apartment of a 26-year-old student in Helsinki.
Fantastic colors!
Normal Room - Global DecorNormal Room - Global DecorNotice the art and twinkle lights – love!
Normal Room - Global DecorA serene bedroom in Sydney with a beautiful view.
Normal Room - Global DecorA home office inside of a timber frame house built in 1560 in Germany.

Normal Room - Global Decor(images from normal room)

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