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Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale

April 27, 2007

If you’re in Providence this weekend, don’t miss the Rag & Bone Bindery annual Open Studio & Sale on Saturday, April 28th from 10 – 4 at 1088 Main Street. Their books are gorgeous. I own several (I use them as art journals/look books) and the quality is just above and beyond what you’d find anywhere else. I am above and beyond impressed. Here’s the scoop directly from their invitation along with some photos of their space.

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale“This Saturday, April 28th, Rag & Bone Bindery will open its doors beginning at 10:00 for our annual Spring open studio sale. We’ll have lots of books for sale including seconds, samples, one-of-a-kind books, discontinued styles and plenty of first quality books with new designs.” – Jason

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale
Oh and let’s not forget the kiddies. They’ll have a special workshop from 11 – 1 pm hosted by to teach the kids how to make pop-up cards. Fun!

Rag & Bone Bindery: Open Studio & Online Sale
Can’t make it to the sale?
Visit them online to save 25% this weekend only on any size order. Valid Saturday, April 28th, & Sunday, April 29th, 2007. Enter code: springsale.

Does anyone else shop these guys? What are your thoughts on their products? Hope you can make the sale, either online or in person.

(thanks Jason for the 411!)

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Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)

April 27, 2007

Another gem of a store in Portland, Maine that I visited last Saturday was Ferdinand, co-owned by designer Diane Toepfer. The moment I walked in and spotted tons of cram cream tape and Japanese goodies, I knew I’d thoroughly enjoy the experience, but wait, it gets better.

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)I had a chance to meet with Diane, watched her do a little screenprinting (she gave me one of the zebra designs she was busy working on), and spent some time making small talk with her. I guess I’m a nerd, but I cherish these intimate exchanges with shop owners, it means a lot to me when they take a moment to explain a process or give a tour. It was really relaxing and nice hangin’ with Diane. She’s totally chill and so is her store. I wasn’t surprised to find out she and her hubby relocated to Maine a few years ago from the west coast.

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)Here she is working on her zebra cards. It was cool when she told me that her husband reads decor8, as I’m always excited when I go to random stores and someone there has heard of my blog. I’m sure other bloggers can relate, it’s really exciting! Blogging is amazing, it links so many of us together, it’s truly inspiring, don’t you think? Anyway, Ferdinand is a large store, packed with everything from cram cream tape to pins and jewelry, tees, cards, pillows, pottery, and lots of adorable owls made of natural materials, like bark. I highly suggest visiting and spending some time with Diane yourself.

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)I could have easily purchased every single one. I love how she arranged them on a bright aqua wall. Check out the baby bibs on the second shelf below from Japan. Can you stand it?!? Cute!

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)
Sorry, no close up product shots. I need to work on my photography skills, I know. But I’m trying and hopefully, you’ll see me improve over time. :)

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine)Here’s a few of Diane’s latest designs above. You can buy these online. Do you like my zebra below? I put him in the living room for the time being. I love that Diane signed it, and adore the raw edges. I have to get him in a frame…

Ferdinand (Portland, Maine) When you’re in Portland, mark down Ferndinand as a must-see shop. They are open Wednesday-Saturday from 11-6, and are located at 243 Congress Street, not far from Angela Adams, so you can hit both stores.

And there’s good news for those not heading into Maine anytime soon… You can shop some of Ferdinand’s wares online.

Thanks Diane for taking time with me, it was so nice to meet you.

(images from holly becker for decor8)


eBay Seller to Watch: East Treasures (for Suzanis)

April 27, 2007

I hope you’ve been linking over to our blog of the week, Absolutely Beautiful Things. This lady is amazing, I adore her and her blog. She mentioned suzanis recently and I can’t believe I haven’t told you about them yet. I feel so guilty. They’re such a pleasure to behold, buy, showcase on your bed. Have you heard of them? If not, learn all about these treasures here from the experts. East Treasures, an eBay seller specializing in these gorgeous handmade embroidered textiles, has so many fabulous ones to offer and they’d be perfect on your bed.

eBay Seller to Watch: East Treasures (for Suzanis)eBay Seller to Watch: East Treasures (for Suzanis)eBay Seller to Watch: East Treasures (for Suzanis)eBay Seller to Watch: East Treasures (for Suzanis)(images from ebay)

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Hybrid-Home Limited Edition Prints

April 27, 2007

Designer Dora Drimalas just released these limited edition silk screened prints that really pack some modern punch for $40 each. A quad of four over a bench in an entryway would make quite a statement, don’t you think?

