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March 2007


Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!

March 25, 2007

Sofia Antonovich and Pierre-Yves Toudic, the Parisian designers behind Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!From their Marie Antoinette collection, the Chaise shown below is available in two sizes and colors. The large black chair is 16″ x 39″ and the small pink chair (not shown) is 14.2″ x 35.5″.

Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!Also from their Marie Antoinette collection is the Tete de Lit decal available in twin 55″, queen 63″, king1 70″, or king2 79″. I think it would be fun to place behind a daybed, with the length of the bed against the wall and a king1 or king2 on the wall. Available in grey, black, or pink.

Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!Pin up decals, available in 3 poses, smoking, spritzing on perfume, or with champagne (shown 40″ x 51″).

Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!And for fun, here’s an image of their booth from the January ’07 Maison & Objet in Paris. The fireplace decal below can be purchased right here at Urban Outfitters for $125-.

Les Invasions Ephemeres Wall Decals: *New* Designs!Thanks Sofia for writing in!

(Photos: Rebecka Oftedal for Les Invasions Eph?m?res)

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Congrats, Daniel Sugarman!

March 25, 2007

Daniel wrote to me with some really great news, I had to share it. Last May 2006, I shared a tour of his condo with decor8 readers and it looks like someone out there from TV land was reading…Check it out!

“I wanted to share some news with you. One of the producers of HGTV found my work on decor8 and contacted me last month. The HGTV producers selected my South End renovation to feature on an upcoming episode, and they came in with a full camera crew to film the show. Thank you for featuring me last year, not only will I be on TV this spring but the Boston Globe and South End News will run articles on my project in coming weeks. I don’t know the air date of the HGTV show yet but can keep you posted.” -Dan

Here are some photos Dan sent in from his HGTV shoot. Yay!

Congrats, Daniel Sugarman!Congrats, Daniel Sugarman!
Here’s the Globe article that just ran on March 7, 2007. Design Boston’s Grady has a shot of the full page spread right here. Go, Design Boston – you rock (psst: he’s always so on top of Boston-design, Grady never quits!).

Congratulations Dan, and we’ll be looking for you over on HGTV!

(images from daniel sugarman)


Karastan Plum Blossom Area Rug

March 23, 2007

So sorry for the lack of blog posts today, I had an editorial deadline and now that I have wrapped that up, I need to get ready for date night with my husband. We are heading to the coast to have dinner and see a concert, so I think I will post a few quick things here and run away with my sweetie. I missed you though – blogging is like slipping into this fantastic portal and mingling on the other side with those that truly get it when it comes to design, decorating, and all the things that I am into, that you are too. So, with that being said, I apologize for neglecting the blog today, and promise that if you check in over the weekend, I will make up for it with a post or two on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on time.

Karastan Plum Blossom Area Rug
One thing I take very seriously is being able to find things that you are looking for. Recently, reader Jennifer from Chicago, wrote in about a rug she saw both in this post and from the pages of Real Simple magazine. The rug is called Plum Blossom by Karastan, and she was going nuts trying to locate it on the Karastan website. I told Jennifer that I would do my best to track one down for her, and today, mission accomplished! It finally posted online over at a rug outlet called Abingdon, so Jennifer click here to purchase your rug. :) Yay!

The rug also appears above, clearly a better shot of it by Real Simple than the one shown below taken from the Abingdon website — but it’s the same rug, I can assure you of that!

Karastan Plum Blossom Area Rug
(images from real simple and karastan)

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Melissa Moss *New* Etsy Store

March 23, 2007

I wrote about the wonderful Melissa Moss and her paintings last October, and Marisa at Creative Thursday interviewed her via podcast (very motivating for those ready to make a career change, you won’t want to miss it!), but when an email arrived tonight from Melissa, I had to share. Melissa now offers prints of her paintings in her new Etsy store. Yeah! Click here to view them all, priced right at around $30 each. These would look so great framed over a white sofa, I would love to pair up some of her prints with these new pillows from West Elm, especially since a few prints and pillows can give your room a whole new look for under $150. I love the idea of having an all-white sofa and splashing color on it with brightly colored pillows and great prints on the wall behind it. Can’t you tell I’m so into Spring decorating right now?!

Melissa Moss *New* Etsy Store

(images from melissa moss)


Thank you, la Fraise!

March 23, 2007

I want to thank Mike at la Fraise for contacting me for an interview. is Europe?s largest t-shirt design competition, with 3-4 designs selected to be sold on the site each week from the over 700 submissions they receive! la Fraise only does a limited run of 500 per design, and they don’t reprint them, so if you see something you like, scoop it up ASAP! Each winning designer gets 1,000- Euros, so if you are interested in getting involved, visit their website and learn what it’s all about.

la Fraise is having a girly week, so they’ve contacted a few girls in the design community for an interview. I think I’m the only American! The interview is in German, but on their Norwegian website, only the intro is in Norwegian — the rest is in English, so you can read it there.

Thank you, la Fraise!
Heute geht’s ?ber den Teich! Genauer, nach Boston, USA. Hier ist Holly Becker zu Hause. Und was macht sie so interessant f?r uns? Nun, schaut einfach mal auf Ihren Blog – decor8! Eine riesiges Sammelsorium von Infos aus den Bereichen Innenarchitktur, Dekoration, Lifestyle, Architektur, Mode etc.. Und alles hat einen seehr femininen Touch. So ist es auch kein Wunder, das decor8 im Laufe der letzten 14 Monate zu einer Topadresse f?r Frauen (und M?nner) aus aller Welt wurde. Heute wollen wir der guten Holly etwas auf den Zahn f?hlen. Viel Spa? mit dem Interview!

Mike: Hey Holly! Vorab nochmal alles Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag (gestern)!

Holly: Hi Mike! Vielen Dank! :)

Mike: Wie ist das Wetter in Boston, h?lt der Fr?hling bei Euch schon Einzug?

Holly: Ja, wir hatten vor ein paar Tagen 20?C, danach hatten wir einen riesigen Schneesturm. Entsprechend scheint der Fr?hling noch ganz weit weg, wenn ich aus dem Fenster schaue.

click here to continue in German, or read the English interview here.

Thanks again to Mike and la Fraise! Vielen Dank!


Coastal Living’s Design Assistant

March 22, 2007

Have you checked out the Design Assistant section on Coastal Living’s website? All I can say is don’t miss it because it’s loaded with interior eye candy from Coastal Living, Real Simple, Cottage Living, Sunset, Southern Accents, Southern Living, and more of your favorite magazines.

Coastal Living's Design AssistantDesign Assistant offers tons of tips for styling your home and you can even save the images you like by collecting them in your very own notebook, a feature I absolutely prize. The pictures are huge, you can click on any of them to enlarge, which makes the site that much more interesting to me because I go nuts when I’m browsing a magazine website and all the images are 200 x 200 or something like that. I guess I’m a big picture person in more ways than one!

Here are few rooms that made me happy and extremely homesick for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I grew up. By this time back home, I’d be watching the beachfront transform from a winter ghost town, to a vibrant summery wonderland. How did I end up in New Hampshire under all this snow, anyway?

Coastal Living's Design AssistantCoastal Living's Design AssistantCoastal Living's Design AssistantCoastal Living's Design AssistantCoastal Living's Design AssistantCoastal Living's Design Assistant
(images from coastal living)

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