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How do you feel about your blog?

This is such a fun topic, I just have to ‘go there’ since so many of you blog — either about design, work, to push along your business, or just personal stuff meant to share with friends, family, and the innocent bystander. Show of hands here. How many of you fell upon a blog with photos of kids, dogs, and a complete stranger dancing around in her union jack panties and thought, “I wish I could blog like that” (I dream of blogging with complete freedom and wonder how so many actually can.) So I ask you fellow bloggers, what does your blog mean to you? How does it make you feel to have one? Do you wish you could voice your REAL opinions sometimes? Or are you doing that already?

JoshuaInk asked this question back in ’05 on his blog, so I’m not some amazing conversation starter, I credit JoshuaInk on this one. From his blog — “Do you get jitters, or excited before making that controversial post you know is gonna stir things up? Do you feel disappointed when a post you thought would be popular only gets a few comments? Do you have little traffic and if so what keeps you motivated? Do you have a lot of traffic, how does that affect what you write? Is your style to stick to work issues only, or do you get personal and why do you do it that way? How do you feel when someone posts a comment you’d rather delete? Or in the grand scheme of things do you really, deep down, not give a flying {bleep} about any of it? Are you really able to be honest about how you feel about your blog?

Think about it. And let me know. I’ll do the same. Meet me in the comments section below.

(image of book, No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog)

Posted in inspiration, small business on April 12, 2007

Bookcase Envy from Benchmark

I am one smitten kitten. I picked up the April issue of Living Etc last night and I can’t take my eyes off of page 64. As hard as I try, I keep looking at this bookshelf… A wishin’, hopin’, plannin’, dreamin’….

Living Etc tells us that this freestanding beauty was crafted by Russel Pinch for Benchmark, using British wood, made by craftsmen in Berkshire, and retails for around $1,800. Of course, if I factor in shipping from the UK (if they even do that), I’m looking at quite an expense piece here. But I’ve got to have it. Although it seems a bit out of my reach, so now I must start my web crawl to locate something almost exactly like it here in the states. I love two-tone combos like this, especially creamy white lacquer with maple. Any leads for me? My credit card is warmed up and ready to go! :)

(images from living etc, photographed by my husband, thorsten.)

Posted in uncategorized on April 12, 2007

Sarah Kaye Representation

I’m always obsessing over photography, particularly interiors, food, fashion, and still life, which is why I have such a massive collection of magazines. Being a very visual person like so many of you, I find a story in every photo, something there that just may inspire me, and it’s not always what’s shown in the photo that stirs my creativity, but what’s not shown. A certain feeling. Or even beyond that, because when I look at an image, I often edit it in my mind, adding in or subtracting parts until it looks right to me.

Recently I hit the motherload of imagery on the Sarah Kaye Representation website. Sheesh, Kaye represents a slew of a-m-a-z-i-n-g talent, one being photographer Chris Everard, who you’ll frequently find in Living Etc magazine (that’s how I learned of Chris). Once you click on Kaye’s website and start viewing the body of work there, like Joanna Henderson, Sandra Lane… You will indeed slip down the rabbit’s hole, never to return again. It’s amazing. Inspirational. Dreamy. Go ahead click here. All I can say is bye bye work day… :)

Photos: Chris Everard

Photos: Sandra Lane

Photos: Chris Everard

Photos: Chris Everard

Photos: Chris Everard

(images from sarah kaye representation)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on April 12, 2007

Boston Events in May

I love living in New England between May and October. The rest of the year, you can keep it. But for 6 months, it’s heaven. We have the coast, flea markets, outdoor festivals, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Newport and their amazing summer jazz fest, concerts at the Bank of America Pavilion (my friend Paris and I are going to see Morrissey there in June – can’t wait!) the gorgeous coast of Maine, seafood in Rhode Island, and the best Autumn season ever. Not to mention hiking the mountains in New Hampshire, we love spending the day at Bridal Veil falls, it’s a gorgeous hike.

But May kicks it all off, and there’s nothing like attending a few outdoor events to start the season right. I always head down to Brimfield (only a few weeks away!), and then head into Boston for the opening day of the South End Open Market. If you’re in the local area, mark your calendar for both events – you won’t be sorry!

The South End Open Market opening weekend is May 19-20th (more details here) and the Brimfield show runs from May 8-13th (click here for the full scoop).

Anyone else have any local plans for May that you’d like to share? Shameless self promotion is totally allowed, so feel free to comment.

(image from the south end open market)

Posted in shopping, travel on April 12, 2007


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