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Goats In Trees

Illustrator Lucy Cullingford wrote in about Goats In Trees, a design collective she runs alongside textile designer Vicky Cull. Their label was born during a road trip to Morocco, and ever since, they’ve designed, printed, created, and sold screen-printed skirts and dresses from their unique studio (their skirts are amazing, you must check them out). They’re also working diligently to combine fabric and paper, and have some lovely prints available for under $30 in their online store.

Inspired by their travels, from Amsterdam to New York, Las Vegas to Marrakech (both are nuts about Morroco), Vicky is currently obsessing over the graphics, streetwear and neon colors of Vegas while Lucy is hooked on carousel horses, fairgrounds and racing colors. Combining both will result in a new fabric range for Summer ’07 that I’m anxious to see.

Thanks so much to Lucy for writing in about her exciting business, best of success to both Lucy and Vicky on their adventures with Goats In Trees.

(images from goats in trees)

Posted in uncategorized on April 03, 2007

Henry Road *New* Spring Pillows

Henry Road has some colorful, very bold poppy pillows and some happy summertime bags… Just calling your name for Spring 2007!

And although it’s a not a new Henry Road pillow, I’m still a big fan of their blue/white circles print. It’s so timeless, though the geometric prints are totally hot right now, making them that much more appealing… Especially a bold hue combined with white. Remember our Trina Turk inspiration – blue + white or chocolate + white? Now see these babies below? Yup. Perfectly on trend.

Oh, and don’t miss Paula and her company, Henry Road, in this month’s (April) issue of Cottage Living. I was browsing it just yesterday at Barnes + Noble and was so happy when I saw Paula inside. Here’s a glimpse. And congrats, Paula! Thank you for writing to me as well, it means so much when a designer sends me a tip — I really appreciate it.

(images from henry road)

Posted in Objects on April 03, 2007

Shop Girl: Foot Traffic – How To Reel ‘Em In

It’s important to continue the Shop Girl series, at least until a point is reached where the book can be closed and we feel ready to venture into other important topics (email me offline with your thoughts, please!). In the past, when it comes to owning a small business, we’ve discussed: How Do You Stay Alive? and What Can Shop Owners Do To Attract Loyal Customers?

Beverly Hills bridal + evening gown boutique, Monique Lhuillier Salon, incorporated Alena Hennessy’s Birds in Flight to create a beautiful window display at their 9609 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA address. Would this window catch your eye?

So let’s chat a bit about store displays, signage, and how to create a sense of excitement on the street that will draw in foot traffic. Store Owners: Is it all about location, or do you snag and drag in your customers through email, word of mouth, signage posted around town? How much importance do you place on your window displays?

If you do not own a store, but love to shop indie… Shoppers: What counts when you’re out and pass a storefront? What lures you in? Any tips you can give that can help shop owners become more successful in attracting customers is always welcome.

Ideas: Host a workshop or a guest speaker, place plants in urn planters or flower boxes around the front door, lots of signs announcing a One Day Sale, signage showing that the store window was pulled together by a designer or art school that made local news, good music (I heard the Amelie soundtrack recently coming from a store and HAD to go inside)… Can anyone think of what attracts them?

(images from alena hennessy)

Posted in Small Business on April 03, 2007

Kate Wilson Illustrations

I love photography, but find some of what I see much more interesting, almost poetic, when translated into an illustration. There’s something about the combination of paper, graphite, and watercolor that is very emotional, stimulating, it’s this blending of life and elegance (like a beautiful woman or gorgeous shoes), then filtered through the eye, and now caught in time on paper. No movement, frozen, raw, serene.

When Kate Wilson wrote to me about her illustrative work, I knew I had to share it because it’s exactly what I love – not too fussy, almost dreamlike, soothing, and very mature. Kate, a final year illustration student at the London College of Fashion, just completed a project based around the mundane things in life that bring her joy. Inspired by the natural world around her, as well as antiques, fashion (of course), food, and her own quirky sense of humor, her illustrations show depth, a sense of self, and a definite style that is uniquely Kate. Here’s some of her illustrations framed on a wall… So haphazard, I can’t help but like it.

You can view her portfolio here on her website, where you can also inquire about purchasing.

Thank you Kate for writing to me and introducing us to your work – stellar!

(images from kate wilson)

Posted in Arts + Crafts on April 03, 2007


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