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Spring Doormat Round-Up!

March 22, 2007

“If you don’t stand out, no one will take notice,” says Matina, a Boston-based doormat that is so bright and cheery, she gets her share of traffic — and attention. “It’s not easy being stepped on, but at least I look cute so visitors notice me, I’m into a powerful first impression.”

Spring Doormat Round-Up!Spring has sprung, and despite the mounds of snow still piled around my front door, I have hope that temps will warm and I can soon plant my window box, flower bed, and freshen my front door with potted plants arranged in various heights and a perky welcome mat. Here are some of my favorites for Spring that will not only keep your floors clean, but welcome guests with style. Afterall, there’s no impression like a first impression!

Spring Doormat Round-Up!Anthropologie can have your guests at hello with their delicious assortment of mats. I checked these babies out in-store recently and loved them all, in fact they have a few additional styles in thier brick ‘n mortar locations. That’s where I’m heading this weekend…

Spring Doormat Round-Up!A few grown-up modern welcome mats from Crate + Barrel. Stripes and floral motifs are two of the most popular patterns for rugs in general, so you always finds lots of them on doormats.

Spring Doormat Round-Up!Somewhat neutral choices from Target online, but their stores have a huge collection in colors that you’ll love, so I suggest hitting Target live for the best selection in mats. That ‘Hi I’m Mat!’ is nerdy, but cute, huh?

Spring Doormat Round-Up!Chiasso is doormat KING of the web. I can’t believe how many great ones they have online (5 pages!), but here are a few that I’ve selected.

Spring Doormat Round-Up!
Doormats that are a bit more on the industrial and somewhat masculine side from Chiasso make for a more bold entry.

Spring Doormat Round-Up! A clever mat from Suck UK. Is it a friendly welcome or a sarcastic get lost mat? You decide.

Spring Doormat Round-Up!Modern and sleek designs over at Unica Home. Love those Droog bunnies – gotta love the Dutch!

Spring Doormat Round-Up!If you’d like to DIY your own animal mat, click here for complete instructions. Fun and easy.

Spring Doormat Round-Up! Wrapables has a few great doormats to wipe your feet on, especially the fruity find above. At their site, or any of those I’ve listed, just search under ‘doormat’.

Spring Doormat Round-Up! Pure gorgeousness from Dixie in Sweden. I love these designs, so graphic and colorful. I could seriously get on a 12-month plan with these guys if they had one. A new doormat a month club or something. What great choices, which makes me think, just where do you start?

Spring Doormat Round-Up! These are Dixie deliciousness as well – aren’t they fabulous?

Spring Doormat Round-Up! Spring Doormat Round-Up! And finally, here’s the High Style mat from Ballard Designs in three different colorways. I love the navy and kelly green. I wish they had it in canary yellow, I think yellow and white together during the Spring season is the best. Their French Court mat is cute and so is this cane pattern mat – this pattern is a huge trend right now, it’s on everything from fabric to rugs and accessories. Love!

Who knew shopping for a doormat could be so much fun?

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Tupalo: *New* Network for Indie Stores + More!

March 22, 2007

Do you Tupalo? You should. It’s a new social mapping network for indie culture, with a focus on mapping mom ‘n pop boutiques, indie book and record stores, hair salons, nightclubs, and cafes.

Tupalo: *New* Network for Indie Stores + More!Users can search, add, rate, review, and tag location around various cities worldwide, including Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, and more – with new locations being added daily. Tupalo is hoping you’ll spread the word about their community, so please visit them online and spread the word!

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Matthew Mead Style

March 22, 2007

I love the internet. It brings us in touch with some of the brightest, most talented people that we may never had known otherwise. Take Matthew Mead for example. Mead owns a lifestyle production company and a full service daylight studio right here in New Hampshire, where he lives just outside of Concord. The world just gets smaller and smaller, doesn’t it?

Matthew Mead StyleMead’s website, Matthew Mead Style, is one that you’ll want to browse for a very long time, it’s packed with beautiful images and loads of tips, from entertaining to styling, collecting, cooking, and more. He even has free downloads where you can find craft projects, and a whole section of archives loaded with great reads and images. Mead updates his website on a seasonal basis, so you’ll want to check back often.

