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Martha Angus Interior Design

I was so excited to see Interior Designer Martha Angus’ St. Helena, California guest house (not sure if it was her house or a client project), appear in this month’s Western Interiors magazine. Here’s a glimpse…

Angus here went with an analogous palette (adjacent colors on the color wheel) resulting in a harmonious, fresh design. Green takes center stage in this space, with bright bursts of orange and yellow, giving the space energy and a youthful, modern glow. She slipcovered a Crate + Barrel sofa in a green Sunbrella fabric and then added art to bring in strong graphics, orange, and green. The art, by Santa Monica artist John Baldessari, is unique because it marries photography with paint for a strong visual punch. And now onto my favorite space… The dining area.

Using white as the base, Angus again goes with an analogous color scheme using an almost kelly green with a light powder blue. The DWR Le Corbusier table has an airy feel, very little visual weight, and with a glass top that almost looks at if it’s floating off the base, the table is as much a functional piece as it is a beautiful to look upon. Plus, the glass reflects all the natural light in this room, giving an even lighter feel to the space. I really like its light blue base, and of course those gorgeously green metal chairs, that Angus acquired at a flea market in France, complete the “old with new” look she was going for quite perfectly, don’t you think?

If you’d like something similiar in your home and you won’t be over in France anytime soon, try these chairs from the Sundance catalog and paint them a bright kelly green. If you can’t afford a Le Corbusier table, you can achieve the look on a budget with the Silverado – a $299 CB2 find. Sure, it doesn’t have the powder blue base, but paint can change that in a single afternoon. Or you can leave it as is, as long as the chairs are bright green and you pull in the blue another way, perhaps with a light blue rug, you can accomplish a similiar look.

Angus has such a huge following, and it’s no surprise, her strong portfolio speaks volumes about the talent she shares with homeowners from California to New York and even as far as Paris. She is one that I admire because she can mix periods so well, you almost have to stop and pay attention that a 19th century chippendale chair is sharing the same space with a 70’s lacquered parsons table and a massive contemporary painting. The simple fact that she then can throw in vintage metal letters or an orange rocket sculpture and make it all work, well it boggles the mind.

(top two images: by Mathew Millman, courtesy of Western Interiors and Design magazine. third image: sundance catalog. all others from martha angus design.)

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Ana Carucci of Bam Bam Ink

I’m forever on an illustration high, especially since blogging makes me so much more aware of what’s out there. I can’t believe the amount of work I find, or that finds me, in the span of a few days. If you blog or write for a living, you must feel exactly the same way. It’s so exhilarating, isn’t it? I just received word from Ana Carucci, an Illustrator that I blogged about last September, that her website is officially up and running. I just had to post it so you can click over and enjoy. More drawings to love everyone… Just look!

Carucci is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and like so many of us, ultimately found her career path through the wonderful world of exploring a ton of others. It’s often a painful process, but we all take the journey, have a lot of fun along the way, run into tons of frustration, but through it all, we get there eventually.

And like most of us, she’s been involved in the arts her whole life in one form or another. From photography to cinema, and then onto costume design, but it was drawing that eventually won her over. Illustration makes her the happiest, and judging from her online portfolio, she has indeed found her true calling.

Thank you so much Ana for the email, and when you open your online store, please let us know so we can go shopping for beautiful Carucci things to frame and enjoy.

(images from ana carucci)

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Journals As Inspiration

Victoria does it. I do it. Marieke Berghuis is huge into it. Irina Troitskaya makes her living from it. And Jason constantly blogs about it and even creates the goods to do it. So I ask you, do you journal?

I maintain several. One is a written one, a “diary” of sorts that I’ve actually been writing since I was 7 years old. Then there are the more artistic journals where I draw and paste words and images that tell a story of what I’m feeling at that moment. These are a bit more personal, so I don’t share them with everyone. Finally, there are my inspiration books that contain hundreds of clipped pages that inspire me or my work. These I freely share with anyone that is interested.

Victoria Smith of SFGirlByBay

Aside from being an amazing spot to catch all of your thoughts, dreams, fears and I-can’t-believe-I said-that moments, journals give you an outlet to plug into, a place to collect everything that you ‘see’ in your head and translate it into the pages of a book through words, images from magazines, photos, stamps, ticket stubs, fabric and paint swatches, wrapping paper, anything that can help you tell a story or create something to inspire you. You can create books according to category, i.e. bedrooms, baths, living rooms, outdoor spaces or by object, like art, chairs, or whatever it is that you are passionate about.

Marieke Berghuis of Treats + Treasures

Russian Illustrator Irina Troitskaya

I encourage you to start a journal of your own. You’ll absolutely love doing it. If you don’t like to write, and many people don’t, then go for more of a visual journal like some of those shown above. It’s quite relaxing to sit down and cut + paste your thoughts into books. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll learn about yourself. If you’d like to get started, click here for a DIY guide on how to create your own Look Book.

Have fun, explore, enjoy, JOURNAL!

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Modishoppe – *New* Indie Design Online Boutique

A huge congrats to Jena from the Modish blog on the launch of her super new store for indie design, Modishoppe. I’m so proud of her and think her store is just beautiful, I love how it’s set up and the selection is just great. For the next week (4/4-4/11), if you enter congrats44 upon checkout, your order will ship for FREE if it totals $75 USD or more.

Jena told me that success with this shop will signal her big leap into the world of the “creatively self employed”, and I know from my own experience how terrifying that can be, so let’s all wish her lots of success and show our support in any small way we can, either by making a purchase or spreading the word to our friends and family, via blogs, or any other way that will help Miss Jena take the leap from her day job to the exciting, scary, roller coaster lifestyle of the freelancer! :)

Congratulations Jena – Way to go on your new store!

(images from modishoppe)

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