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March 2007

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Meet Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

March 13, 2007

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams released a new book, Let’s Get Comfortable, packed with practical advice for creating a well-designed home, including loads of layouts so you can flex some muscle and rearrange your furniture to maximize your space. Although I’m not big on their overall decorating aesthetic because I tend to like things a bit more playful and less grown up, I do love a lot of their furniture to mix in my eccletic home. MG + BW furniture is classic and known for its exceptional quality, so most pieces fit in with a myriad of styles.

Meet Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsMeet Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsExcept from Chapter 5, Create Comfort To Suit Your Style

To celebrate their new book, you are invited to an evening reception and book signing to meet Gold & Williams, on Thursday, March 15th, from 7-9 p.m. in their Boston showroom located at 142 Berkeley Street. If you’re like to attend, please R.S.V.P. by calling 617.266.0075.

Meet Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
If you cannot make the Thursday event, you can attend their second area event on Saturday, March 17th from 1-3 p.m. in their new Natick showroom on Route 9 at 395 Worcester Street in Natick. Please R.S.V.P. for that event by phone or email at rsvpnatick {at} mgandbw {dot} com or 508.650.1400.

Live outside of Boston? Click here to view other book signing locations.

While we’re on the subject, I’m feeling a Spring purchase coming on. Every March, as far back as I can remember, I get the urge to freshen my space with something new. I’m thinking of a nice table or a real splurge, a new sofa, this year. Hmmm. I love the Baxter and the Dexter, I wish they had one cushion along the bottom vs. two. I cannot handle cushions on the sofa. Throw pillows, yes, but back and bottom cushions, no. I love the tufted back sofas and the single cushion along the bottom – hard to come by – but I absolutely love those.

Meet Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsMeet Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsAs for fabric, a grey or beige tweed would be perfect, that way I can freely mix and match pillows and throws to change the mood. I think that when you invest in a piece of furniture, you should keep in mind that your style changes throughout the years. If you invest $2,000- or more in a sofa, you want to ensure that it’s something you can live with for awhile. Plus, you don’t want a pattern that fits a current trend, only to look dated in a year or two. My advice: stick to a solid neutral. You really can’t go wrong.

View all of MG + BW furniture online, including the great chairs and tables shown, all my personal favorites.

(images from mg + bw)

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Saltwater (London)

March 13, 2007

Ah… Saltwater. Refreshingly chic. Not to drink, but to wear. And what a cute storefront in giddy London. I love the painted brick walls, hardwood floors, and those windows… Sometimes I wonder if my second calling is commercial space design. I’d love to work on a fashion or home store design project someday. Just once. It seems so easy, although I’m certain it’s not because so much has to be taken into consideration that goes far beyond mere styling. Building codes and the fact that it’s a public space alone is a planning nightmare. But still. In fact, forget the whole store idea, I’d take a window display, wouldn’t it be fun to do a window for your favorite store? I wish more retailers would have contests for local students and designers that awarded them with the prize of designing a window. What fun! I digress… Back to Saltwater!

Saltwater (London)I love mixing and matching, but imagine hosting a party and wearing a dress that matches the tray that matches the pillows that matches the… Oh, nevermind. I love the new fashions out for Spring at Saltwater in England, and the fact that you can really serve up your fashion, on a tray, only adds to the appeal for me. Fun!

Saltwater (London)Saltwater (London)Saltwater (London)(images from saltwater)


Lillibule Ceramics designed by Sylvie Fuller

March 13, 2007

Lillibule Ceramics is one to watch. Designed by the talented Sylvie Fuller, this limited run, hand screen-printed tableware in white bone china is attracting a lot of press lately. And for good reason. Her current collection features a swirly dragonfly motif and can be called feminine, fun, charming…Yet practical and oh so stylish. Sylvie also offers bespoke ceramics, textile design, and hand-painted wall murals. And for you UK shoppers, free shipping for a limited time, visit her online for details.

Lillibule Ceramics designed by Sylvie FullerLillibule Ceramics designed by Sylvie FullerThank you Sylvie for the tip!

(images from sylvie fuller)

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Deyrolle (Paris)

March 13, 2007

Deyrolle in Paris is another source if you’re on the prowl for charts, and I owe a huge thank you to decor8 reader Muse for pointing them out to me. Insects, botanicals, anatomy, they have charts on everything you can imagine and they’re priced between 18- 150,- euros, available for purchase at their store in Paris or right here online.

Deyrolle (Paris)Here’s a glimpse of their store, have you ever seen so many stuffed animals in your life? And we’re not talking plushies here people…

Deyrolle (Paris)This place has total taxidermy fever. I don’t know if these animals are completely recreated from man-made materials, or if they’re formed using actual animal parts, but Deyrolle gives me the creeps. I do love the wall color though, and would definitely visit them just for the whole scare factor (plus I love the vibe, it’s cool I think). For me though, I’m sticking with the charts only (wink).
Deyrolle (Paris)Deyrolle (Paris)Note: No animals were harmed in the creation of this post. As for Deyrolle, no clue what’s going on there. See no evil, hear no evil… (fingers in ears – la la la la la.)

(images from deyrolle)

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Re-found Objects

March 13, 2007

If you love vintage style, don’t miss this place. It seems like every time I pick up an issue of Living Etc, I spot products from Re-found Objects. What a terrific source for reproduction and recycled vintage goods, it’s like a glorious online flea market.

Re-found ObjectsThese pendant jelly lights, made from vintage jelly molds, are totally clever, don’t you think? I’d love to paint them in white or a bright fire engine red.

Re-found ObjectsAnd I love the old-fashioned charm of these vintage-inspired pillows, the union jack is my favorite, I’m not huge on flags as decor, but a tiny little jack is so quintessentially Britian that it’s a must-have for any anglophile.

But back to those mold lights, how hard could it be to make your own? Perhaps search ebay for vintage jelly molds (I just spotted a set of 4 there for $1.99!), drill a hole in the top center, and purchase one of those inexpensive lighting kits from IKEA and you’re more or less finished. You could also find a vintage bundt pan, those already have a hole. Hmmm. I seriously wonder how easy a project like this would be because on paper it doesn’t look like much of a challenge. Has anyone worked on a similar project before?

(images from re-found objects)

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A Little Hut *New* Wall Art + Cards

March 13, 2007

Patricia from A Little Hut wrote in about her new limited edition artwork and I’m so glad she did. When artists write to me asking for their work to be featured, I give them so much credit because I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there before a crowd. It’s scary. You don’t always know how you’ll be received, who will come (if any) once the announcement has been made. I am absolutely flattered whenever someone takes the time to write in to show me what they do, so thank you Patricia.

A Little Hut *New* Wall Art + CardsPatricia’s artwork is completely handmade using an original block print, printed on 100% linen with delicate embroidered details. There are three designs to choose from, all of which you can see on her website. Her company, A Little Hut, also has a small card collection for Spring, shown in the image above.

A Little Hut *New* Wall Art + Cards
Don’t you love this, handmade goodness from those that follow their dreams by launching a little business doing something they love? Raise a glass to Patricia everyone :clink: :clink: cheers to your lovely work!

(images from a little hut)

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