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Back on Tuesday (So I leave you with Yvestown)

Today is a good time for reflection. And baking yummy things. :) Stores are closed, the pace has slowed, and despite that it’s still 40F degrees and snowy here, there’s a bit of hope in the air and it tells me that daffodils will blossom soon, so no worries.

Have you visited the Flickr set of Yvestown? Yvonne Eijkenduijn lives in southern Netherlands, and her photos remind us all of what’s important – gathering with friends, good food, fresh flowers, and a home that reflects the personality and lifestyle of those living in it. Welcome to her world… (Yvonne has an amazing blog too – a total must-see!)

I’ll return from a mini vacation on Tuesday, April 10th – See you soon!

(images from yvestown)

Posted in inspiration on April 08, 2007

Design Within Reach Chairs (Under $400)

I’m nuts about chairs and find these from DWR of particular interest because I haven’t seen them in every single design magazine out there (yet). And they are affordable (most shown are under $260 each, but all are under $400).

I’d gladly adopt all of them, although I have no clue where they’d fit in my tiny abode.

A little interesting factoid to share: Did you know that aside from the automobile, the chair is the most designed, studied, written about (ahem!), and celebrated artefact of the modern era? I pulled that straight from one of my favorite books, 1000 Chairs.

These Selene chairs are only $175 each and are available in crystal clear (shown), red (below), and white.

Here are the Marais AC chairs again. We just spotted these yesterday in Martha Angus’ guest house. Available in red or yellow at DWR for $188 each, or select the metal version for $198. Seeing them in yellow is exciting, I’d love to pair either the red or yellow chairs with a white or glass top dining table and the fabulous Imperial Trellis wallpaper from KWID shown below.

I know, don’t remind me… The trellis is everywhere, but for good reason, it’s crazy beautiful. I can’t seem to shake it, and then last weekend I saw it in green while shipping helene m., a new clothing boutique, in Portsmouth, NH. It’s jaw dropping in a retail setting, and they used it only on the back wall. The scale, the pattern, everything – mind blowing. Seeing it in a New Hampshire boutique gave me chills, New Englanders can be so conservative! But, after learning that the owner of helene m. is actually a New Yorker, I smiled. Explains everything. We need more wild and wacky transplants up here.

(images from dwr and domino)

Posted in uncategorized on April 06, 2007

Domestic – Vinyl Decals for the Floor?

And you thought vinyl stickers, aka wall decals, were limited only to walls. Huh. Think again. Domestic, the French decal giant, dishes them out for the floor, too. Shall we dance?

Some are a bit too bold for my taste, but the shadows, pebbles, roots, and tango are brilliant. You can shop for yours either directly at Domestic, or hop on over to Made In Design. Both ship worldwide (yay!), so for me, it’s just a matter of seeing who charges less for shipping (wink).

And of course, I can’t blog about Domestic and not show off some of their great stickers for the wall. A great alternative to paint and wallpaper if you’re limited by your budget or a picky landlord. This one (below) is my favorite, I absolutely adore everything about this room, but that bold graphic takes center stage for me. Delish!

(images from domestic)

Posted in Rooms on April 06, 2007

Knoll in Paris – Film Screens That Lure

Have you heard about the Knoll flagship store in Paris? They’ve made a few cosmetic changes to their exterior, but not in the usual way of paint or signage, and certainly nothing permanent. For the next few weeks, they’re going a bit Hollywood with two giant movie screens that feature a film about the courtship of the Knoll founders to both lure and entertain while promoting their latest furniture line. Genius!

Of course, the average boutique doesn’t have the funds to go to such great lengths for a storefront, but Knoll isn’t exactly average. It makes me think of the payback though. Sure, they’ve invested a ton of cash on this installation, but look at the return. Lots of media attention. Remember our recent Shop Girl discussion on foot traffic? Perhaps this is a great teaching example for small storefront owners. Go dramatic, do something that shakes the foundation a little bit, grab media attention with a creative display of your own storefront for a few weeks. Of course, if you rent, you’ll have to clear things by the landlord and neighbors, I’m sure there’s lots of red tape, but if you could somehow contain your display inside the store, using the window space to attract attention, it may be a bit easier for you to pull it off. It’s so easy to fall into display ruts, but visual merchandising, or window dressing, can be as wild ‘n crazy as you’d like it to be. Just look at the extravagant windows that Simon Doonan pulls off at Barney’s around the holidays. The man is unstoppable. While film screens are a bit over the top (unless you’re in Paris), you can accomplish something great on a budget for your own shop. Think grand instead of bland.

If you’ll be in Paris between now and April 15th (don’t we wish), you can catch their evening show at 268 Boulevard Saint-Germain. Learn more and see more here.

Posted in uncategorized on April 06, 2007


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