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Bookhou Design

Arounna from Bookhou Design wants to share their new designs with decor8 readers, and after seeing them, I was more than happy to post. Their ash tables with metal legs and their sprig trays and red field stools are so unique and definitely ones that I’d own or use in client spaces. I’m in love with the stool shown below. These are soon to be available online via the Bookhou website. Arounna and John hopes that you love their work, so bookmark ’em! I sure will. Thanks for writing in, Arounna!

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(images from bookhou design)

Posted in Objects on March 06, 2007

Mecox Gardens

Oh-la-la Mecox Gardens. Their flagship emporium is located in Southampton, NY, but they have stores scattered throughout the United States, so if there’s one if your area, try to take a trip to your local Mecox and bring a friend that won’t allow you to over spend. You’ll need someone who can keep you in control when you see their furnishings and accessories. Located in in Southhampton and East Hampton, NYC, Palm Beach, LA, Chicago, and Dallas, all I can say is that if they ever move to Boston, my bank account is in serious trouble. There’s nothing on their website that I wouldn’t own, and this truly scares me.

I especially love this chair that Style Court found for under $500. It would make the perfect chair for the living room writing desk, wouldn’t it?

Oh, and this bedroom. I love how they used green apple as an accent. Wow.

A bookcase that I want… Badly.

(images from mecox gardens)

Posted in Objects on March 06, 2007

New Blogs On The Block

I’ve had a lot of really nice bloggers write in over the past few months, or readers writing in about their favorite blogs, to share a bit of their world with me. I appreciate this, and am flattered my these emails, so thank you. As a way to show my gratitude, here’s a mini blog round-up, from my inbox to you! I’m thrilled to see the world of blogging grow, it’s so exciting.

Style Me Pretty – A blog for the style obsessed bride. Abby McLucas is a married lady who designs stationery under the brand Abby Jean Press, her paper goods can be found in stores throughout the United States. Abby has a beautiful blog with excellent wedding tips and inspiration for the bride, it’s gorgeous!

Rockett St. George Blog – They have an amazing store, and now they’re blogging about design in the UK. Always a new find that most of us stateside haven’t heard of yet. Check them out!
Something Old, Something New – Another gorgeous bridal blog that I just discovered after clicking around Style Me Pretty. This blog isn’t new, she’s been blogging for awhile already, but it’s too beautiful to not include in this round-up. Packed with informative posts, inspirational finds, tips, and altogether lovely things, the blogger is also the owner of Kenzie Kate Invitations out of Brooklyn. Love!
Fly in my Mint Julep – Erin Glover is a blogger from Albuquerque, New Mexico that just started her blog. She plans to talk about everything from art and design to movies, food, wine, and whatever her heart desires. Thanks for writing in, Erin!
Design Hole
– Interior designer and freelance writer, Jennifer Mitchell, is the author of this new design blog. Let’s see if Jennifer can put Detroit on the design map! I think she can!
Desire to Inspire – A blog created by two friends, Jo and Kim, that showcases beautiful interiors from the pages of magazines and the portfolios of designers and firms around the room. Beautiful!
Happy Living
– I love the name of Erinn’s blog, Happy Living. Who can resist a blog with such a cheery outlook?

Yellow Bell Pepper Design – A Boston-based blogger (yeah!), Jeniffer Almonte loves design and is on a mission to share her voice with others that seek fresh, bold finds.
A Small Work A Day – Pamela Viola offers a print, in an edition of 100, for sale with $10 from each sale going to a rotating list of charities. They sell for $25 including domestic postage and this blog showcases her beautiful prints.
All Pop Blog – After years of collecting everything from plastic saints and Hindu posters to oilcloth bags and Mexican pop culture trinkets, LA artists/designers Jennifer and Josh Hoffert decided it was time to share their love of kitsch with others through their store, and now, their blog.

Art Diary Bradford Brenner – Bradford is an artist located in San Diego that blogs about his work, offering it for sale via his blog. He paints primarily figurative, still life, landscape, portrait and abstract in acrylics and oil on either canvas or board. Excellent!

At?pica Objetos Placenteros – Nancy Kulfas blogs from Buenos Aires, Argentina about handmade objects desiged by Argentine artists. Thank you Nancy for sharing finds from your beautiful country with us!
*Terramia* – I don’t much about the woman behind *Terramia*, but I see her commenting all over the place, and truly love her energy and positivity – her support means so much to me. Her blog is all about decorating, a fun read from a great lady!

Casapinka – Here’s another active blogger and blog reader, she comments on blogs frequently with such supportive words. She loves needlepoint, cherry blossoms, and the color pink. We just love her. :)

In looking at these blogs, as well as so many others, I’m especially interested in those that specialize in something special, like the wedding bloggers, the mid century modern lovers, the stationery blogs, etc. Readers always write to me asking about blogs and how to get started, and I’m quick to reply that more blogs are needed that focus on a particular subject matter, one that the blogger is experienced in and passionate about, those are really needed. Maybe you’re a graphic designer and you want to blog about what inspires your work, how you create images, etc. Or perhaps you love letterpress and own one, and you love to create beautiful cards…. Maybe you can blog about this along with a few mini tutorials and images that walk the rest of us through the process.

If you want to start a blog and wonder what you will talk about, think about what it is you know. Think of what your friends tend to ask you about the most. Think about what you would like to say to a whole new world of readers that will flock to your site to read your words.

Do you realize how helpful a blog about entertaining is, or a blog about writing song lyrics, crochet, pulling together a room, an outfit, or a blog that helps someone learn about opera music or the art of quilting. Whatever it is you consider yourself a smarty pants at is what you should blog about. Have a voice, stand up, show your skills – blog! :)

And welcome to all the bloggers above, you make the world a better place, you can believe that for sure!

Posted in blogs on March 06, 2007

Sub-Studio Store

Sub-Studio Store was a delight to stumble upon over the weekend while shopping Etsy. Their cards are great. I wish I had known about them when I posted Beachy Keen because some of their cards would look so cute framed, perfect to put in a room with the whole ocean vibe going on. Here’s a few of my favorites, check out Sub-Studio for yourself to find your own faves… Puts me in the mood for summer, and as the snow falls here in New England and the temps drop to the low 20’s, I need all the sting ray and seahorse patterns I can get!

(images from sub-studio store)

Posted in Etsy Faves, stationery on March 06, 2007


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