Matthew Mead StyleMead is busy at work as a Stylist and Author too, with years of experience working for all types of shelter and woman’s service magazines and websites such as Mary Emmerling’s Country, McCall’s, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, Country Home (where he is now a contributing editor), and He’s also authored a few books, one is about nature, Gifts from Nature: Ideas & Projects for Every Season, and the other, Easter Eggs: 40 Fabulous Projects for the Whole Family, which just released from Chronicle Books (here’s a video about it if you’d like to learn more).

Matthew Mead StyleOf course, there’s more to a man like Mead, so you’ll have to read his bio for the complete story, and view his videos, too.

Psst: Check out a few of his slideshows on iVillage here and here.

Happy Spring!

(images from matthew mead style)


Happy Spring!

March 21, 2007

Today is the first day of Spring, I’m a year older, and decor8 has a new look for the season. I hope you like it. :) I’m taking a mini blog vacation today so I’ll see you again on Thursday.

Happy Spring!

While I’m away… I just added a ton of new shopping links in the right column for the European cities listed there, and to your left, a new blog of the week and a book of the week. Both are quite awesome, so don’t miss them!

Psst: Brent, an amazing graphic designer and friend that works on my seasonal banners, did another bang up job, don’t you think? If you’re looking for a graphic designer, please send me an email because I’d love to put you in contact with him.

See you Thursday, and Happy March 21st – Spring has sprung!

(image: birdie glass vase from figments in providence, stationery from penny people, and atelier lzc russian doll tea towel from mirror mirror.)

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Limited Edition Steven Harrington Print at Tiny Showcase

March 21, 2007

Act Now!!!

I was so excited when Anh-Minh emailed me today about the latest Tiny Showcase print. Tiny Showcase, an online site for art, release a new work of tiny art every Tuesday night in a limited number, usually only a 100 or so. A percentage of the proceeds go to a charity selected by the artist, this week Steven Harrington (the featured artist), selected the Blind Children’s Learning Center.

Limited Edition Steven Harrington Print at Tiny ShowcaseThe usual prints are flat, but sometimes we’re all in luck and a letterpressed artwork is released. Tonight we’re in luck. Not only is the work from Steven Harrington (I already have work from him and l-o-v-e it), but it’s also a little larger than usual, being 11″ x 6″. The print is shown here, it’s $30, and you can order yours right now online. Hurry! There are only 150 and one of them belongs to me. I’m sure they’ll sell out within the next 30 minutes…

But if they do, here’s information about Steven Harrington, where you can purchase other prints by him on his website, or you can check back with Tiny Showcase next week Tuesday to see who the latest artist is. New artists are posted on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. EST.

(image from tiny showcase)

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Happy Owl Glassworks

March 20, 2007

Tracy Bull from Happy Owl Glassworks, also a new decor8 sponsor as of today (welcome, Tracy!), has some new prints up on her site that I really like, especially the owl shown below. It’s almost like he sat for this portrait, but like most owls, was a bit ticked to be bothered with the whole art thing. His expression reads slightly annoyed, which I think is quite cute because it reminds me of little boys when they’re asked to sit still for their school photo. The girls don’t mind being photographed one bit, but the boys hate every moment of it. I’m also very fond of the colors, lots of blue with touches of yellow, perfect for the Spring season.

Happy Owl GlassworksTracy has also prepared a collection of watercolor illustrations on various woods, all available at Paper Boat Boutique. You can contact them via email at paperboatboutique{at}gmail{dot}com if you see a piece on the Happy Owl website that you’re interested in. Here are a few below.

Happy Owl GlassworksQuick story: I gave a Happy Owl classic badge to my favorite Starbucks barista a few weeks ago and she loved it. She always spotted the one I wear on my winter coat and kept telling me how much she liked it, so I gave her one I had at home that I was saving for my Spring coat. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy she was when she unwrapped the little package. Have you badged your favorite cashier or barista lately? These make the best gifts and they’re only $7! It’s such a nice gesture to give pretty little things to those you see on a regular basis – maybe the girl who makes your coffee or that great bookstore cashier that is always happy to see you. In today’s world, these personal touches make life more meaningful, don’t you think?

Thanks Tracy for your work, the heart and soul you put into it, and how much happiness it brings to those that appreciate the natural world around them.

(images from happy owl glassworks)

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