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Dishing Top Design – Episode #5 Open Thread

Tonight Top Design will resume its normal schedule, so meet me back here later on so we can discuss it. I hope there’s another somewhat realistic challenge, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Kelly does with her hair (of course), what oddly chic furniture Goil will design, and of course, to read what Jonathan Adler has to say in his blog over the next few days, he writes a splendidly sarcastic recap post show.

While I have Bravo on the brain, does anyone know when the next season of Runway kicks off?

(image from top design)

Posted in reality tv on March 08, 2007

Jonathan Adler *New* Store: West Village, NYC

When Allison announced that Jonathan Adler’s latest retail space was soon to open at 37 Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, I had to request a virtual tour for decor8 readers. They just opened their doors this past Friday, and Allison was kind enough to send in some snapshots – Amazing! If this place doesn’t make you want to shop yourself into a coma, nothing will. Thank you so much Allison, the store is gorgeous – I know where I’m heading when I visit in May.
(psst: click on photos for larger views.)

Check out these $ tiles that Jonathan designed exclusively for the space to wrap the cashier desk… Cha-ching for sure!

A closer view…

(images from jonathan adler)

Posted in Shop Tours, shopping, travel on March 07, 2007

Normal Room – Global Decor

I know you do it. During your evening strolls, you glance over at the neighbors’ homes whenever their curtains are open. While you may not press your face against their window, it’s fun to see how others are living. Especially everyday, “normal” people. That’s why Normal Room is a fun surf. It’s a website that reader Anssi recently told me about that takes you into the rooms of those living all over – from Finland to Russia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Argentina, and beyond. It’s fun to see what decorative styles we share (or not) with other cultures. Even though the community is still growing, it’s worth checking out and better yet, contributing your own images. Help Normal Room grow – it’s a great concept.

A terrific flat in Tokyo.

While I do not suggest clicking on “browse all” because you fall into a virtual rabbit hole, I think “search” is the way to go, and then search by country. I selected Germany, Finland, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan. Here are some of the results, see what you think.

Fijian has a great flat in The Netherlands, don’t you think?

A really cool apartment of a 26-year-old student in Helsinki.
Fantastic colors!
Notice the art and twinkle lights – love!
A serene bedroom in Sydney with a beautiful view.
A home office inside of a timber frame house built in 1560 in Germany.

(images from normal room)

Posted in inspiration on March 07, 2007

Solas Light + CJ O’Neill

I discovered POAA last night (great store based in the Netherlands that ships worldwide) and found myself drawn in by the Solas Lights from UK designer CJ O’Neill. I’d not seen these before, so now I have yet another obsession. Gorgeous patterns on hemispherical forms, some with piercing details, all translucent bone china, all so striking and unique. No two are alike, you can even select the decoration you’d like and whether or not you’d like the lights pierced. How great is that?

Psst: CJ O’Neill also creates amazing tableware and bowls, not to miss on her website.

(images from poaa and cj o’neill)

Posted in Objects on March 07, 2007


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