Hybrid-Home Limited Edition Prints
Of course, you have to casually leave a matching handbag (maybe in green?) on the bench at all times. Gives it that effortless look that convince guests things just happened that way, yet you spent hours finding a bag and then positioning it perfectly in place. :) Decorating can be so nutty, can’t it? But we’re all obsessed and loving every minute of it…

Pick up your Hybrid-Home prints from Dora over at Design Public right here.

(images from design public)


Hammocks & High Tea

April 26, 2007

A huge thanks to Karen Young of Hammocks & High Tea for her email this morning announcing the launch of her new collection. Inspired by her South American background, her stationery of contemporary, tropical imagery is illustrated and screen printed by Miss Karen herself. Exotic florals are so hot right now, so I think her line launched at the perfect time.

Hammocks & High Tea
The hibiscus and hammock cards are my faves, the hammock reminds me of all the times my parents took me to dinner at Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island growing up and how I’d linger over at the hammock and gift shop nearby, swinging on them when the sales lady wasn’t around. I always will love a huge hammock! When I went back to Litchfield Plantation in 1997 to see my childhood friend, Jake, get married, I wanted so badly to buy a hammock and when I return this summer, maybe I will this time. I hardly ever see them here in the northeast, at least not in Boston/New Hampshire where I spend most of my time. Nothing is more comfortable!

Anyway, thank you Karen for sharing your stationery with all of us! And for bringing back sweet, southern memories for me. :)

(images from hammocks & high tea)

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Company C Rugs: My Picks

April 26, 2007

Company C is another rug company that I’ve had my eye on since ’05 and they continue to impress me with their selection. I’d love it if they ventured into two-tone bamboo motifs or goyard-esque prints, some chevons, a bit more crisp and modern. Although they do have the happy houndstooth in 5 colors, which would give your room some pop for sure. They also carry excellent color combos in stripes, too. So we’re good. Company C takes care of us.

Company C Rugs: My Picks
I spent time recently at their retail store located at 123 Commercial Street in Portland, Maine and found a few rugs that, in person, looked far better than the images on their website, so I have to share my picks with you. Rugs are funny like that, they so often miss the mark in print, but when you actually see them in a showroom, you can’t believe it’s the same rug. Take their faux bois rug, the Knotty. The woodgrain pattern is gorgeous, and in person, a thousand times better than what you see in print. It’s available in gold too, but I fell in love with the blue. In my opinion, Company C needs to show their rugs in actual rooms on their website, rugs floating on my screen does nothing for me.

Company C Rugs: My Picks
The Carnaby Swirl is another gorgeous rug. Again, not impressed online, but in person, it’s stunning. Available in sunflower, sea grass, poppy, or cilantro, my favorites are the sunflower and sea grass. The Sloane Square pattern also struck me as a winner. It’s great if you want to introduce color into the space but you’re still hung up on neutrals. It’s okay, it’s hard to crossover from neutral safety to bold color and you know what, no one is saying that you need to because it’s your home and you have final say. But if you want to sneak in some color, I think the rugs shown here, from the woodgrain to the carnaby swirl, allow you a chance to experiment a little. :)

Company C Rugs: My Picks
If you want to turn up the heat a little bit more (go girl, go!), opt for a flame stitch pattern like the Lehar rug (tippy top photo, header pic). Another BEAUTY in person, it’s really plush and the colors are fantastic. The Sonoma rose caught my eye, which surprised me, because online I wasn’t impressed by it at all.

Company C Rugs: My Picks
Psst: If you’re ever in New Hampshire, visit their flagship store in Concord, where they also happen to hold an annual tent sale in September.

(images from company c)

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