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Rockett St George *New* Items

Jane over at Rockett St George sent me an email this morning about some of their new items, and so far I’m really enjoying the work of textile designer Johanna Basford. She designs wallpaper, cushions and lampshades, but it’s the lampshades that appeal to me the most because they are a non-sensual version of P Van b in Berlin (I visited their studio in Berlin last November, even more amazing in person), so I could actually install one over my table without making my guests blush.

Jane mentioned that soon she’ll be stocking Bombarock textiles and Susan Bradley‘s complete range, so stay tuned! Rockett St George has so many beautiful new things because Miss Jane has such a great eye, browse their site to see what I mean… You’ll want it all!

Thanks for the updates, Jane!

(images from rockett st george)

Posted in Objects, Rooms on April 30, 2007

Sofia Barao Prints

The talented Sofia added a few new prints to her etsy store, La Fee Coriandre, the first: Birds, trees, bows and dots (limited edition of 100) and next, Cameo Spring (limited edition of only 10). So pretty… I can see Kerry lovin’ these. :)

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(images from sofia)

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Artsy Walls: Creative Inspiration from Kerry

decor8 reader Kerry Pitt-Hart would like to share her artsy walls with us. She put so much thought into her submission, and with the various colors and techniques she used on her walls, I know that you’ll find her space creative and motivating — maybe to get started on your own walls? Here’s what Kerry has to say about her space. Please read her comments because they really help the images come alive. Trust me, you’ll see…

“Ever since staying in the Historic Building at The Westin St. Francis in San Francisco several years ago, I’ve wanted to add wood paneling to a wall as a reminder of the wonderful room we stayed in. Even though we live in a rented flat, we decided to finally do it. After a lot of measuring, cutting, sanding, and painting, we finished a wall that before was blank and cold. I’m so happy with it, and wish I could take it with me when we leave. We’ll just have to do it all over again I suppose, but this time, we’ll know what we’re doing.”

“I also included a room that I painted in a bright coral orange. It’s such a bold color that I wanted to try it in a tiny space first. Depending on the light, especially the light from a lamp, the walls glow like a sunset. I chose this color to remind us of our niece who passed away earlier this year. Her favorite color was orange.”

“The colors and patterns I used in the living room were chosen based on a painting my husband did, the one in the center with the blue bird perched on a tree. I wasn’t planning this, but instinctively, it just happened. When we first moved in, with boxed piled everywhere, I hung it on the wall to make the place seem more like home, and to cover up a huge screw and a bright blue anchor! I never took it down. The chandelier in the foreground was a paint-splattered, rusty brass mess that I tried to revive, but couldn’t. So I shrouded it in some silk. When turned on (it has a dimmer!) the glass shades glow like fireflies. Most of the pillows and the slipcover were ones I made. The red, diamond-patterned one on the chair was an old Diane von Furstenberg dress that I took to be altered. The tailor ended up making it too small, so rather than tossing it, I made it into a pillow.”

“I also included one of the walls in my studio. The “coraled” branch is one I found on a walk one morning. I painted it in this vibrant Chinese Red. The little shelf has an ever-changing display of papers, clippings, shells, seeds and anything else that inspires me.”

“This stenciled wall is the Piece de resistance. It took forever! Though I suppose it should have since the wall is some 6 x 8′. The stencil itself is 2′ square, and the paint is a metallic rosey-lilac color. Even though it seemed like it would never be over, I ordered some more stencils from The Stencil Library, and once I’ve cut them out (you save money if you buy the uncut version), I’ll be at it again, though I seem to be running out of wall space.”

“Then there is this mural I’m working on. There is a tiny space that is only 4 x 4′ off a room at the front of the house. Too small for seating or a table, I decided to decorate the walls. This is something I began back in June, and haven’t gotten around to finishing quite yet, since I have 100 other things on my ever-growing list of things to do. It’s a work in progress, but the bird silhouettes are made of fabric, and the Art Deco-like trees were done freehand in glitter and paint. I intend to add more flowers and further define the branches, and perhaps add a butterfly or two. :) Thanks Holly. I’ll continue to enjoy what you do and be inspired.” – Kerry Pitt-Hart

Thank YOU Kerry. I applaud your use of stencils, and that you refer to The Stencil Library, a resource I also use because they carry the best selection. Stencils are an affordable alternative to wallpaper and can be just as beautiful. For those that rent, it’s a lot easier to stencil and repaint when you move vs. convincing your landlord to allow wallpaper, so stencils are a smart renters option. Although you may fall in love with your work, and sadly, once it’s on the walls, you can’t take it with you! In addition to Kerry and her beautiful stencil work, I think Maine-based design duo Wary Meyers demonstrates that stencils can be hip and very now. DIY molding, and hand painted motifs on walls can be chic too, and looking at all the custom work they do for their clients (see examples below), it’s easy to see that a good designer doesn’t limit themselves to a few techniques, but explores several. Thanks again, Kerry!

Wary Meyers stencil – amazing!

Wary Meyers

Wary Meyers stencil work

Wary Meyers stencil work – close up

(images from kerry pitt-hart and wary meyers)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, Rooms on April 28, 2007

Apartment Therapy: Small Cool 2007

Big pimpin’ over at Apartment Therapy today. Are you staying on top of the AT Small Cool contest? I check in daily to see who is on the chopping block, and today, it’s Ron M. of NYC in his tiny 300 sq ft studio. It’s tricked out, fo shizzle! :)

My vote is on Ron, and I’m not even into chocolate brown, but this place really inspired me because it’s one swank man den. You can tell a man lives here based on the color palette and patterns, but there’s not a lick of plaid, black, steel, FHM posters, Xbox, or action figures in sight. And no futon! I know I have male readers, so excuse me for saying that, but whenever I’ve helped a guy decorate his pad, I had to spend hours trying to decide where to position the massive amounts of toys, games, CDs, DVDs, plasma televisions, stereos, and the sea of black cables. So please tell me what you think of Ron’s place. I’d love to get your thoughts. And where are Ron’s wires?

The touch of yellow, the use of turquoise, the foo dogs on his desk, it’s grand, don’t you think? He was clever to use a chair with more of an open back, as it gives the illusion of having more space, same goes with the clear acrylic coffee tables. The rug separates the living space from the sleep zone, another intelligent choice. And he clearly has a love of lighting, because I see about 7 table lights, 2 ceiling fixtures, and a floor lamp = 10 light sources in one room. We can learn a lot from a man like Ron, because most homes I enter have about 2 light sources per room and then they wonder why one sock is black and the other is brown. Ron was also clever to use mirrors to give a sense of space and to bounce the natural light around the room.

Do you have any Small Cool favorites this year?

[Update: I found out that this man IS in an interior designer and has detailed views of his apartment above right here on his website. Drool fest!]

(images from at)

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