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Visit the *New* Blueprint Blog – Bluelines!

I’m excited that the new Blueprint magazine blog, Bluelines, launched today. Of course, another surprise was seeing decor8 on their blogroll under Sites We Love, thanks so much Blueprinters for the mention! Visit their new blog and see what you think. Congrats to Blueprint for entering the blogosphere, we’re happy to have you, and your fancy banners… Seriously, aren’t these pretty?

(image from blueprint)

Posted in blogs on March 01, 2007

Ferm Living Wallpaper and Wall Decals

It was exciting to discover Ferm Living out of Denmark because everything from their beautiful website spoke to me, especially the peacock wallpaper and their very grown up wall decals. So sophisticated, so gorgeous, while yet still maintaining a bit of subtle charm so as to not send your room decor into a state of absolute shock (as some wallpapers can). I love these images from Elle Decor showing Ferm wallpaper, a great example of how pairing it with ordinary furnishings really works well, adding glamour to a casual space gives your room a voice!

via elle decor

via elle decor

via elle decor

I think it’s best to keep bold wallcoverings on a single wall (vs. all four), unless it’s in a small room or a narrow hallway, then I say install it on all the walls (even the ceiling if you so fancy) and have yourself a wallpaper party! Otherwise, one wall is enough for me. Ferm also designs classy wall decals, as you’ll see in the grouping below. Browse the Ferm website for more examples, and a huge thank you to Imelda for the tip via her lovely blog!

wall decals

wall decals


(images from ferm living)

Posted in Rooms on March 01, 2007

Camilla Engman "Giovannina"

Camilla has a new gicl?e fine art print in her shop, “Giovannina“, signed and numbered, it’s a limited edition of 100 – so pick yours up as soon as possible! Camilla is known around the world and may sell out quickly. The illustration is printed on a page from a Swedish book that dates back to 1856, $60- USD, print only.

(image from camilla engman)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on March 01, 2007

Agatha Katzensprung Photography

The photography of Agatha Katzensprung is quite emotional, don’t you think? It’s photographers like Agatha that make us want to snap more photos and stretch our imagination. You have to look at her portfolio, gorgeous. A special thanks to Maryam for posting about Agatha, or else I may not have found her. What beauty! The image of the girl in the field, in her frilly dress, is my favorite. I think all women need to be photographed like this, in an empty field wearing something gorgeous. :)

(images from agatha katzensprung)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on March 01, 2007


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