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Frazier & Wing *New* Website

I featured Heather’s work here last year, so when she emailed me today to announce the launch of her new website, Frazier & Wing, I was over the moon. I’ve been a fan of her mobiles for months now, I love absolutely everything about them – each delicious disk tells a story…

It’s a somewhat modern take on this 3 tier capiz shell mobile from the 70’s (via eBay), don’t you think?

And Miss Frazier & Wing doesn’t stop with mobiles, she has funky canvas pillows too. So graphic and great colors. Heather, thanks a million for tuning us into your new website!

(images from frazier & wing)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on April 10, 2007

Modern Dose: 10% discount and free shipping for decor8 readers!

Estela from Modern Dose sent over some chain coasters for spring, available in b/w or in 4 different colors, and crusing their website, I found a few animal/vintage wallpaper canvas prints, some retro rockers for $250 each (and free shipping!), and this wood grain cherry blossoms artwork for $95 or the deer print for $95. Modern Dose is working on growing out their website, with new storage options soon to follow, so bookmark their site and check back often!

Here’s how the discount works. Modern Dose is in the process of revamping their website and currently cannot provide a coupon code. Howeverm, they can process your order as a 10% rebate when you type in “Decor8″ in the comment box upon checkout. The rebate will show up within 2 business days on your credit card. The discount is good from today, April 10 – April 17th and applies to everything in their store, and free shipping is also including for every order.

Thanks Estela for the tip + discount!

(images from modern dose)

Posted in discounts on April 10, 2007

Darling Shoppe

Wouldn’t it be nice if you found a card from the Darling Shoppe in the mail today, with a note inside from someone you love? Never forget the power of a kind gesture, a little thought to show your appreciation, that handwritten note.

In the age of email, it’s rare that anything arrives handwritten anymore, which is why my recent mail surprises from Danielle and Jaime, both care packages with special greetings written inside, gave me that squealing, jumping-out-of-my-shoes excitement… I’m sure you’ve felt that many times when gifted, and it’s wonderful. Darling Shoppe owner, Christine, seems to understand the power of sending something sweet to a friend, because all of her cards contain the nicest thoughts and illustrations. “I’m so glad you’re alive… Gimme five!”, is one of my favorites because it shows a girl and boy jumping up for a high five moment. I always had a ton of guy friends and think this card is so perfect for those boy/girl friendships that are nothing more. I mean, there just isn’t enough boy/girl friends-only cards out there, so this one is perfect.
“Thanks for your support”, even cuter with the image of a pink bra and “I wish you well”, so fitting with a watercolor dandelion and a few detached seedlings going off on their journey.

“Hoo Hoo Hoo Loves You”, we love owls, we love trees, we love eachother, could the card be bursting with anymore charm?

(images from the darling shoppe)

Posted in stationery on April 10, 2007

Victoria on Design*Sponge!

I’m so excited that one of favorite bloggers, Victoria from SFGirlByBay, will be a guest blogging at Design*Sponge for the next two weeks. I know where I’ll be tuning in on a daily basis!

Victoria’s beautiful city view from her apartment in San Francisco, CA.

Today, Victoria has some great thoughts on shopping IKEA, which is actually a great topic to explore because here in the states, we tend to look at IKEA differently than my friends in Europe, or even in Montreal, look at it. I remember in 1999, before they were even in this part of the country, I’d shop them in Germany and bring things home with me on the plane. My friend Irmtraud and I would spend hours inside the giant blue box with tiny pencil and pad in hand, and she’d bring home all these goodies to mix in with her big ticket items and travel finds (she’s a major globetrekker), pulling everything together for a look that was no less than gorgeous.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending $2,000 on a sofa that you adore, then filling the space with inexpensive, stylish finds – from IKEA, eBay, flea markets (I attend Brimfield each year – it’s coming up again in a few weeks), and thrift stores. I’ve been a fan of flea markets since I was a little girl, it was what our family did on the weekends before packing up the car and heading off to the beach or the state park. I remember looking at all my found treasures in the backseat of our family car, excitedly pulling them from my cloth bag with the big Strawberry Shortcake on it.

Victoria’s style is eclectic and we love her for it!

Point is, not everything has to arrive brand spankin’ new from a high end design store to look good. This is something that Victoria talks about on her own blog all the time, and that she’ll be speaking more in depth on over at Design*Sponge for the next few weeks, so hop on over there and tune in! :) Yay!

(images from victoria)

Posted in uncategorized on April 10, 2007


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